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JAPA Volume 22, Issue 2, April

Original Research


Multiple Days of Monitoring Are Needed to Obtain a Reliable Estimate of Physical Activity in Hip-Fracture Patients

2014, 22, 173 – 177
Kristin Taraldsen, Beatrix Vereijken, Pernille Thingstad, Olav Sletvold, Jorunn L. Helbostad


Change in Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer Survivors After Resistance Training: Is There an Effect of Age?

2014, 22, 178 – 185
Melissa J. Benton, Maura C. Schlairet, David R. Gibson


The Long-Term Effectiveness of Need-Supportive Physical Activity Counseling Compared With a Standard Referral in Sedentary Older Adults

2014, 22, 186 – 198
Ann-Sophie Van Hoecke, Christophe Delecluse, An Bogaerts, Filip Boen


Differences in Active Commuting Among Younger and Older Adults

2014, 22, 199 – 211
Melissa Bopp, Cheryl Der Ananian, Matthew E. Campbell


“Fit and Fabulous”: Mixed-Methods Research on Processes, Perceptions, and Outcomes of a Yearlong Gym Program With Assisted-Living Residents

2014, 22, 212 – 225
Mary Ann Kluge, Michelle LeCompte, Lisa Ramel


Self-Reported Adherence to the Physical Activity Recommendation and Determinants of Misperception in Older Adults

2014, 22, 226 – 234
Marjolein Visser, Robert J. Brychta, Kong Y. Chen, Annemarie Koster


Physical and Psychosocial Function in Residential Aged-Care Elders: Effect of Nintendo Wii Sports Games

2014, 22, 235 – 244
Justin W.L. Keogh, Nicola Power, Leslie Wooller, Patricia Lucas, Chris Whatman


Validation of a Computerized Use of Time Recall for Activity Measurement in Advanced-Age Adults

2014, 22, 245 – 254
Casey Jordan Mace, Ralph Maddison, Timothy Olds, Ngaire Kerse


Influence of Allowable Interruption Period on Estimates of Accelerometer Wear Time and Sedentary Time in Older Adults

2014, 22, 255 – 260
Emily L. Mailey, Neha P. Gothe, Thomas R. Wójcicki, Amanda N. Szabo, Erin A. Olson, Sean P. Mullen, Jason T. Fanning, Robert W. Motl, Edward McAuley


“Tailored” Submaximal Step Test for VO2max Prediction in Healthy Older Adults

2014, 22, 261 – 268
Silvia Pogliaghi, Cecilia Bellotti, Donald H. Paterson


Intrarater Reproducibility and Validity of Nintendo Wii Balance Testing in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

2014, 22, 269 – 275
Martin G. Jorgensen, Uffe Laessoe, Carsten Hendriksen, Ole B.F. Nielsen, Per Aagaard


Stride Rate and Walking Intensity in Healthy Older Adults

2014, 22, 276 – 283
Leslie Peacock, Allan Hewitt, David A. Rowe, Rona Sutherland


Greater Effect of Adiposity Than Physical Activity or Lean Mass on Physical Function in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

2014, 22, 284 – 293
Christie L. Ward, Rudy J. Valentine, Ellen M. Evans