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Original Research


Short-Term High-Fat Diet Alters Substrate Utilization During Exercise But Not Glucose Tolerance in Highly Trained Athletes

Heidi M. Staudacher, Andrew L. Carey, Nicola K. Cummings, John A. Hawley, Louise M. Burke


Resistance Training Affects Iron Status in Older Men and Women

Laura E. Murray-Kolb, John L. Beard, Lyndon J.O. Joseph, Stephanie L. Davey, William J. Evans, Wayne W. Campbell


Nutritional Status of U.S. Elite Female Heptathletes During Training

Veronica A. Mullins, Linda B. Houtkooper, Wanda H. Howell, Scott B. Going, C. Harmon Brown


Effect of Glycerol-Induced Hyperhydration on Thermoregulation and Metabolism During Exercise in the Heat

M.J. Anderson, J.D. Cotter, A.P. Garnham, D.J. Casley, M.A. Febbraio


The Effect of Whey Protein Supplementation With and Without Creatine Monohydrate Combined With Resistance Training on Lean Tissue Mass and Muscle Strength

Darren G. Burke, Philip D. Chilibeck, K. Shawn Davison, Darren G. Candow, Jon Farthing, T. Smith-Palmer


Inadvertent Doping Through Supplement Use By Athletes: Assessment and Management of the Risk in Australia

Anna Baylis, David Cameron-Smith, Louise M. Burke

Practical Application


An Interview With Dr. Gary Green About Supplements and Doping Problems From an NCAA Perspective

Louise M. Burke

Product Testing


ß-Hydroxy-ß-Methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation Does Not Affect Changes in Strength or Body Composition During Resistance Training in Trained Men

Gary Slater, David Jenkins, Peter Logan, Hamilton Lee, Matthew Vukovich, John A. Rathmacher, Allan G. Hahn

Original Research


Educational Strategies Used in Increasing Fluid Intake and Enhancing Hydration Status in Field Hockey Players Preparing for Competition in a Hot and Humid Environment: A Case Study

2001, 11, 334 – 348
Jackie A. Dabinett, Karen Reid,