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JSEP Volume 37, Issue 3, June

Original Research


The Self-Presentation Motives for Physical Activity Questionnaire: Instrument Development and Preliminary Construct Validity Evidence

2015, 37, 225 – 243
Timothy C. Howle, James A. Dimmock, Peter R. Whipp, Ben Jackson


Patterns of Change in Psychological Variables Leading up to Competition in Superior Versus Inferior Performers

2015, 37, 244 – 256
Ruth Boat, Ian M. Taylor


Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior in Sport: The Role of Motivational Climate, Basic Psychological Needs, and Moral Disengagement

2015, 37, 257 – 273
Ken Hodge, Daniel F. Gucciardi


The Art of Athlete Leadership: Identifying High-Quality Athlete Leadership at the Individual and Team Level Through Social Network Analysis

2015, 37, 274 – 290
Katrien Fransen, Stef Van Puyenbroeck, Todd M. Loughead, Norbert Vanbeselaere, Bert De Cuyper, Gert Vande Broek, Filip Boen


Injury Risk Estimation Expertise: Cognitive-Perceptual Mechanisms of ACL-IQ

2015, 37, 291 – 304
Erich J. Petushek, Edward T. Cokely, Paul Ward, Gregory D. Myer


Perfectionism and Burnout in Junior Athletes: A Three-Month Longitudinal Study

2015, 37, 305 – 315
Daniel J. Madigan, Joachim Stoeber, Louis Passfield


Why the Three-Point Rule Failed to Sufficiently Reduce the Number of Draws in Soccer: An Application of Prospect Theory

2015, 37, 316 – 326
Dennis Riedl, Andreas Heuer, Bernd Strauss


Examining Movement-Specific Reinvestment and Performance in Demanding Contexts

2015, 37, 327 – 338
Neha Malhotra, Jamie M. Poolton, Mark R. Wilson, Liis Uiga, Rich S.W. Masters

Research Notes


Reappraising Threat: How to Optimize Performance Under Pressure

2015, 37, 339 – 343
Lee J. Moore, Samuel J. Vine, Mark R. Wilson, Paul Freeman

The Digest


The Digest for June 2015

2015, 37, 344 – 348