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Landmark Articles (2009)

In Issue 1, the Irwin, Irwin, Ryan, and Frayer, “The Mythology of Swimming: Are Myths Impacting Minority Youth Participation?” was a landmark study of minority participation in swimming, funded by USA Swimming.

In Issue 2, Moran’s “Parents, Pals, or Pedagogues? How Youth Learn About Water Safety” examined the key influences on youth acquiring water safety.

Buzzacott, Zeigler, Denoble, and Vann wrote “American Cave Diving Fatalities 1969-2007,” which is a first of its kind, longitudinal study of drowning deaths resulting from diving underwater in caves.

Peden, Franklin, and Larsen’s “Survey of Primary Schools Across Australia: An Examination of Key Water Safety Issues” examined child swimming and water safety in Australian schools.

In Issue 3, Blitvich, McElroy, and Blanksby wrote “Home Swimming Pool Design to Improve Diving Safety.” It was a particularly important study to reduce spinal cord injuries from diving.

In Issue 4, Waller and Norwood composed a “rejoinder” to Irwin, Irwin, Ryan, and Frayer entitled, “The Complexities of Deconstructing the Constraints to African American Female Participation in Swimming: A Rejoinder to Irwin et al.,” which was a particularly insightful commentary on other influences that may reduce the likelihood of African American women to engage in swimming.


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