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JAB Volume 30, Issue 4, August

Original Research


Comparison of Three-Dimensional Patellofemoral Joint Reaction Forces in Persons With and Without Patellofemoral Pain

2014, 30, 493 – 500
Yu-Jen Chen, Christopher M. Powers


Gait Biomechanics of a Second Generation Unstable Shoe

2014, 30, 501 – 507
Jacob K. Gardner, Songning Zhang, Max R. Paquette, Clare E. Milner, Elizabeth Brock


Determining the Solution Space for a Coordinated Whole Body Movement in a Noisy Environment: Application to the Upstart in Gymnastics

2014, 30, 508 – 513
Michael J. Hiley, Maurice R. Yeadon


Offensive and Defensive Agility: A Sex Comparison of Lower Body Kinematics and Ground Reaction Forces

2014, 30, 514 – 520
Tania Spiteri, Nicolas H. Hart, Sophia Nimphius


Midsole Thickness Affects Running Patterns in Habitual Rearfoot Strikers During a Sustained Run

2014, 30, 521 – 528
Trampas TenBroek, Pedro Rodrigues, Edward C. Frederick, Joseph Hamill


Additive Effect of Repeated Bouts of Individualized Frequency Whole Body Vibration on Postural Stability in Young Adults

2014, 30, 529 – 533
D. Clark Dickin, Jacqueline E. Heath


Characteristics of Stride Behavior During Treadmill Walking and Stationary Stepping

2014, 30, 534 – 541
Christopher K. Rhea, Matthew W. Wittstein


Age Differences in the Required Coefficient of Friction During Level Walking Do Not Exist When Experimentally-Controlling Speed and Step Length

2014, 30, 542 – 546
Dennis E. Anderson, Christopher T. Franck, Michael L. Madigan


Trunk Coordination in Dancers and Nondancers

2014, 30, 547 – 554
Danielle N. Jarvis, Jo Armour Smith, Kornelia Kulig


Balance Decrements Are Associated With Age-Related Muscle Property Changes

2014, 30, 555 – 562
Christopher J. Hasson, Richard E.A. Van Emmerik, Graham E. Caldwell


Pelvic Rotation Torque During Fast-Pitch Softball Hitting Under Three Ball Height Conditions

2014, 30, 563 – 573
Yoichi Iino, Atsushi Fukushima, Takeji Kojima

Technical Notes


Upper Extremity Kinematics and Kinetics During the Performance of a Stationary Wheelie in Manual Wheelchair Users With a Spinal Cord Injury

2014, 30, 574 – 580
Mathieu Lalumiere, Dany H. Gagnon, François Routhier, Laurent Bouyer, Guillaume Desroches


Accelerations of the Waist and Lower Extremities Over a Range of Gait Velocities to Aid in Activity Monitor Selection for Field-Based Studies

2014, 30, 581 – 585
Melissa M.B. Morrow, Wendy J. Hurd, Emma Fortune, Vipul Lugade, Kenton R. Kaufman


Development of an Anatomical Wrist Joint Coordinate System to Quantify Motion During Functional Tasks

2014, 30, 586 – 593
Howard J. Hillstrom, Rohit Garg, Andrew Kraszewski, Mark Lenhoff, Timothy Carter, Sherry I. Backus, Aviva Wolff, Grigory Syrkin, Richard Cheng, Scott W. Wolfe


Standardizing Accelerometer-Based Activity Monitor Calibration and Output Reporting

2014, 30, 594 – 597
Crystal L. Coolbaugh, David A. Hawkins


Validity and Reliability of an Alternative Method for Measuring Power Output During Six-Second All-out Cycling

2014, 30, 598 – 603
Martin Watson, Daniele Bibbo, Charles R. Duffy, Philip E. Riches, Silvia Conforto, Andrea Macaluso