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Acute Carbohydrate Consumption Does Not Influence Resistance Exercise Performance During Energy Restriction

Renee A. Dalton, Janet Walberg-Rankin, Don Sebolt, Frank Gwazdauskas


Inosine Supplementation Has No Effect on Aerobic or Anaerobic Cycling Performance

Lars McNaughton, Brad Dalton, Janine Tarr


Nutritional and Physiological Status of U.S. National Figure Skaters.

Paula J. Ziegler, Judith A. Nelson, Satya S. Jonnalagadda


Influence of Caffeine on Metabolic and Cardiovascular Functions During Sustained Light Intensity Cycling and at Rest

Hermann-J. Engels, John C. Wirth, Sueda Celik, Jodee L. Dorsey


Ginseng Treatment Improves Psychomotor Performance at Rest and During Graded Exercise in Young Athletes

Andrzej W. Ziemba, Jan Chmura, Hanna Kaciuba-Uscilko, Krystyna Nazar, Piotr Wisnik, Wojciech Gawronski


Resting Metabolic Rate and Thermogenic Effect of Glucose in Trained and Untrained Girls Age 11-15 Years

Krystyna Burkhard-Jagodzinska, Krystyna Nazar, Maria Ladyga, Janina Starczewska-Czapowska, Lech Borkowski


Patterns of Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Usage by Adolescents Attending Athletic High Schools in Korea

Sun H. Kim, Carl L. Keen


Glycogen Replenishment and Repeated Maximal Effort Exercise: Effect of Liquid Carbohydrate

Mark D. Haub, Jeffrey A. Potteiger, Dennis J. Jacobsen, Karen L. Nau, Lawrence A. Magee, Matthew J. Comeau


A Report of Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Use Among University Athletes in a Division I Institution

Chad J. Krumbach, Dave R. Ellis, Judy A. Driskell


Intestinal Permeability in Runners in the 1996 Chicago Marathon

Rachel D. Smetanka, G. Patrick Lambert, Robert Murray, Dennis E. Eddy, Carl V. Gisolfi


Effect of ENDUROX(tm) on Metabolic Responses to Submaximal Exercise

Samuel N. Cheuvront, Robert J. Moffatt, Kyle D. Biggerstaff, Shawn Bearden, Paul McDonough