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IJSNEM Volume 25, Issue 6, December

Original Research


The Effect of Lifestyle Intervention on Body Composition, Glycemic Control, and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

2015, 25, 533 – 540
Liza Haqq, James McFarland, Gudrun Dieberg, Neil Smart


β-Alanine Supplementation Does Not Augment the Skeletal Muscle Adaptive Response to 6 Weeks of Sprint Interval Training

2015, 25, 541 – 549
Andrew JR Cochran, Michael E. Percival, Sara Thompson, Jenna B. Gillen, Martin J. MacInnis, Murray A. Potter, Mark A. Tarnopolsky, Martin J. Gibala


The Influence of Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on Self-Selected Intermittent Running Performance

2015, 25, 550 – 558
Ian Rollo, George Homewood, Clyde Williams, James Carter, Vicky L. Goosey-Tolfrey


Effect of Two- Versus Three-Way Split Resistance Training Routines on Body Composition and Muscular Strength in Bodybuilders: A Pilot Study

2015, 25, 559 – 565
Alex S. Ribeiro, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Danilo RP Silva, Fábio L.C. Pina, Débora A. Guariglia, Marcelo Porto, Nailza Maestá, Roberto C. Burini, Edilson S. Cyrino


Exercise-Induced Weight Loss Is More Effective Than Dieting for Improving Adipokine Profile, Insulin Resistance, and Inflammation in Obese Men

2015, 25, 566 – 575
Joan Khoo, Subbiah Dhamodaran, Dan-Dan Chen, Siew-Yoon Yap, Richard Yuan-Tud Chen, Roger Ho-Heng Tian


A Sucrose Mouth Rinse Does Not Improve 1-hr Cycle Time Trial Performance When Performed in the Fasted or Fed State

2015, 25, 576 – 583
Jorn Trommelen, Milou Beelen, Marjan Mullers, Martin J. Gibala, Luc J.C. van Loon, Naomi M. Cermak


Ergogenic Effects of Caffeine Consumption in a 3-min All-Out Arm Crank Test in Paraplegic and Tetraplegic Compared With Able-Bodied Individuals

2015, 25, 584 – 593
Joelle Leonie Flueck, Martina Lienert, Fabienne Schaufelberger, Jörg Krebs, Claudio Perret


Energy Availability and Dietary Patterns of Adult Male and Female Competitive Cyclists With Lower Than Expected Bone Mineral Density

2015, 25, 594 – 602
Rebecca T. Viner, Margaret Harris, Jackie R. Berning, Nanna L. Meyer

Case Study


Case Study: Symptomatic Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia in an Endurance Runner Despite Sodium Supplementation

2015, 25, 603 – 606
Martin D. Hoffman, Thomas M. Myers

Scholarly Review


Creatine and Caffeine: Considerations for Concurrent Supplementation

2015, 25, 607 – 623
Eric T. Trexler, Abbie E. Smith-Ryan

Methodology Review


Methodological and Statistical Quality in Research Evaluating Nutritional Attitudes in Sports

2015, 25, 624 – 635
Rozalia Kouvelioti, George Vagenas