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Original Research


Improved Recovery from Prolonged Exercise Following the Consumption of Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrate Meals

Emma Stevenson, Clyde Williams, Gareth McComb, Christopher Oram


Reduction in Muscle Glycogen and Protein Utilization with Glucose Feeding During Exercise

Dennis van Hamont, Christopher R. Harvey, Denis Massicotte, Russell Frew, François Péronnet, Nancy J. Rehrer


Effect of Elk Velvet Antler Supplementation on the Hormonal Response to Acute and Chronic Exercise in Male and Female Rowers

Daniel G. Syrotuik, Kirsten L. MacFadyen, Vicki J. Harber, Gordon J. Bell


Effects of Acute Versus Chronic L-Carnitine L-tartrate Supplementation on Metabolic Responses to Steady State Exercise in Males and Females

Weronika N. Abramowicz, Stuart D. R. Galloway


Astaxanthin Supplementation Does Not Attenuate Muscle Injury Following Eccentric Exercise in Resistance-Trained Men

Richard J. Bloomer, Andrew C. Fry, Brian Schilling, Naruhiro Hori, Lawrence Weiss


Supplementation with ß-Hydroxy-ß-Methylbutyrate (HMB) and α-Ketoisocaproic Acid (KIC) Reduces Signs and Symptoms of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Man

Adam J. Edwards, Glyn Howatson


Lipidemic Profile of Athletes and Non-Athletes With Similar Body Fat

Anatoli Petridou, Despina Lazaridou, Vassilis Mougios


Altered Vitamin B12 Status in Recreational Endurance Athletes

Markus Herrmann, Rima Obeid, Juergen Scharhag, Wilfried Kindermann, Wolfgang Herrmann


A Comparison of Pre-Competition Eating Patterns in a Group of Non-Elite Triathletes

Anna Robins, Marion Hetherington

Practical Application


A Call to Sports Dietitians: Interview with Nanna Meyer

Louise M. Burke