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Mission Statement

Case Studies in Sport Management is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the publication of teaching case studies related to the sport management discipline. The purpose of Case Studies in Sport Management is to enhance pedagogy in the discipline through the dissemination of teaching cases across varied topics consistent with the COSMA Common Professional Component topical areas, including sport management, marketing, finance, and law. The online journal will serve as a searchable library of cases instructors can use to incorporate the case method of learning into their classrooms.

What Are Teaching Case Studies?

A teaching case study is a narrative description of a situation facing a sport organization, whether real or simulated. The reader is presented with a set of facts, historical context, data, and related information and is charged with assessing the situation, generating and analyzing potential solutions, and finally identifying what he or she believes is the optimal solution to the problems presented in the case. It is this problem-solving or decision-making element that distinguishes teaching cases from other types of case studies. Teaching with the case method allows students to begin to think and act as industry professionals by assuming roles similar to what they someday aspire to fill. The case method provides an action-oriented teaching and learning environment, allowing students to develop and enhance skills such as critical thinking, strategic decision-making, creativity, teamwork, and leadership.

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