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JAB Volume 30, Issue 5, October

Original Research


Pitching Effects of Buoyancy During Four Competitive Swimming Strokes

2014, 30, 609 – 618
Raymond C.Z. Cohen, Paul W. Cleary, Simon M. Harrison, Bruce R. Mason, David L. Pease


Climbing Skill and Complexity of Climbing Wall Design: Assessment of Jerk as a Novel Indicator of Performance Fluency

2014, 30, 619 – 625
Ludovic Seifert, Dominic Orth, Jérémie Boulanger, Vladislavs Dovgalecs, Romain Hérault, Keith Davids


Changes in Sagittal Plane Kinematics With Treadmill Familiarization to Barefoot Running

2014, 30, 626 – 631
Isabel S. Moore, Sharon J. Dixon


A Sex Comparison of Ambulatory Mechanics Relevant to Osteoarthritis in Individuals With and Without Asymptomatic Varus Knee Alignment

2014, 30, 632 – 636
Joaquin A. Barrios, Danielle E. Strotman


Acute Effects of a Loaded Warm-Up Protocol on Change of Direction Speed in Professional Badminton Players

2014, 30, 637 – 642
Sean J. Maloney, Anthony N. Turner, Stuart C. Miller


Phases of the Swim-start in Paralympic Swimmers are Influenced by Severity and Type of Disability

2014, 30, 643 – 648
Andrew A. Dingley, David B. Pyne, Brendan Burkett


The Role of Running Mileage on Coordination Patterns in Running

2014, 30, 649 – 654
Katherine A. Boyer, Julia Freedman Silvernail, Joseph Hamill


The Effects of a Lateral In-flight Perturbation on Lower Extremity Biomechanics During Drop Landings

2014, 30, 655 – 662
Jae P. Yom, Kathy J. Simpson, Scott W. Arnett, Cathleen N. Brown

Technical Notes


Short Communication: Pennation Angle Variability in Human Muscle

2014, 30, 663 – 667
Benjamin W. Infantolino, John H. Challis


Assessment of Gait Kinetics Using Triaxial Accelerometers

2014, 30, 668 – 674
Emma Fortune, Melissa M.B. Morrow, Kenton R. Kaufman