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JPAH Volume 12, Issue 1, January

Original Research


Physical Activity in After-School Programs: Comparison With Physical Activity Policies

2015, 12, 1 – 7
Michael W. Beets, Rohan Shah, Robert Glenn Weaver, Jennifer L. Huberty, Aaron Beighle, Justin B. Moore


Young Children’s After-School Activities—There’s More to It Than Screen Time: A Cross-Sectional Study of Young Primary School Children

2015, 12, 8 – 12
Lina Engelen, Anita C. Bundy, Adrian Bauman, Geraldine Naughton, Shirley Wyver, Louise A. Baur,


Relationship Between Metabolic Syndrome and Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in Youth

2015, 12, 13 – 19
Aristides M. Machado-Rodrigues, Neiva Leite, Manuel J. Coelho e Silva, Joao Valente-dos-Santos, Raul A. Martins, Luis PG Mascarenhas, Margaret Cristina da Silva Boguszewski, Cristina Padez, Robert M. Malina


Combined Physical Activity/Sedentary Behavior Associations With Indices of Adiposity in 8- to 10-Year-Old Children

2015, 12, 20 – 29
Katya M. Herman, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Catherine M. Sabiston, Marie-Eve Mathieu, Angelo Tremblay, Gilles Paradis

Does Physical Exercise Help Maintain Mental Health During Pregnancy? A Comparison of Changes in Mental Health in Participants of Physical Exercise Classes and Childbirth Classes

Does Physical Exercise Help Maintain Mental Health During Pregnancy? A Comparison of Changes in Mental Health in Participants of Physical Exercise Classes and Childbirth Classes

2015, 12, 30 – 36
Monika Guszkowska, Marta Langwald, Katarzyna Sempolska


Exposure Analysis Methods Impact Associations Between Maternal Physical Activity and Cesarean Delivery

2015, 12, 37 – 47
Marit L. Bovbjerg, Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Kelly R. Evenson, William Goodnight


Happy Trails: The Effect of a Media Campaign on Urban Trail Use in Southern Nevada

2015, 12, 48 – 51
Sheila Clark, Tim J. Bungum, Mindy Meacham, Lisa Coker


Does Building a Greenway Promote Physical Activity Among Proximate Residents?

2015, 12, 52 – 57
Stephanie T. West, Kindal A. Shores


Who Are the Users of Urban Parks? A Study With Adults From Curitiba, Brazil

2015, 12, 58 – 67
Rogerio Fermino, Rodrigo S. Reis, Pedro C. Hallal, Andrew T. Kaczynski


The Effects of Sedentary Behavior on Metabolic Syndrome Independent of Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness

2015, 12, 68 – 73
Anna E. Greer, Xuemei Sui, Andrea L. Maslow, Beau Kjerulf Greer, Steven N. Blair


Home-Based Exercise May Not Decrease the Insulin Resistance in Individuals With Metabolic Syndrome

2015, 12, 74 – 79
Chiao-Nan (Joyce) Chen, Lee-Ming Chuang, Mallikarjuna Korivi, Ying-Tai Wu


Effect of Exercise Programs With Aerobic Exercise Sessions of Similar Intensity but Different Frequency and Duration on Health-Related Measures in Overweight Women

2015, 12, 80 – 86
Eirini Manthou, Jason M.R. Gill, Dalia Malkova


The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Aging Symptoms Among Community-Dwelling Men Aged 40–70 Years in Shanghai, China

2015, 12, 87 – 92
Bo Wang, Zheng Li,, Maohua Miao, Xiaoqin Liu, Huiqing Wang, Guoqing Liang, Zhiyong Liu, Yinghao Sun, Wei Yuan


Sedentary Time in US Older Adults Associated With Disability in Activities of Daily Living Independent of Physical Activity

2015, 12, 93 – 101
Dorothy D. Dunlop, Jing Song, Emily K. Arntson, Pamela A. Semanik, Jungwha Lee, Rowland W. Chang, Jennifer M. Hootman


Effect on Physical Fitness of a 10-Year Physical Activity Intervention in Primary Health Care Settings

2015, 12, 102 – 108
Priscila M. Nakamura, Camila B. Papini, Inaian P. Teixeira, Alberto Chiyoda, Eliete Luciano, Kelly Lynn Cordeira, Eduardo Kokubun


Physical Activity and Relaxation During and After Work are Independently Associated With the Need for Recovery

2015, 12, 109 – 115
Jennifer K. Coffeng, Esther M. van Sluijs, Ingrid J.M. Hendriksen, Willem van Mechelen, Cecile R.L. Boot


Validity and Reliability of Question 8 of the Paffenbarger Physical Activity Questionnaire Among Healthy Adults

2015, 12, 116 – 123
Kathleen Simpson, Beth Parker, Jeffrey Capizzi, Paul Thompson, Priscilla M. Clarkson, Patty Freedson, Linda S. Pescatello


Estimating Physical Activity in Children: Impact of Pedometer Wear Time and Metric

2015, 12, 124 – 131
Kelly R. Laurson, Gregory J. Welk, Joey C. Eisenmann


Physical Activity Monitoring in Extremely Obese Adolescents From the Teen-LABORATORIES Study

2015, 12, 132 – 138
Renee M. Jeffreys, Thomas H. Inge, Todd M. Jenkins, Wendy C. King, Vedran Oruc, Andrew D. Douglas, Molly S. Bray


Associations of Activity Monitor Output and an Estimate of Aerobic Fitness With Pulse Wave Velocities: The Nakanojo Study

2015, 12, 139 – 144
Makoto Ayabe, Sungjin Park, Roy J. Shephard, Yukitoshi Aoyagi