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IJSNEM Volume 25, Issue 4, August

Original Research


Vitamin D Supplementation and Physical Performance in Adolescent Swimmers

2015, 25, 317 – 325
Gal Dubnov-Raz, Netachen Livne, Raanan Raz, Avner H. Cohen, Naama W. Constantini


Evaluation of Sports Nutrition Knowledge and Recommendations Among High School Coaches

2015, 25, 326 – 334
Steven Couture, Benoit Lamarche, Eliane Morissette, Veronique Provencher, Pierre Valois, Claude Goulet, Vicky Drapeau


Dietary Intake, Anthropometric Characteristics, and Iron and Vitamin D Status of Female Adolescent Ballet Dancers Living in New Zealand

2015, 25, 335 – 343
Kathryn L. Beck, Sarah Mitchell, Andrew Foskett, Cathryn A. Conlon, Pamela R. von Hurst


Disordered Eating Behavior, Body Image, and Energy Status of Female Student Dancers

2015, 25, 344 – 352
Justine G. Robbeson, Herculina Salome Kruger, Hattie H. Wright


The Measurement and Interpretation of Dietary Protein Distribution During a Rugby Preseason

2015, 25, 353 – 358
Kristen MacKenzie, Gary Slater, Neil King, Nuala Byrne


Acute Beetroot Juice Supplementation Does Not Improve Cycling Performance in Normoxia or Moderate Hypoxia

2015, 25, 359 – 366
Kristin E. MacLeod, Sean F. Nugent, Susan I. Barr, Michael S. Koehle, Benjamin C. Sporer, Martin J. MacInnis


Beneficial Physiological Effects With Blackcurrant Intake in Endurance Athletes

2015, 25, 367 – 374
Mark Elisabeth Theodorus Willems, Stephen David Myers, Mandy L. Gault, Matthew David Cook


Nutrient Intake by Ultramarathon Runners: Can They Meet Recommendations?

2015, 25, 375 – 386
Floris C. Wardenaar, Rianne Dijkhuizen, Ingrid J.M. Ceelen, Emma Jonk, Jeanne H.M. de Vries, Renger F. Witkamp, Marco Mensink


Nutritional Supplement Habits of Athletes With an Impairment and Their Sources of Information

2015, 25, 387 – 395
Terri Susan Graham-Paulson, Claudio Perret, Brett Smith, Jeanette Crosland, Victoria Louise Goosey-Tolfrey



Performance-Enhancing Drugs I: Understanding the Basics of Testing for Banned Substances

2015, 25, 396 – 404
Amy B. Cadwallader, Bob Murray

Rapid Communication


Alterations in Whole-Body Insulin Sensitivity Resulting From Repeated Eccentric Exercise of a Single Muscle Group: A Pilot Investigation

2015, 25, 405 – 410
Javier T. Gonzalez, Martin J. Barwood, Stuart Goodall, Kevin Thomas, Glyn Howatson