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IJSNEM Volume 25, Issue 3, June

Original Research


Exploring General and Sports Nutrition and Food Knowledge in Elite Male Australian Athletes

2015, 25, 225 – 232
Brooke L. Devlin, Regina Belski


Dietary Intake, Eating Behaviors, and Diurnal Patterns of Salivary Cortisol and Alpha-Amylase Secretion Among Professional Young Adult Female Tennis Players

2015, 25, 233 – 242
Edith Filaire, Alain Massart, Jiewen Hua, Christine Le Scanff


Relationship Between General Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Quality in Elite Athletes

2015, 25, 243 – 251
Inge Spronk, Susan E. Heaney, Tania Prvan, Helen T. O'Connor


Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Counters Fatigue Related Strength Reduction

2015, 25, 252 – 261
Matt Jensen, Trent Stellingwerff, Marc Klimstra


Manipulations to the Alcohol and Sodium Content of Beer for Postexercise Rehydration

2015, 25, 262 – 270
Ben Desbrow, Danielle Cecchin, Ashleigh Jones, Gary Grant, Chris Irwin, Michael Leveritt


Acute Consumption of an Energy Drink Does Not Improve Physical Performance of Female Volleyball Players

2015, 25, 271 – 277
Catalina Fernandez-Campos, Ana L. Dengo, José Moncada-Jiménez


Beetroot Juice Improves On-Water 500-m Time-Trial Performance and Laboratory-Based Paddling Economy in National and International-Level Kayak Athletes

2015, 25, 278 – 284
Peter Peeling, Gregory R. Cox, Nicola Bullock, Louise M. Burke


The Ingestion of 39 or 64·g.hr-1 of Carbohydrate is Equally Effective at Improving Endurance Exercise Performance in Cyclists

2015, 25, 285 – 292
Michael L. Newell, Angus M. Hunter, Claire Lawrence, Kevin D. Tipton, Stuart D. R. Galloway


Spot Urine Concentrations Should Not be Used for Hydration Assessment: A Methodology Review

2015, 25, 293 – 297
Samuel N. Cheuvront, Robert W. Kenefick, Edward J. Zambraski


Effects of Creatine and Sodium Bicarbonate Coingestion on Multiple Indices of Mechanical Power Output During Repeated Wingate Tests in Trained Men

2015, 25, 298 – 306
Corbin Griffen, David Rogerson, Mayur Ranchordas, Alan Ruddock