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Effect of an Amino Acid, Protein, and Carbohydrate Mixture on Net Muscle Protein Balance After Resistance Exercise

Elisabet Børsheim, Asle Aarsland, Robert R. Wolfe


Palatability and Voluntary Intake of Sports Beverages, Diluted Orange Juice, and Water During Exercise

Dennis H. Passe, John R. Stofan, Robert Murray


Bone Mineral Density in Young Active Females: The Case of Dancers

Mary Yannakoulia, Antonios Keramopoulos, Antonia-Leda Matalas


Acute Rhodiola Rosea Intake Can Improve Endurance Exercise Performance

Katrien De Bock, Bert O. Eijnde, Monique Ramaekers, Peter Hespel


Influence of Carbohydrate and Age on Lymphocyte Function Following a Marathon

Dru A. Henson, David C. Nieman, E. Edward Pistilli, Brian Schilling, AnnaRita Colacino, Alan C. Utter, Omar R. Fagoaga, Debra M. Vinci, Sandra L. Nehlsen-Cannarella


Effect of Endurance Training and Fasting on Renal Gluconeogenic Enzymes in the Rat

Ken D. Sumida, Jeff H. Garrett, William T. McJilton, Casey M. Donovan


Fluid and Electrolyte Intake and Loss in Elite Soccer Players During Training

Ronald J. Maughan, Stuart J. Merson, Nick P. Broad, Susan M. Shirreffs


Comparison of Water Turnover Rates in Young Swimmers in Training and Age-Matched Non-training Individuals

John B. Leiper, Ronald J. Maughan


Zinc and Copper Biochemical Indices of Antioxidant Status in Elite Athletes of Different Modalities

Josely C. Koury, Astrogildo V. de Oliveira, Jr., Astrogildo V. de Oliveira, Jr., Emílson S. Portella, Cyntia de Oliveira, Gustavo C. Lopes, Carmen M. Donangelo

Letters to the Editors


re: Food and Fluid Intake and Disturbances in Gastrointestinal and Mental Function During an Ultramarathon (Int. J. Sports Nutr. Exerc. Metab. 12: 414-427, 2002.)

Timothy D. Noakes