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Original Research


The Effect of Carbohydrate Ingestion on Performance During a 30-km Race

127 – 139
Konstantinos Tsintzas, Raymond Liu, Clyde Williams, Ian Campbell, George Gaitanos


The Effect of Boron Supplementation on Lean Body Mass, Plasma Testosterone Levels, and Strength in Male Bodyduilders

140 – 149
Arny A Ferrando, Nancy R. Green


Carbohydrate Intake and Recovery From Prolonged Exercise

150 – 164
Joanne L. Fallowfield, Clyde Williams


Lack of Association Between Indices of Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 Status and Exercise-Induced Blood Lactate in Young Adults

165 – 176
Mikael Fogelholm, Inkeri Ruokonen, Juha T. Laakso, Timo Vuorimaa, Jaakko-Juhani Himberg


Effects of Carbonated and Noncarbonated Beverages at Specific Intervals During Treadmill Running in the Heat

177 – 193
G. Patrick Lambert, Timothy L. Bleiler, Ray-Tai Chang, Alan Johnson, Carl V. Gisolfi


Resting Metabolic Rate and Thermic Effect of a Meal in Low-and Adequate-Energy Intake Male Endurance Athletes

194 – 206
Janice L. Thompson, Melinda M. Manore, James S. Skinner


Responses to Moderate and Low Sodium Diets During Exercise-Heat Acclimation

207 – 221
Lawrence E. Armstrong, Roger W. Hubbard, E. Wayne Askew, Jane P. De Luca, Angela Pasqualicchio, Ralph P. Francesconi


Iron Status of Female Runners

Russell R. Pate, Bonnie J. Miller, J. Mark Davis, Chris A. Slentz, Lisa A. Klingshirn

Clinical Applications


Practices and Recommendations of Sports Nutritionists

232 – 242
Ann Grandjean