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JPAH Volume 12, Issue 4, April


Vigorous Physical Activity and All-Cause Mortality: A Story That Got Lost in Translation

Vigorous Physical Activity and All-Cause Mortality: A Story That Got Lost in Translation

2015, 12, 445 – 446
Ding Ding, Klaus Gebel, Becky Freeman, Adrian E. Bauman

Original Research


Waist-Worn Actigraphy: Population-Referenced Percentiles for Total Activity Counts in U.S. Adults

2015, 12, 447 – 453
Dana L. Wolff-Hughes, Eugene C. Fitzhugh, David R. Bassett, James R. Churilla


Qualified Fitness and Exercise as Professionals and Exercise Prescription: Evolution of the PAR-Q and Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test

2015, 12, 454 – 461
Roy J. Shephard


Factors That Influence Park Use and Physical Activity in Predominantly Hispanic and Low-Income Neighborhoods

2015, 12, 462 – 469
Karry Dolash, Meizi He, Zenong Yin, Erica T. Sosa


Physical Activity for Campus Employees: A University Worksite Wellness Program

2015, 12, 470 – 476
Carling E. Butler, B. Ruth Clark, Tamara L. Burlis, Jacqueline C. Castillo, Susan B. Racette


Implementing a Public Bicycle Share Program: Impact on Perceptions and Support for Public Policies for Active Transportation

2015, 12, 477 – 482
Ariane Bélanger-Gravel, Lise Gauvin, Daniel Fuller, Louis Drouin


Transit-Related Walking to Work in Promoting Physical Activity

2015, 12, 483 – 489
Chia-Yuan Yu, Hsien-Chang Lin


Bicycle Commuting and Exposure to Air Pollution: A Questionnaire-Based Investigation of Perceptions, Symptoms, and Risk Management Strategies

2015, 12, 490 – 499
Tom Cole-Hunter, Lidia Morawska, Colin Solomon


The Quality of School Physical Activity Policies Within Maryland and Virginia

2015, 12, 500 – 505
Erin M. Smith, Grace Wilburn, Paul A. Estabrooks


Maternal Physical Activity During Pregnancy, Child Leisure-Time Activity, and Child Weight Status at 3 to 9 Years

2015, 12, 506 – 514
Lanay M. Mudd, Jim M. Pivarnik, Karin A. Pfeiffer, Nigel Paneth, Hwan Chung, Claudia Holzman


Associations of Parental Rules and Socioeconomic Position With Preschool Children’s Sedentary Behaviour and Screen Time

2015, 12, 515 – 521
Katherine L. Downing, Trina Hinkley, Kylie D. Hesketh


Children’s Physical Activity While Gardening: Development of a Valid and Reliable Direct Observation Tool

2015, 12, 522 – 528
Beth M. Myers, Nancy M. Wells


Barriers to Physical Activity in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Relationship to Physical Activity and Screen Time

2015, 12, 529 – 534
Aviva Must, Sarah Phillips, Carol Curtin, Linda G. Bandini


Physical Activity at 11 Years of Age and Incidence of Mental Health Problems in Adolescence: Prospective Study

2015, 12, 535 – 539
Pedro C. Hallal, Jeovany Martinez-Mesa, Carolina V.N. Coll, Gregore I. Mielke, Marcio A. Mendes, Marcio B. Peixoto, Tiago N. Munhoz, Virgilio V. Ramires, Maria Cecilia Assuncao, Helen Goncalves, Ana M.B. Menezes


Energy Expenditure in Adolescents With Cerebral Palsy: Comparison of the SenseWear Armband and Indirect Calorimetry

2015, 12, 540 – 545
Karsten Koehler, Thomas Abel, Birgit Wallmann-Sperlich, Annika Dreuscher, Volker Anneken


Affective Response to Exercise and Preferred Exercise Intensity Among Adolescents

2015, 12, 546 – 552
Margaret Schneider, Priel Schmalbach


Improvements on Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors in Obese Adolescents: A Randomized Exercise Intervention Study

2015, 12, 553 – 560
Humberto Jose Gomes Silva, Lars Bo Andersen, Mara Cristina Lofrano-Prado, Mauro V.G. Barros, Ismael Fortes Freitas Jr., James Hill, Wagner Luiz do Prado


TV Watching, but Not Physical Activity, Is Associated With Change in Kidney Function in Older Adults

2015, 12, 561 – 568
Marquis Hawkins, Anne B. Newman, Magdalena Madero, Kushang V. Patel, Michael G. Shlipak, Jennifer Cooper, Kirsten L. Johansen, Sankar D. Navaneethan, Ronald I. Shorr, Eleanor M. Simonsick, Linda F Fried


Relationship Between Built Environment, Physical Activity, Adiposity, and Health in Adults Aged 46–80 in Shanghai, China

2015, 12, 569 – 578
Zhang Ying, Liu Dong Ning, Liu Xin


Effects of Yogic Practice on Metabolism and Antioxidant–Redox Status of Physically Active Males

2015, 12, 579 – 587
Rameswar Pal, Som Nath Singh, Kaushik Halder, Omveer Singh Tomer, Awadh Bihari Mishra, Mantu Saha


The Influence of the Breast on Physical Activity Participation in Females

2015, 12, 588 – 594
Emma Burnett, Jenny White, Joanna Scurr



Erratum: Hansen et al (2014)

2015, 12, iv