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JAB Volume 30, Issue 2, April

Original Research


Do Qualitative Changes in Interlimb Coordination Lead to Effectiveness of Aquatic Locomotion Rather Than Efficiency?

2014, 30, 189 – 196
John Komar, Ross H. Sanders, Didier Chollet, Ludovic Seifert


The Effects of Walking Speed on Tibiofemoral Loading Estimated Via Musculoskeletal Modeling

2014, 30, 197 – 205
Zachary F. Lerner, Derek J. Haight, Matthew S. DeMers, Wayne Board, Ray Browning


Metatarsophalangeal Joint Function During Sprinting: A Comparison of Barefoot and Sprint Spike Shod Foot Conditions

2014, 30, 206 – 212
Grace Smith, Mark Lake, Adrian Lees


Weight Lifted and Countermovement Potentiation of Power in Concentric Phase of Unstable and Traditional Resistance Exercises

2014, 30, 213 – 220
Erika Zemkova, Michal Jelen, Zuzana Kováciková, Gabor Olle, Tomáš Vilman, Dušan Hamar


Strength Training Affects Lower Extremity Gait Kinematics, Not Kinetics, in People With Diabetic Polyneuropathy

2014, 30, 221 – 230
Tom Melai, Nicolaas C. Schaper, T. Herman IJzerman, Paul J.B. Willems, Ton L.H. de Lange, Kenneth Meijer, Aloysius G. Lieverse, Hans H.C.M. Savelberg


Can Technique Modification Training Reduce Knee Moments in a Landing Task?

2014, 30, 231 – 236
Alasdair R. Dempsey, Bruce Elliott, Bridget J. Munro, Julie R. Steele, David G. Lloyd


Batting Cage Performance of Wood and Nonwood Youth Baseball Bats

2014, 30, 237 – 243
Joseph J. Crisco, Michael Rainbow, Joel B. Schwartz, Bethany J. Wilcox


Within-Participant Variance in Multiplanar Breast Kinematics During 5 km Treadmill Running

2014, 30, 244 – 249
Alexandra Milligan, Chris Mills, Joanna Scurr


Association of Navicular Drop and Selected Lower-Limb Biomechanical Measures During the Stance Phase of Running

2014, 30, 250 – 254
Mansour Eslami, Mohsen Damavandi, Reed Ferber


Mechanomyographic and Electromyographic Responses During Fatiguing Eccentric Muscle Actions of the Leg Extensors

2014, 30, 255 – 261
Clayton L. Camic, Terry J. Housh, Jorge Zuniga, Haley C. Bergstrom, Richard J. Schmidt, Glen O. Johnson


Muscle Synergies During a Single-Leg Drop-Landing in Boys and Girls

2014, 30, 262 – 268
Kristof Kipp, Ronald Pfeiffer, Michelle Sabick, Chad Harris, Jeanie Sutter, Seth Kuhlman, Kevin Shea


Effect of Submaximal Repetitive Exercise on Knee Coactivation in Young and Middle-Aged Women

2014, 30, 269 – 275
Joanne N. Hodder, Tova E. Plashkes, Regan A. Franklin, Heather K. Hickey, Monica R. Maly


Measurement of the Effect of Playground Surface Materials on Hand Impact Forces During Upper Limb Fall Arrests

2014, 30, 276 – 281
Woochol J. Choi, Harjinder Kaur, Stephen N. Robinovitch


Muscle Contributions to Elbow Joint Rotational Stiffness in Preparation for Sudden External Arm Perturbations

2014, 30, 282 – 289
Michael W. Holmes, Peter J. Keir


Influence of Dorsiflexion Shoes on Jump Performance

2014, 30, 290 – 293
Juan J. Salinero, Cristina Gonzalez-Millan, Javier Abian-Vicen, Juan Del Coso Garrigos

Technical Notes


Correction of Joint Angles From Kinect for Balance Exercising and Assessment

2014, 30, 294 – 299
Helios De Rosario, Juan Manuel Belda-Lois, Francisco Fos, Enrique Medina, Rakel Poveda, Michael Kroll


Intrarater Test-Retest Reliability of Static and Dynamic Stability Indexes Measurement Using the Biodex Balance System During Unilateral Stance

2014, 30, 300 – 304
Nooranida Arifin, Noor Azuan Abu Osman, Wan Abu Bakar Wan Abas


To What Extent Does Not Wearing Shoes Affect the Local Dynamic Stability of Walking?: Effect Size and Intrasession Repeatability

2014, 30, 305 – 309
Philippe Terrier, Fabienne Reynard


Young Swimmers’ Classification Based on Kinematics, Hydrodynamics, and Anthropometrics

2014, 30, 310 – 315
Tiago M. Barbosa, Jorge E. Morais, Mario J. Costa, José Goncalves, Daniel A. Marinho, António J. Silva


Analysis of Characterizing Phases on Waveforms: An Application to Vertical Jumps

2014, 30, 316 – 321
Chris Richter, Noel E. O’Connor, Brendan Marshall, Kieran Moran


Consistency of Peak and Mean Concentric and Eccentric Force Using a Novel Squat Testing Device

2014, 30, 322 – 325
Matt S. Stock, Micheal J. Luera


Validity and Reliability of an Inertial Sensor for Wheelchair Court Sports Performance

2014, 30, 326 – 331
Barry S. Mason, James M. Rhodes, Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey


Using a Discrete Preisach Model for Hysteresis in Ankle Joint Passive Moment

2014, 30, 332 – 337
Ching-Chao Chan, Chou-Ching K. Lin, Ming-Shaung Ju


Joint Contribution to Fingertip Movement During a Number Entry Task: An Application of Jacobian Matrix

2014, 30, 338 – 342
Jin Qin, Matthieu Trudeau, Bryan Buchholz, Jeffrey N. Katz, Xu Xu, Jack T. Dennerlein


The Validity of Gait Variability and Fractal Dynamics Obtained from a Single, Body-Fixed Triaxial Accelerometer

2014, 30, 343 – 347
Dylan Kobsar, Chad Olson, Raman Paranjape, John M. Barden


Functional Data Analyses for the Assessment of Joint Power Profiles During Gait of Stroke Subjects

2014, 30, 348 – 352
Andre G.P. Andrade, Janaine C. Polese, Leopoldo A. Paolucci, Hans-Joachim K. Menzel, Luci F. Teixeira-Salmela