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JAB Volume 32, Issue 2, April

Original Research


Lower Limb Kinematics and Metabolic Cost During Elliptical Exercises and Treadmill Running

2016, 32, 113 – 119
Stephanie Chester, Audrey Zucker-Levin, Daniel A. Melcher, Shelby A. Peel, Richard J. Bloomer, Max R. Paquette


Loaded Vertical Jumping: Force–Velocity Relationship, Work, and Power

2016, 32, 120 – 127
Daniel Feeney, Steven J. Stanhope, Thomas W. Kaminski, Anthony Machi, Slobodan Jaric


A Multiple Regression Approach to Normalization of Spatiotemporal Gait Features

2016, 32, 128 – 139
Ferdous Wahid, Rezaul K. Begg, Noel Lythgo, Chris J. Hass, Saman Halgamuge, David C. Ackland


Influence of Position and Power Output on Upper Limb Kinetics in Cycling

2016, 32, 140 – 149
Antony Costes, Nicolas A. Turpin, David Villeger, Pierre Moretto, Bruno Watier


Comparison of Estimated and Measured Muscle Activity During Inclined Walking

2016, 32, 150 – 159
Nathalie Alexander, Hermann Schwameder


Orthotic Heel Wedges Do Not Alter Hindfoot Kinematics and Achilles Tendon Force During Level and Inclined Walking in Healthy Individuals

2016, 32, 160 – 170
Robert A. Weinert-Aplin, Anthony M.J. Bull, Alison H. McGregor


A Global Gait Asymmetry Index

2016, 32, 171 – 177
Silvia Cabral, Renan A. Resende, Adam C. Clansey, Kevin J. Deluzio, W. Scott Selbie, António P. Veloso


Force–Velocity Relationship of Upper Body Muscles: Traditional Versus Ballistic Bench Press

2016, 32, 178 – 185
Amador Garcia-Ramos, Slobodan Jaric, Paulino Padial, Belén Feriche


To What Extent Can the Use of a Mobility Assistance Dog Reduce Upper Limb Efforts When Manual Wheelchair Users Ascend a Ramp?

2016, 32, 186 – 195
Valérie Martin-Lemoyne, Dany H. Gagnon, François Routhier, Lise Poissant, Michel Tousignant, Hélène Corriveau, Claude Vincent


Relation Between Lift Force and Ball Spin for Different Baseball Pitches

2016, 32, 196 – 204
Tomoyuki Nagami, Takatoshi Higuchi, Hiroki Nakata, Toshimasa Yanai, Kazuyuki Kanosue

Technical Notes


Calcaneal Plantar Flexion During the Stance Phase of Gait

2016, 32, 205 – 209
Stacy E. Stamm, Loren Z. Chiu


Biomechanical Testing of Distal Radius Fracture Treatments: Boundary Conditions Significantly Affect the Outcome of In Vitro Experiments

2016, 32, 210 – 214
Alexander Synek, Yan Chevalier, Christian Schröder, Dieter H. Pahr, Sebastian F. Baumbach


Evaluation of a Low-Cost Pneumatic Plantar Pressure Insole for Predicting Ground Contact Kinetics

2016, 32, 215 – 220
Daniel A. Jacobs, Daniel P. Ferris


Comparison of Two Methods to Compute Respiratory Volumes Using Optoelectronic Plethysmography

2016, 32, 221 – 226
Henri Meric, Frédéric Lofaso, Line Falaize, Didier Pradon