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JSEP Volume 37, Issue 5, October

Original Research


Executive Function Is Associated With Antisocial Behavior and Aggression in Athletes

2015, 37, 469 – 476
Martina Micai, Maria Kavussanu, Christopher Ring


Self-Control Strength Depletion Reduces Self-Efficacy and Impairs Exercise Performance

2015, 37, 477 – 488
Jeffrey D. Graham, Steven R. Bray


Appraisal in a Team Context: Perceptions of Cohesion Predict Competition Importance and Prospects for Coping

2015, 37, 489 – 499
Svenja A. Wolf, Mark A. Eys, Pamela Sadler, Jens Kleinert


Competitive Cycling and Doping: Proposing a Functional Analysis Based on the Color Yellow

2015, 37, 500 – 513
Yves Chantal, Iouri Bernache-Assollant


Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Physical Activity: The Moderating Role of Mental Toughness

2015, 37, 514 – 522
Thomas E. Hannan, Robyn L. Moffitt, David L. Neumann, Patrick R. Thomas


Using Masculine Capital to Understand the Role of a Sport Program in the Lives of Men From a Western Canadian Inner City

2015, 37, 523 – 533
Nicholas L. Holt, Jay Scherer, Jordan Koch


Examination of the Consistency in Affective Response to Acute Exercise in Overweight and Obese Women

2015, 37, 534 – 546
Jessica L. Unick, Kelley Strohacker, George D. Papandonatos, David Williams, Kevin C. O'Leary, Leah Dorfman, Katie Becofsky, Rena R. Wing


Moving to Self-Present: An Investigation Into Proposed Antecedents of 2 x 2 Self-Presentation Motives

2015, 37, 547 – 558
Timothy C. Howle, James A. Dimmock, Peter R. Whipp, Ben Jackson

Research Note


Intense Physical Exercise Reduces Overt Attentional Capture

2015, 37, 559 – 564
Francesc Llorens, Daniel Sanabria, Florentino Huertas, Enrique Molina, Simon Bennett

The Digest


The Digest for October 2015

2015, 37, 565 – 569