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With generous support provided by Active Living Research, a national program office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the National Cancer Institute.

Guest editors: Mindy Thompson Fullilove, Chanam Lee, and James F. Sallis

Original Research


Neighborhood and PA: Neighborhood Factors and Physical Activity in African American Public Housing Residents

S83 – S90
Rebecca E. Lee, Scherezade K. Mama, Kristen P. McAlexander, Heather Adamus, Ashley V. Medina


Identifying GIS Measures of the Physical Activity Built Environment Through a Review of the Literature

S91 – S97
Eboneé N. Butler, Anita M.H. Ambs, Jill Reedy, Heather R. Bowles


Installation of Bicycle Lanes and Increased Ridership in an Urban, Mixed-Income Setting in New Orleans, Louisiana

S98 – S102
Kathryn M. Parker, Jeanette Gustat, Janet C. Rice


Physical and Social Contextual Influences on Children’s Leisure-Time Physical Activity: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study

S103 – S108
Genevieve F. Dunton, Yue Liao, Stephen Intille, Jennifer Wolch, Mary Ann Pentz


Better Parks Through Law and Policy: A Legal Analysis of Authorities Governing Public Parks and Open Spaces

S109 – S115
Ana Henderson, Christine R. Fry


The Role of Health and Physical Activity in the Adoption of Innovative Land Use Policy: Findings From Surveys of Local Governments

S116 – S124
Jennifer Dill, Deborah Howe


Public Support for Street-Scale Urban Design Practices and Policies to Increase Physical Activity

S125 – S134
Susan A. Carlson, Roxanna Guide, Thomas L. Schmid, Latetia Moore, Danielle T. Barradas, Janet Fulton


A Comprehensive Multi-Level Approach for Passing Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets Policies in Hawaii

S135 – S140
Katie M. Heinrich, Nancee N. Aki, Heidi Hansen-Smith, Mark Fenton, Jay E. Maddock



The State of the Great Outdoors: Charting Recent Trends, Assessing Funding Needs, and Understanding Americans’ Connection to Nature

S141 – S142
Margaret Walls


Parks Are the Answer: Help Us Prove It

S143 – S144
Meg Cheever

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