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JAB Volume 32, Issue 3, June

Original Research


The Effect of High- and Low-Damping Prosthetic Foot Structures on Knee Loading in the Uninvolved Limb Across Different Walking Speeds

2016, 32, 233 – 240
Li Jin, Peter G. Adamczyk, Michelle Roland, Michael E. Hahn


Muscle Activation and Performance During Trunk Strength Testing in High-Level Female and Male Football Players

2016, 32, 241 – 247
Ralf Roth, Lars Donath, Lukas Zahner, Oliver Faude


Concurrent Tactile Feedback Provided by a Simple Device Increased Knee Flexion and Decreased Impact Ground Reaction Forces During Landing

2016, 32, 248 – 253
Boyi Dai, Mitchell L. Stephenson, Samantha M. Ellis, Michael R. Donohue, Xiaopeng Ning, Qin Zhu


A Comparison of Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, and Vastus Lateralis Electromyography Amplitude for the Barbell, Band, and American Hip Thrust Variations

2016, 32, 254 – 260
Bret Contreras, Andrew D. Vigotsky, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Chris Beardsley, John Cronin


Can Trained Runners Effectively Attenuate Impact Acceleration During Repeated High-Intensity Running Bouts?

2016, 32, 261 – 268
Adam C. Clansey, Mark Lake, Eric S. Wallace, Tom Feehally, Michael Hanlon


Running With an Elastic Lower Limb Exoskeleton

2016, 32, 269 – 277
Michael S. Cherry, Sridhar Kota, Aaron Young, Daniel P. Ferris


An Examination of the True Reliability of Lower Limb Stiffness Measures During Overground Hopping

2016, 32, 278 – 286
David Diggin, Ross Anderson, Andrew J. Harrison


Amputee Locomotion: Ground Reaction Forces During Submaximal Running With Running-Specific Prostheses

2016, 32, 287 – 294
Brian S. Baum, Hiroaki Hobara, Yoon Hyuk Kim, Jae Kun Shim

Technical Notes


The Number of Trials Required to Obtain a Representative Movement Pattern During a Hurdle Hop Exercise

2016, 32, 295 – 300
Shane J. Gore, Brendan M. Marshall, Andrew D. Franklyn-Miller, Kieran A. Moran


Evaluation of a Kinematically-Driven Finite Element Footstrike Model

2016, 32, 301 – 305
Iain Hannah, Andy Harland, Dan Price, Heiko Schlarb, Tim Lucas


Validation of a Torso-Mounted Accelerometer for Measures of Vertical Oscillation and Ground Contact Time During Treadmill Running

2016, 32, 306 – 310
Ricky Watari, Blayne Hettinga, Sean Osis, Reed Ferber


Differences in the Control of Unconstrained Three-Dimensional Arm Motions of the Dominant and the Nondominant Arm

2016, 32, 311 – 315
Clint Hansen, Nasser Rezzoug, Philippe Gorce, Brice Isableu

Scholarly Review


Postural Balance Parameters as Objective Surgical Assessments in Low Back Disorders: A Systematic Review

2016, 32, 316 – 323
Tzu Chuan Yen, Nima Toosizadeh, Carol Howe, Michael Dohm, Jane Mohler, Bijan Najafi