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Eligibility Criteria and Responsibilities of JTPE Coeditors

JTPE coeditors are selected from the members of the Editorial Board. Upon selection, they serve as junior coeditor for a specified term of 2 years and, upon completion of this period, they serve as senior coeditor for another 2-year term.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility for JTPE Coeditor appointments is based on the following criteria:

  1. Coeditor candidates have published three manuscripts in the last five years in tier one journals (requirements: one publication in JTPE and one first authorship publication).
  2. Coeditor candidates have demonstrated high-quality reviews in a timely manner while on the JTPE Editorial Board (a minimum of six reviews/per year during the 3-year term).
  3. Coeditor candidates have served as JTPE Editorial Board members for six years (i.e., two terms) before selection.


The JTPE Coeditors responsibilities include - but are not limited to - the following:

  1. Coeditors ensure the double-blinded review process.
  2. Coeditors maintain confidentiality and objectivity regarding manuscripts and the review process.
  3. The senior coeditor submits manuscripts to at least 2 reviewers expert in the specific area who can be objective and do not have conflicts of interest. In the case that the manuscript content or focus is inappropriate for JTPE, the coeditors contact the author(s) rather than sending it out for review.
  4. Coeditors correspond with authors and reviewers.
  5. Coeditors make decisions regarding acceptance/ rejection and resubmission/ rejection of manuscripts based on reviewers’ feedback/recommendations.

Nomination process:

Nominations for the coeditors’ positions originate from existing Editorial Board members and are submitted in writing to the senior coeditor who is responsible for contacting the nominees for their curriculum vitae and letter of interest as well as for making arrangements for the selection process.

Selection process:

Coeditors are selected by current coeditors from the pool of JTPE Editorial Board members who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in the position. The coeditors’ selection is ratified by the majority vote of the JTPE Editorial Board.

Coeditor Publication Process:

In the case a coeditor submits a manuscript for publication to JTPE, the other coeditor assigns a guest coeditor to select reviewers and monitor the review process.