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IJSNEM Volume 23, Issue 6, December

Original Research


Fluid and Electrolyte Balance During 24-Hour Fluid and/or Energy Restriction

2013, 23, 545 – 553
Lewis J. James, Susan M. Shirreffs


Effect of Beta-Alanine Supplementation on 800-m Running Performance

2013, 23, 554 – 561
Kagan J. Ducker, Brian Dawson, Karen E. Wallman


The Effect of Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Isokinetic Force and Cycling Performance in Highly Trained Cyclists

2013, 23, 562 – 570
Samuel T. Howe, Phillip M. Bellinger, Matthew W. Driller, Cecilia M. Shing, James W. Fell

Is There a Specific Role for Sucrose in Sports and Exercise Performance?

Is There a Specific Role for Sucrose in Sports and Exercise Performance?

2013, 23, 571 – 583
Gareth A. Wallis, Anna Wittekind


Effects of Pre-Exercise Sucralose Ingestion on Carbohydrate Oxidation During Exercise

2013, 23, 584 – 592
Anne-France Kapp, Aude Tavenard, Dominik Grathwohl, Jean-Philippe Godin, Johannes le Coutre, Maurice Beaumont, Peter J. van Bladeren, Sami Damak, Trent Stellingwerff


Beer as a Sports Drink? Manipulating Beer's Ingredients to Replace Lost Fluid

2013, 23, 593 – 600
Ben Desbrow, Daniel Murray, Michael Leveritt


Effect of Caffeine on Upper-Body Anaerobic Performance in Wrestlers in Simulated Competition Day Conditions

2013, 23, 601 – 609
Martin Aedma, Saima Timpmann, Vahur Ööpik


Laboratory Simulated Duathlon Performance: Effects of Pre-Exercise Meals

2013, 23, 610 – 616
S. Andrew Sparks, Don P.M. MacLaren, Nina E. Bridge, N. Tim Cable, Dominic A. Doran


Organ Size Increases With Weight Gain in Power-Trained Athletes

2013, 23, 617 – 623
Sakiho Miyauchi, Satomi Oshima, Meiko Asaka, Hiroshi Kawano, Suguru Torii, Mitsuru Higuchi


Perceptual Characteristics of Nutritional Supplements Determine the Expected Effectiveness in Boosting Strength, Endurance, and Concentration Performances

2013, 23, 624 – 628
Attila Szabo, Mark Berdi, Ferenc Koteles, Gyorgy Bardos


Young Men With Poor Cardiorespiratory Fitness Combined With lower Testosterone Have High Levels of Oxidized LDL Lipids—Being Fit Alters This Relationship

2013, 23, 629 – 637
Jussi Kosola, Markku Ahotupa, Heikki Kyröläinen, Matti Santtila, Tommi Vasankari



Erratum for the article by Muggeridge et al. in IJSNEM 23(5)

2013, 23, 642