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Original Research


Gastric Emptying and Intestinal Absorption of a Low-Carbohydrate Sport Drink During Exercise

Jennifer Rogers, Robert W. Summers, G. Patrick Lambert


Fluid, Electrolyte, and Renal Indices of Hydration During 11 Days of Controlled Caffeine Consumption

Lawrence E. Armstrong, Amy C. Pumerantz, Melissa Roti, Daniel A. Judelson, Greig Watson, Joao C. Dias, Bulent Sökmen, Douglas J. Casa, Carl M. Maresh, Harris R. Lieberman, Mark Kellogg


Effect of the Joint Administration of Selenium and Vitamin E in Combination with Regular Aerobic Exercise on Markers of Lipid Peroxidation and Glutathione Peroxidase in Diabetic Rats

Hyun-Tae Kim


Vitamin C Supplementation Affects Oxidative-Stress Blood Markers in Response to a 30-Minute Run at 75% VO2max

Allan H. Goldfarb, Stephen W. Patrick, Scott Bryer, Tongjian You


The Metabolic Responses to High Carbohydrate Meals with Different Glycemic Indices Consumed During Recovery from Prolonged Strenuous Exercise

Emma Stevenson, Clyde Williams, Helen Biscoe


The Effect of the Glycemic Index of an Evening Meal on the Metabolic Responses to a Standard High Glycemic Index Breakfast and Subsequent Exercise in Men

Emma Stevenson, Clyde Williams, Maria Nute, Peter Swaile, Monica Tsui

Letters to the Editors


Letters to the Editors

Anssi Manninen

Practical Application


Fluid Balance Testing for Elite Team Athletes: An Interview with Dr. Susan Shirreffs

Louise M. Burke

Original Research


Accuracy of Urine Specific Gravity and Osmolality as Indicators of Hydration Status

2005, 15, 236 – 251
Robert A. Oppliger, Scott A. Magnes, LeRoy A. Popowski, Carl V. Gisolfi,