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JSEP Volume 36, Issue 5, October

Original Research


Precompetitive Achievement Goals, Stress Appraisals, Emotions, and Coping Among Athletes

2014, 36, 433 – 445
Adam R. Nicholls, John L. Perry, Luis Calmeiro


Goal Striving and Well-Being in Sport: The Role of Contextual and Personal Motivation

2014, 36, 446 – 459
Laura C. Healy, Nikos Ntoumanis, Jet J.C.S. Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Nicola Paine


The Association Between Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Dutch Adolescents: Findings From the GOALS Study

2014, 36, 460 – 473
Martin L. Van Dijk, Renate H.M. De Groot, Hans H.C.M. Savelberg, Frederik Van Acker, Paul A. Kirschner


Moving and Academic Learning Are Not Antagonists: Acute Effects on Executive Function and Enjoyment

2014, 36, 474 – 485
Spyridoula Vazou, Ann L. Smiley-Oyen


“I Think They Believe in Me”: The Predictive Effects of Teammate- and Classmate-Focused Relation-Inferred Self-Efficacy in Sport and Physical Activity Settings

2014, 36, 486 – 505
Ben Jackson, Daniel F. Gucciardi, Chris C. Lonsdale, Peter R. Whipp, James A. Dimmock


The Effect of Ego Depletion on Sprint Start Reaction Time

2014, 36, 506 – 515
Chris Englert, Alex Bertrams


Is Variety a Spice of (an Active) Life?: Perceived Variety, Exercise Behavior, and the Mediating Role of Autonomous Motivation

2014, 36, 516 – 527
Benjamin D. Sylvester, Martyn Standage, Tavinder K. Ark, Shane N. Sweet, Peter R.E. Crocker, Bruno D. Zumbo, Mark R. Beauchamp


Can High-Intensity Exercise Be More Pleasant? Attentional Dissociation Using Music and Video

2014, 36, 528 – 541
Leighton Jones, Costas I. Karageorghis, Panteleimon Ekkekakis

The Digest


The Digest for October 2014

2014, 36, 542 – 546