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IJSNEM Volume 25, Issue 2, April

Original Research


Effect of Whey Protein Hydrolysate on Performance and Recovery of Top-Class Orienteering Runners

2015, 25, 97 – 109
Mette Hansen, Jens Bangsbo, Jørgen Jensen, Bo Martin Bibby, Klavs Madsen


Weight Loss and Psychological-Related States in High-Level Judo Athletes

2015, 25, 110 – 118
Raquel Escobar-Molina, Sonia Rodríguez-Ruiz, Carlos Gutiérrez-García, Emerson Franchini


Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity is Associated with Metabolic Syndrome Among the Chinese Middle-Aged Population: A Cross-Sectional Study

2015, 25, 119 – 127
Bo Hu, Xiaoyu Liu, Chenggang Wang, Sufeng Yin, Liqun Yu, Tianzhe Zhang, Jianhui Wu, Chenggang Wang, Yao Zheng, Fumin Feng


Relation Between Vitamin D Status and Body Composition in Collegiate Athletes

2015, 25, 128 – 135
Bruce W. Hollis, D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Jenna E. Heller, Joi J. Thomas


Load-Specific Physical Activity Scores are Related to Tibia Bone Architecture

2015, 25, 136 – 144
Joseph M. Kindler, Hannah L. Ross, Emma M. Laing, Christopher M. Modlesky, Norman K. Pollock, Clifton A. Baile, Richard D. Lewis


Comparison of the Effect of Hydration With Water or Isotonic Solution on the Recovery of Cardiac Autonomic Modulation

2015, 25, 145 – 153
Franciele Marques Vanderlei, Isadora Lessa Moreno, Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei, Carlos Marcelo Pastre, Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Celso Ferreira


Do the Nutrition Qualifications and Professional Practices of Registered Exercise Professionals Align?

2015, 25, 154 – 162
Mark R. McKean, Gary Slater, Florin Oprescu, Brendan J. Burkett


High-Protein, Low-Fat, Short-Term Diet Results in Less Stress and Fatigue Than Moderate-Protein, Moderate-Fat Diet During Weight Loss in Male Weightlifters: A Pilot Study

2015, 25, 163 – 170
Eric R. Helms, Caryn Zinn, David S. Rowlands, John Cronin


Oxidative Stress Markers After a Race in Professional Cyclists

2015, 25, 171 – 178
Alfredo Córdova, Antoni Sureda, María L. Albina, Victoria Linares, Montse Bellés,


Dietary Glutamine Supplementation Partly Reverses Impaired Macrophage Function Resulting From Overload Training in Rats

2015, 25, 179 – 187
Weihua Xiao, Peijie Chen, Jingmei Dong, Ru Wang, Beibei Luo


L-glutamine Supplementations Enhance Liver Glutamine-Glutathione Axis and Heat Shock Factor-1 Expression in Endurance-Exercise Trained Rats

2015, 25, 188 – 197
Eder Ricardo Petry, Vinicius Fernandes Cruzat, Thiago Gomes Heck, Paulo Ivo Homem de Bittencourt Jr., Julio Tirapegui

Research Methods


Methodology Review: Using Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) for the Assessment of Body Composition in Athletes and Active People

2015, 25, 198 – 215
Alisa Nana, Gary J. Slater, Arthur D. Stewart, Louise M. Burke