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Kinematic Analysis of Skill Acquisition in Physically Awkward Boys

305 – 315

This study investigated the learning of the stationary hockey slap shot by two physically awkward boys; for comparison purposes, two age-matched boys performed the same skill. In an initial data collection session, the physically awkward and the control boys performed three successful slap shots. Following this, the physically awkward subjects practiced 400 trials at home every 2 weeks over a 6-week training period, under the supervision of their parents. Performance data were collected every 2 weeks, after 400,800, and 1,200 practice trials. Cinematographic analysis of each subject’s three successful responses led to an examination of the kinematics, phasing, and timing of the slap shot. In the initial baseline session, the control subjects exhibited consistency of performance; however, even after 1,200 trials of supervised practice the performance of the two physically awkward children was extremely variable.

Authors: Gordon E. Marchiori, Albert E. Wall, Wendy Bedingfield,

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