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IJSC Volume 8, Issue 2, June

Student Research


How Do Sports Organizations Use Social Media to Build Relationships? A Content Analysis of NBA Clubs’ Twitter Use

2015, 8, 133 – 148
Yuan Wang, Shuhua Zhou

Industry Interviews


Interview With Tina Barnes-Budd, Senior Director of Social Media Marketing and Communication, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA)

2015, 8, 149 – 154
Wonyul Bae


Interview With Josh Rawitch, Senior Vice President of Communications, Arizona Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball)

2015, 8, 155 – 159
Paul M. Pedersen

Original Research


#NBCfail: Thematic Analysis of Media and Public Discourse Surrounding Editing of Russia’s Olympic Gymnastics Fall

2015, 8, 160 – 173
Jensen Moore, Ashley Hesson, Khristen Jones


The Meaning of Sport: Sociolinguistic Analysis of Sport and Energy Drink Brands’ Advertising Messages

2015, 8, 174 – 192
Jung Woo Lee


“It Makes Me Feel Like I Am an Important Part of This Team”: An Exploratory Study of Coach Confirmation

2015, 8, 193 – 211
Gregory A. Cranmer, Maria Brann


Why We Retweet: Factors Influencing Intentions to Share Sport News on Twitter

2015, 8, 212 – 232
Jan Boehmer, Edson C. Tandoc, Jr.

Case Studies


Gainline Africa: A Case Study of Sport-for-Development Organizations and the Role of Organizational Relationship Building via Social Media

2015, 8, 233 – 254
Marion E. Hambrick, Per G. Svensson

Book Reviews


Review of Life Story Research in Sport: Understanding the Experiences of Elite and Professional Athletes Through Narrative

2015, 8, 255 – 256
Cassandra Coble


Review of Sport, Racism, and Social Media

2015, 8, 257 – 261
Joyce O. Olushola