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Swimming’s Prevention of Ovariectomy-Induced Obesity Through Activation of Skeletal-Muscle PPARα

2012, 22, 1 – 10
Sunhyo Jeong, Michung Yoon


Effects of Fed- Versus Fasted-State Aerobic Training During Ramadan on Body Composition and Some Metabolic Parameters in Physically Active Men

2012, 22, 11 – 18
Khaled Trabelsi, Kais el Abed, Stephen R. Stannard, Kamel Jammoussi, Khaled M. Zeghal, Ahmed Hakim


Energy Intakes of Ultraendurance Cyclists During Competition, an Observational Study

2012, 22, 19 – 23
Katherine Elizabeth Black, Paula M.L. Skidmore,


A Comparative Analysis Between the Effects of Galactose and Glucose Supplementation on Endurance Performance

2012, 22, 24 – 30
Paul W. Macdermid, Stephen R. Stannard, Dean Rankin, David Shillington


Dietary Supplementation Practices in Canadian High-Performance Athletes

2012, 22, 31 – 37
Victor M. Lun, Kelly Anne Erdman, Tak S. Fung, Raylene A. Reimer


Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Drink Ingestion and Skill Performance During and After 2 hr of Indoor Tennis Match Play

2012, 22, 38 – 46
Kirsty A. McRae, Stuart D.R. Galloway


Effect of Sprint Interval Exercise on Postexercise Metabolism and Blood Pressure in Adolescents

2012, 22, 47 – 54
Stephen F. Burns, Hnin Hnin Oo, Anh Thanh Thuy Tran


The Effects of 8 Weeks of Endurance Running on Hepcidin Concentrations, Inflammatory Parameters, and Iron Status in Female Runners

2012, 22, 55 – 63
Irena Auersperger, Bojan Knap, Ales Jerin, Rok Blagus, Mitja Lainscak, Milan Skitek, Branko Skof


Nitrate Supplementation’s Improvement of 10-km Time-Trial Performance in Trained Cyclists

2012, 22, 64 – 71
Naomi M. Cermak, Martin J. Gibala, Luc J.C. van Loon