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Details on Preparing Figures for JSEP

Each figure must be numbered, and each should be called out in the text in consecutive numerical order. Importantly, a figure should be approximately 16 cm (6 in.) × 21 cm (8 in.), which is the size of the printable area on a single journal page. All lettering and numbering that appears in the artwork should be proportionately large enough to be easily read.

A figure should have a caption that is brief and self-explanatory, and that defines all nonstandard abbreviations used in the figure. Captions must be listed separately, on a page by themselves.

Additionally, each figure must be clearly identified (numbered) as part of its filename.

The artwork should be professional in appearance and have clean, crisp lines that are thick and dark enough to withstand size reduction and digital compression.

Figures should not use color, and the print version of JSEP appears only with grayscale artwork. However, only if color is essential to the meaning, color figures can appear in the electronic version of the journal.

Shades of gray do not always reproduce well and should only carefully be used in charts and figures. Instead, stripe patterns, stippling, or solids (black or white) are good choices for diffentiation.

All artwork, including photographic images, can and should be submitted in JPEG, TIFF, or EPS format at a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch (dpi) and sized to fit within the single-page dimensions: approximately 16 cm (6 in.) × 21 cm (8 in.).