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Student Research


Audience Perceptions of Female Sports Reporters: A Social-Identity Approach

261 – 274
Elizabeth A. Baiocchi-Wagner, Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz

Industry Interviews


Interview With Tim Tennant, CEO, Conductor Marketing

275 – 280
Sarah Gee


Interview With Leslie King, Senior Director of Communications, USA Gymnastics

281 – 283
Andrea N. Eagleman


Interview With John Papanek, Senior Vice President and Editor-at-Large, ESPN

284 – 287
Paul M. Pedersen

Original Research


Discourses of the “Too Abled”: Contested Body Hierarchies and the Oscar Pistorius Case

288 – 307
Thomas F. Corrigan, Jamie Paton, Erin Holt, Marie Hardin


Framing Gender and Disability: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Photographs From the 2008 Paralympic Games

308 – 321
Jo Ann M. Buysse, Bria Borcherding


Reading Carlos Tevez: Football, Geography, and Contested Identities in Manchester

322 – 335
Nicholas Wise, John Harris


Improving Territorial Image Through Sport-Based Communication by Local Governmental Bodies: A Case Study of the French Department Seine-Saint-Denis

336 – 354
Christopher Hautbois, Michel Desbordes, David Pierce


Student Athletes’ Sports-Program Viewing: Motives and Preferences

355 – 370
Seok Kang, Soonhwan Lee, Seungbum Lee

Legal Case Brief


American Needle v. National Football League, et al., 560 U.S. ____ (2010), 2010 WL 2025207

371 – 376
Ryan M. Rodenberg, L. Jon Wertheim

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