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Original Research


Towards Optimizing the Timing of the Pre-Exercise Meal

Dawn M. Maffucci, Robert G. McMurray


Diet and Short Term Plasma Lipoprotein-Lipid Changes After Exercise in Trained Men.

Roger G. Bounds, Steven E. Martin, Peter W. Grandjean, Barbara C. O’Brien, Cindi Inman, Stephen F. Crouse


Behavioral, Psychological, and Physical Characteristics of Female Athletes With Subclinical Eating Disorders

Katherine A. Beals, Melinda M. Manore


No Effect of Heavy Resistance Training and Creatine Supplementation on Blood Lipids

Jeff S. Volek, Noel D. Duncan, Scott A. Mazzetti, Margot Putukian, Ana L. Gomez, William J. Kraemer


Sub-Regional Tissue Morphometry in Male Athletes and Controls Using Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)

Arthur D. Stewart, James Hannan


The Effects of Choline Supplementation on Physical Performance

John P. Warber, John F. Patton, William J. Tharion, Steven H. Zeisel, Robert P. Mello, Christopher P. Kemnitz, Harris R. Lieberman


Eating Pattern and Nutritional Status of International Elite Flatwater Paddlers

Pablo M. García-Rovés, Serafina Fernández, Manuel Rodriguez, Javier Perez-Landaluce, Angeles M. Patterson


L-Carnitine Supplementation Combined With Aerobic Training Does Not Promote Weight Loss in Moderately Obese Women

Rudolph G. Villani, Jenelle Gannon, Megan Self, Peter A. Rich


The Effects of Tribulus Terrestris on Body Composition and Exercise Performance in Resistance-Trained Males

Jose Antonio, John Uelmen, Ramsey Rodriguez, Conrad Earnest

Original Research


Predictive Accuracy of Omron® Body Logic Analyzer in Estimating Relative Body Fat of Adults

2000, 10, 216 – 227
Ann L. Gibson, Vivian H. Heyward, Christine M. Mermier,