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JAB Volume 30, Issue 6, December

Original Research


Variability in the Application of Force During the Vertical Jump in Children and Adults

2014, 30, 679 – 684
Pablo Floria, Luis A. Gomez-Landero, Andrew J. Harrison


Cellular Phone Texting Impairs Gait in Able-bodied Young Adults

2014, 30, 685 – 688
Nicholas D. Parr, Chris J. Hass, Mark D. Tillman


Head and Arm Positions that Elicit Maximal Voluntary Trunk Range-of-Motion Measures

2014, 30, 689 – 696
Alison Schinkel-Ivy, Sara Pardisnia, Janessa D.M. Drake


Tai Chi Intervention Improves Dynamic Postural Control During Gait Initiation in Older Adults: A Pilot Study

2014, 30, 697 – 706
Srikant Vallabhajosula, Beverly L. Roberts, Chris J. Hass


Kinematic Differences Between Those With and Without Medial Knee Displacement During a Single-leg Squat

2014, 30, 707 – 712
Timothy C. Mauntel, Barnett S. Frank, Rebecca L. Begalle, J. Troy Blackburn, Darin A. Padua


Force Capacity of Back Extensor Muscles in Healthy Males: Effects of Age and Recovery Time

2014, 30, 713 – 721
Eduard Kurz, Christoph Anders, Mario Walther, Philipp Schenk, Hans-Christoph Scholle


Considerations for Single and Double Leg Drop Jumps: Bilateral Deficit, Standardizing Drop Height, and Equalizing Training Load

2014, 30, 722 – 727
Matthew T.G. Pain

Technical Notes


Defining the Mechanical Properties of a Spring-hinged Ankle Foot Orthosis to Assess its Potential Use in Children With Spastic Cerebral Palsy

2014, 30, 728 – 731
Yvette L. Kerkum, Merel-Anne Brehm, Annemieke I. Buizer, Josien C. van den Noort, Jules G. Becher, Jaap Harlaar


The Variance Needed to Accurately Describe Jump Height From Vertical Ground Reaction Force Data

2014, 30, 732 – 736
Chris Richter, Kevin McGuinness, Noel E. O’Connor, Kieran Moran


A New Perspective on the Walking Margin of Stability

2014, 30, 737 – 741
Kevin Terry, Christopher Stanley, Diane Damiano