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IJSNEM Volume 24, Issue 1, February



2014, 24, 1
Louise M. Burke, Ronald J. Maughan

Original Research


Effects of Resveratrol in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Skeletal Muscle SIRT1 Expression and Energy Expenditure

2014, 24, 2 – 13
Kian Peng Goh, Hwei Yee Lee, Dawn Pingxi Lau, Wilma Supaat, Yiong Huak Chan, Angela Fang Yung Koh


The Effects of Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Performance: A Systematic Review of the Literature

2014, 24, 14 – 27
Jairus J. Quesnele, Michelle A. Laframboise, Jessica J. Wong, Peter Kim, Greg D. Wells


Dietary Regimens of Athletes Competing at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

2014, 24, 28 – 36
Fiona E. Pelly, Sarah J. Burkhart


Active Women Before/After an Intervention Designed to Restore Menstrual Function: Resting Metabolic Rate and Comparison of Four Methods to Quantify Energy Expenditure and Energy Availability

2014, 24, 37 – 46
Charlotte P. Guebels, Lynn C. Kam, Gianni F. Maddalozzo, Melinda M. Manore


Voluntary Water Intake During and Following Moderate Exercise in the Cold

2014, 24, 47 – 58
Stephen A. Mears, Susan M. Shirreffs


Sex-Specific Associations Between Screen Time and Lipoprotein Subfractions

2014, 24, 59 – 69
Alexis C. Frazier-Wood, Ingrid B. Borecki, Mary F. Feitosa, Paul N. Hopkins, Caren E. Smith, Donna K. Arnett


The Effect of Feeding During Recovery from Aerobic Exercise on Skeletal Muscle Intracellular Signaling

2014, 24, 70 – 78
Paul T. Reidy, Adam R. Konopka, J. Matthew Hinkley, Miranda K. Suer, Matthew P. Harber


Effect of Drink Carbohydrate Content on Postexercise Gastric Emptying, Rehydration, and the Calculation of Net Fluid Balance

2014, 24, 79 – 89
David J. Clayton, Gethin H. Evans, Lewis J. James


The Effect of a Caffeinated Mouth-Rinse on Endurance Cycling Time-Trial Performance

2014, 24, 90 – 97
Thomas M. Doering, James W. Fell, Michael D. Leveritt, Ben Desbrow, Cecilia M. Shing


Dietary Intake at Competition in Elite Olympic Combat Sports

2014, 24, 98 – 109
Stefan Pettersson, Christina M. Berg


Effect of High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise on Postprandial Plasma Triacylglycerol in Sedentary Young Women

2014, 24, 110 – 118
Martin Tan, Rachel Chan Moy Fat, Yati N. Boutcher, Stephen H. Boutcher