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JSEP Volume 37, Issue 6, December

Original Research


Cognitively Engaging Chronic Physical Activity, But Not Aerobic Exercise, Affects Executive Functions in Primary School Children: A Group-Randomized Controlled Trial

2015, 37, 575 – 591
Mirko Schmidt, Katja Jäger, Fabienne Egger, Claudia M. Roebers, Achim Conzelmann


Transtheoretical Principles and Processes for Adopting Physical Activity: A Longitudinal 24-Month Comparison of Maintainers, Relapsers, and Nonchangers

2015, 37, 592 – 606
Jessica M. Lipschitz, Miryam Yusufov, Andrea Paiva, Colleen A. Redding, Joseph S. Rossi, Sara Johnson, Bryan Blissmer, N. Simay Gokbayrak, Wayne F. Velicer, James O. Prochaska


Differences in Attentional Focus Associated With Recovery From Sports Injury: Does Injury Induce an Internal Focus?

2015, 37, 607 – 616
Rob Gray


Do Male And Female Cyclists’ Cortical Activity Differ Before and During Cycling Exercise?

2015, 37, 617 – 625
Sebastian Ludyga, Thomas Gronwald, Kuno Hottenrott


Sensorimotor Rhythm Neurofeedback Enhances Golf Putting Performance

2015, 37, 626 – 636
Ming-Yang Cheng, Chung-Ju Huang, Yu-Kai Chang, Dirk Koester, Thomas Schack, Tsung-Min Hung


rs6295 [C]-Allele Protects Against Depressive Mood in Elderly Endurance Athletes

2015, 37, 637 – 645
Helmuth Haslacher, Matthias Michlmayr, Delgerdalai Batmyagmar, Thomas Perkmann, Elisabeth Ponocny-Seliger, Vanessa Scheichenberger, Thomas M. Scherzer, Sonja Nistler, Alexander Pilger, Peter Dal-Bianco, Johann Lehrner, Lukas Pezawas, Oswald F. Wagner, Robert Winker


Predictors of Moral Disengagement in Sport

2015, 37, 646 – 658
David Light Shields, Christopher D. Funk, Brenda Light Bredemeier

Research Notes


To Weigh or Not to Weigh? Relation to Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviors Among Female Collegiate Athletes

2015, 37, 659 – 665
Kayla W. Carrigan, Trent A Petrie, Carlin M. Anderson


Response-Order Effects in Survey Methods: A Randomized Controlled Crossover Study in the Context of Sport Injury Prevention

2015, 37, 666 – 673
Derwin K.C. Chan, Andreas Ivarsson, Andreas Stenling, Sophie X. Yang, Nikos L.D. Chatzisarantis, Martin S. Hagger

The Digest


The Digest for December 2015

2015, 37, 674 – 679

JSEP Guest Reviewers


JSEP Guest Reviewers 2015

2015, 37, 680 – 681