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JAPA Volume 23, Issue 2, April

Original Research


Exercise Intensities of Gardening Tasks Within Older Adult Allotment Gardeners in Wales

2015, 23, 161 – 168
Jemma L. Hawkins, Alexander Smith, Karianne Backx, Deborah A. Clayton


The Impact of Age and Physical Activity Level on Manual Aiming Performance

2015, 23, 169 – 179
Florian Van Halewyck, Ann Lavrysen, Oron Levin, Digby Elliott, Werner F. Helsen


Aging Expectations are Associated With Physical Activity and Health Among Older Adults of Low Socioeconomic Status

2015, 23, 180 – 186
Shilpa Dogra, Ban Al-Sahab, James Manson, Hala Tamim


Relationship of Falls and Fear of Falling to Activity Limitations and Physical Inactivity in Parkinson’s Disease

2015, 23, 187 – 193
Mon S. Bryant, Diana H. Rintala, Jyh-Gong Hou, Elizabeth J. Protas


Dose-Response Walking Activity and Physical Function in Older Adults

2015, 23, 194 – 199
Christopher Dondzila, Keith P. Gennuso, Ann M. Swartz, Sergey Tarima, Elizabeth K. Lenz, Stephanie S. Stein, Randal J. Kohl, Scott J. Strath


Identifying Fallers and Nonfallers With the Maximal Base of Support Width (BSW): A One-year Prospective Study

2015, 23, 200 – 204
Jaap Swanenburg, Anne Gabrielle Mittaz Hager, Arian Nevzati, Andreas Klipstein


A Perceptually-regulated Exercise Test Predicts Peak Oxygen Uptake in Older Active Adults

2015, 23, 205 – 211
Ashleigh E. Smith, Roger G. Eston, Belinda Norton, Gaynor Parfitt


Moderate Intensity Exercise is Associated With Decreased Angiotensin-converting Enzyme, Increased β2-adrenergic Receptor Gene Expression, and Lower Blood Pressure in Middle-Aged Men

2015, 23, 212 – 220
Bakhtyar Tartibian, Ana Maria Miranda Botelho Teixeira, Behrouz Baghaiee


A Phenomenological Study of Obesity and Physical Activity in Southern African American Older Women

2015, 23, 221 – 229
Pamela G. Bowen, Yvonne D. Eaves, David E. Vance, Linda D. Moneyham


Effects of Prolonged Hypertrophic Resistance Training on Acute Endocrine Responses in Young and Older Men

2015, 23, 230 – 236
Simon Walker, Fabrizio Santolamazza, William J. Kraemer, Keijo Häkkinen


Redefining Racial Residential Segregation and its Association With Physical Activity Among African Americans 50 years and Older: A Mixed Methods Approach

2015, 23, 237 – 246
Janelle Armstrong-Brown, Eugenia Eng, Wizdom Powell Hammond, Catherine Zimmer, J. Michael Bowling


Correlates of Low Physical Activity Levels in Aging Men and Women: The DR’s EXTRA Study (ISRCTN45977199)

2015, 23, 247 – 255
Leena Hakola, Maija Hassinen, Pirjo Komulainen, Timo A. Lakka, K. Savonen, Rainer Rauramaa


Investigation of Older Adults’ Participation in Exercises Following Completion of a State-wide Survey Targeting Evidence-based Falls Prevention Strategies

2015, 23, 256 – 263
Den-Ching Lee, Lesley Day, Caroline F. Finch, Keith Hill, Lindy Clemson, Fiona McDermott, Terry P. Haines


Social Patterning in Grip Strength, Chair Rise, and Walk Speed in an Aging Population: The Czech HAPIEE Study

2015, 23, 264 – 271
Jitka Jancova-Vseteckova, Martin Bobak, Ruzena Kubinova, Nada Capkova, Anne Peasey, Michael G. Marmot, Hynek Pikhart


Do Older Adults’ Beliefs About Their Community Mobility Predict Walking Performance?

2015, 23, 272 – 278
James D. Sessford, Mary Jung, Lawrence R. Brawley, Jennifer L. Forbes


Questionnaires for Outcome Expectancy, Self-Regulation,and Behavioral Expectation for Resistance Training Among Young-Old Adults: Development and Preliminary Validity

2015, 23, 279 – 285
David M. Williams, Jyoti Savla, Brenda M. Davy, Sarah A. Kelleher, Elaina L. Marinik, Richard A. Winett


Spatial Measurement of Mobility Barriers: Improving the Environment of Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Taiwan

2015, 23, 286 – 297
Yen-Jong Chen, Rodney H. Matsuoka, Kun-Cheng Tsai

Scholarly Reviews

Instruments to Assess Mobility Limitation in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review

Instruments to Assess Mobility Limitation in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review

2015, 23, 298 – 313
Jane Chung, George Demiris, Hilaire J. Thompson


Walking Speed: The Functional Vital Sign

2015, 23, 314 – 322
Addie Middleton, Stacy L. Fritz, Michelle Lusardi


The Built Environment, Physical Activity, and Aging in the United States: A State of the Science Review

2015, 23, 323 – 329
Elizabeth M. Haselwandter, Michael P. Corcoran, Sara C. Folta, Raymond Hyatt, Mark Fenton, Miriam E. Nelson