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JPAH Volume 13, Issue 4, April

Original Research


Changes in Leisure-Time Physical Activity From the Prepregnancy to the Postpartum Period: 2004 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Study

2016, 13, 361 – 365
Carolina Coll, Marlos Domingues, Iná Santos, Alicia Matijasevich, Bernardo Lessa Horta, Pedro C. Hallal


“If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Then Don't Say Anything At All”: Positive Appearance-Related Commentary and Physical Activity

2016, 13, 366 – 370
Lindsay Cline, Kimberley L. Gammage


Comparison of Subjective and Objective Measures of Sedentary Behavior Using the Yale Physical Activity Survey and Accelerometry in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

2016, 13, 371 – 376
Abigail L. Gilbert, Jungwha Lee, Madeleine Ma, Pamela A. Semanik, Loretta DiPietro, Dorothy D. Dunlop, Rowland W. Chang


Exercise on Prescription: A Cross-sectional Study With Self-reported Outcome

2016, 13, 377 – 384
Helene Buch Pedersen, Morten Helmer-Nielsen, Karin Brochstedt Dieperink, Birte Østergaard


Physical Activity With and Without TV Viewing: Effects on Enjoyment of Physical Activity and TV, Exercise Self-Efficacy, and Barriers to Being Active in Overweight Adults

2016, 13, 385 – 391
Jeremy A. Steeves, David R. Bassett, Eugene C. Fitzhugh, Hollie Raynor, Chi Cho, Dixie L. Thompson


The Effects of Physical Activity and Fitness in Adolescence on Cognition in Adulthood and the Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factor I

2016, 13, 392 – 402
Doeschka A. Ferro, Jan Berend Deijen, Lando L. Koppes, Willem van Mechelen, Jos W. Twisk, Madeleine L. Drent


Predictive Validity of an Adult Physical Activity “Vital Sign” Recorded in Electronic Health Records

2016, 13, 403 – 408
Trever J. Ball, Elizabeth A. Joy, Lisa H. Gren, Ruthann Cunningham, Janet M. Shaw


Gender Differences in Physical Activity Levels of Older People With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

2016, 13, 409 – 415
Joan Kelly, Katrina Edney, Chris Moran, Velandai Srikanth, Michele Callisaya


The Relationship Between Time of Day of Physical Activity and Obesity in Older Women

2016, 13, 416 – 418
Andrea K. Chomistek, Eric J. Shiroma, I-Min Lee


Developing Point-of-Decision Prompts to Encourage Airport Walking: The Walk to Fly Study

2016, 13, 419 – 427
Ginny M. Frederick, Prabasaj Paul, Kathleen Bachtel Watson, Joan M. Dorn, Janet Fulton


The Effect of Increasing Autonomy Through Choice on Young Children’s Physical Activity Behavior

2016, 13, 428 – 432
Gabriel J. Sanders, Judith Juvancic-Heltzel, Megan L. Williamson, James N. Roemmich, Denise M. Feda, Jacob E. Barkley


Interrater Reliability of the ENERGY Photo-Rating Instrument for School Environments Related to Physical Activity and Eating

2016, 13, 433 – 439
Teatske Altenburg, Saskia te Velde, Kai-Jan Chiu, George Moschonis, Yannis Manios, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Frøydis N. Vik, Nanna Lien, Johannes Brug, Mai Chinapaw


Objectively Measured School Day Physical Activity Among Elementary Students in the United States and Finland

2016, 13, 440 – 446
Sami Yli-Piipari, Janne Santeri Kulmala, Timo Jaakkola, Harto Hakonen, Joseph Cole Fish, Tuija Tammelin


Active Transport, Physical Activity, and Distance Between Home and School in Children and Adolescents

2016, 13, 447 – 453
Scott Duncan, Kate White, Suzanne Mavoa, Tom Stewart, Erica Hinckson, Grant Schofield


Lower Extremity Muscular Strength and Leukocyte Telomere Length: Implications of Muscular Strength in Attenuating Age-Related Chronic Disease

2016, 13, 454 – 457
Paul D. Loprinzi, Jeremy P. Loenneke