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IJSNEM Volume 26, Issue 2, April

Original Research


Relationship Between Dietary Factors and Bodily Iron Status Among Japanese Collegiate Elite Female Rhythmic Gymnasts

2016, 26, 105 – 113
Yuki Kokubo, Yuri Yokoyama, Kumiko Kisara, Yoshiko Ohira, Ayaka Sunami, Takahiro Yoshizaki, Yuki Tada, Sakuko Ishizaki, Azumi Hida, Yukari Kawano


Carbohydrate Intake in Form of Gel is Associated With Increased Gastrointestinal Distress but Not With Performance Differences When Compared to Liquid Carbohydrate Ingestion During Simulated Long-Distance Triathlon

2016, 26, 114 – 122
Mahdi Sareban, David Zügel, Karsten Koehler, Paul Hartveg, Martina Zügel, Uwe Schumann, Jürgen Michael Steinacker, Gunnar Treff


Masters Swimmers Use More Dietary Supplements Than a Large National Comparison Population in the United States

2016, 26, 123 – 127
Sally K. Guthrie, Steven R. Erickson


Effect of Exercise Intensity on Subsequent Gastric Emptying Rate in Humans

2016, 26, 128 – 134
Gethin H. Evans, Phillip Watson, Susan M. Shirreffs, Ronald J. Maughan


Effect of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Associated With Aerobic Exercise on Body Fat and Lipid Profile in Obese Women: A Randomized, Double-Blinded and Placebo-Controlled Trial

2016, 26, 135 – 144
Alex S. Ribeiro, Fábio L.C. Pina, Soraya R. Dodero, Danilo RP Silva, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Paulo Sugihara Júnior, Rodrigo R. Fernandes, Décio S. Barbosa, Edilson S. Cyrino, Julio Tirapegui


Reliability of BOD POD Measurements Remain High Following a Short Duration Low-Carbohydrate Diet

2016, 26, 145 – 149
Anna E. Greer, Kathleen M. Edsall, Anna E. Greer


High-Dose Probiotic Supplementation Containing Lactobacillus casei for 7 Days Does Not Enhance Salivary Antimicrobial Protein Responses to Exertional Heat Stress Compared With Placebo

2016, 26, 150 – 160
Samantha Kirsty Gill, Ana Maria Teixeira, Martin Cox, Fatima Rosado, Ricardo Jose Soares Costa


Endurance Cyclist Fluid Intake, Hydration Status, Thirst and Thermal Sensations: Gender Differences

2016, 26, 161 – 167
Lawrence E. Armstrong, Evan C. Johnson, Amy L. McKenzie, Lindsay A. Ellis, Keith H. Williamson

Scholarly Review


Postexercise Dietary Protein Strategies to Maximize Skeletal Muscle Repair and Remodeling in Masters Endurance Athletes: A Review

2016, 26, 168 – 178
Thomas M. Doering, Peter R. Reaburn, Stuart M. Phillips, David G. Jenkins

Case Study


Case Study: The Role of Milk in a Dietary Strategy to Increase Muscle Mass and Improve Recovery in an Elite Sprint Kayaker

2016, 26, 179 – 184
Karen Reid


Case Study: Nutritional and Lifestyle Support to Reduce Infection Incidence in an International-Standard Premier League Soccer Player

2016, 26, 185 – 191
Mayur Ranchordas, Laurent Bannock, Scott L. Robinson