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IJSNEM Volume 24, Issue 6, December

Original Research


Interval Training Intensity Affects Energy Intake Compensation in Obese Men

2014, 24, 595 – 604
Shaea A. Alkahtani, Nuala M. Byrne, Andrew P. Hills, Neil A. King


Combined Glucose Ingestion and Mouth Rinsing Improves Sprint Cycling Performance

2014, 24, 605 – 612
Edwin Chong, Kym J. Guelfi, Paul A. Fournier


Dietary Supplement Usage, Motivation, and Education in Young Canadian Athletes

2014, 24, 613 – 622
Kristin Wiens, Kelly Anne Erdman, Megan Stadnyk, Jill A. Parnell


Prediction Profiles for Nutritional Supplement Use Among Young German Elite Athletes

2014, 24, 623 – 631
Pavel Dietz, Rolf Ulrich, Andreas Niess, Raymond Best, Perikles Simon, Heiko Striegel


Effect of Carbohydrate or Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on Performance During A Validated Basketball Simulation Test

2014, 24, 632 – 644
Gregg Afman, Richard M. Garside, Neal Dinan, Nicholas Gant, James A. Betts, Clyde Williams


Improved Marathon Performance by In-Race Nutritional Strategy Intervention

2014, 24, 645 – 655
Ernst A. Hansen, Anders Emanuelsen, Robert Morkegaard Gertsen, Simon Scholer Raadahl Sorensen


No Effect of Short-Term Green Tea Extract Supplementation on Metabolism at Rest or During Exercise in the Fed State

2014, 24, 656 – 664
Brian J. Martin, Rachel B. Tan, Jenna B. Gillen, Michael E. Percival, Martin J. Gibala


Beta-Alanine Supplementation Improves Jumping Power and Affects Severe-Intensity Performance in Professional Alpine Skiers

2014, 24, 665 – 673
Micah Gross, Kathrin Bieri, Hans Hoppeler, Barbara Norman, Michael Vogt


Evaluation of Food Provision and Nutrition Support at the London 2012 Olympic Games: The Opinion of Sports Nutrition Experts

2014, 24, 674 – 683
Fiona E. Pelly, Nanna L. Meyer, Jeni Pearce, Sarah J. Burkhart, Louise M. Burke

Case Studies


Acute Hypoxia and Exercise-Induced Blood Oxidative Stress

2014, 24, 684 – 693
Graham R. McGinnis, Brian Kliszczewiscz, Matthew Barberio, Christopher Ballmann, Bridget Peters, Dustin R. Slivka, Charles L. Dumke, John S. Cuddy, Walter S. Hailes, Brent C. Ruby, John Quindry


Case Study: Natural Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

2014, 24, 694 – 700
Brandon M. Kistler, Peter J. Fitschen, Sushant M. Ranadive, Bo Fernhall, Kenneth R. Wilund



Thank You to IJSNEM Reviewers

2014, 24, 708 – 709
Ronald J. Maughan