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IJARE Volume 9, Issue 1, February



In This Issue . . . February 2015

2015, 9, 1 – 3
Stephen J. Langendorfer


Changing Learn-to-Swim and Drowning Prevention Using Aquatic Readiness and Water Competence

2015, 9, 4 – 11
Stephen J. Langendorfer

Original Research


Toward Defining Water Competency: An American Red Cross Definition

2015, 9, 12 – 23
Linda Quan, William D. Ramos, Connie Harvey, Louise Kublick, Stephen J. Langendorfer, Terri A. Lees, Roy R. Fielding, Shelley Dalke, Catherine Barry, Stephanie Shook, Peter G. Wernicki


Effects of Long-Term Surfing on Bone Health in Mature-Aged Males

2015, 9, 24 – 37
Mike Climstein, Zachary Pollard, James Furness, Joe Walsh, Christopher McLellan, Jarrod Meerkin


Scoring Analysis of the Men’s 2013 World Championship Tour of Surfing

2015, 9, 38 – 48
Oliver R.L. Farley, Ellen Raymond, Josh L. Secomb, Brendon Ferrier, Lina E. Lundgren, Tai T. Tran, Chris R. Abbiss, Jeremy M. Sheppard


Public Understanding and Knowledge of Rip Currents and Beach Safety in the UK

2015, 9, 49 – 69
Eleanor Woodward, Emily Beaumont, Paul Russell, Ross MacLeod


Exploring the Context of Coached Masters Swim Programs: A Narrative Approach

2015, 9, 70 – 88
Scott Rathwell, Bettina Callary, Bradley W. Young



Primary and Secondary Drowning Interventions: The American Red Cross Circle of Drowning Prevention and Chain of Drowning Survival

2015, 9, 89 – 101
William D. Ramos, Angela Beale, Peter Chambers, Shelley Dalke, Roy R. Fielding, Louise Kublick, Stephen J. Langendorfer, Terri A. Lees, Linda Quan, Peter G. Wernicki

Media Review


Science in Swimming V

2015, 9, 102 – 105
Stephen J. Langendorfer