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With generous support provided by Active Living Research, a national program office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the National Cancer Institute.

Guest editors: Mindy Thompson Fullilove, Chanam Lee, and James F. Sallis



Engaging Communities to Create Active Living Environments

S1 – S4
Mindy Fullilove, Chanam Lee, James F. Sallis


From NIH to Texas Schools: Policy Impact of the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Program in Texas

S5 – S7
Deanna M. Hoelscher, Andrew Springer, Tiffni H. Menendez, Peter W. Cribb, Steven H. Kelder

Original Research


The Role of Recreational Spaces in Meeting Physical Activity Recommendations Among Middle School Students

S8 – S16
Denise Burke Aske, Julia McDonald, Howard Cabral, Karen Ann Hacker


Facilitators and Barriers to Adopting Evidence-Based Physical Education in Elementary Schools

S17 – S25
Monica A.F. Lounsbery, Thomas L. McKenzie, Stewart G. Trost, Nicole J. Smith


Engaging Community Providers to Create More Active After-School Environments: Results From the Ontario CATCH Kids Club Implementation Project

S26 – S31
Erin K. Sharpe, Scott A. Forrester, James L. Mandigo


“Just Let Me Play!”—Understanding Constraints That Limit Adolescent Sport Participation

S32 – S39
Jonathan M. Casper, Jason N. Bocarro, Michael A. Kanters, Myron F. Floyd


Engaging School Governance Leaders to Influence Physical Activity Policies

S40 – S48
Lindsey Cox, Victoria Berends, James F. Sallis, Jessica Marie St. John, Betsy McNeil, Martin Gonzalez, Peggy Agron


Costs and Benefits of Bicycling Investments in Portland, Oregon

S49 – S58
Thomas Gotschi


Context-Specific Correlates of Walking Behaviors to and From School: Do They Vary Across Neighborhoods and Populations?

S59 – S71
Xuemei Zhu, Chanam Lee, Oi-Man Kwok, James W. Varni


Commuting by Public Transit and Physical Activity: Where You Live, Where You Work, and How You Get There

S72 – S82
Ugo Lachapelle, Brian E. Saelens, James F. Sallis, Terry L. Conway

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