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IJSNEM Volume 25, Issue 1, February

Scholarly Review


Nutrition and Gaelic Football: Review, Recommendations, and Future Considerations

2015, 25, 1 – 13
Kevin J. Beasley

Original Research


Acute Postexercise Effects of Concentric and Eccentric Exercise on Glucose Tolerance

2015, 25, 14 – 19
Matthew David Cook, Stephen David Myers, John Stephen Michael Kelly, Mark Elisabeth Theodorus Willems


A Single Bout of Resistance Exercise Does Not Promote Excess Postexercise Energy Expenditure in Untrained Young Men with a Family History of Diabetes

2015, 25, 20 – 26
Jean Gutierrez, Andrei Gribok, William Rumpler, Avinash Chandran, Loretta DiPietro


Handgrip Strength Does Not Represent an Appropriate Measure to Evaluate Changes in Muscle Strength During an Exercise Intervention Program in Frail Older People

2015, 25, 27 – 36
Michael Tieland, Lex B. Verdijk, Lisette C.P.G.M. de Groot, Luc J.C. van Loon


Exploring the Popularity, Experiences, and Beliefs Surrounding Gluten-Free Diets in Nonceliac Athletes

2015, 25, 37 – 45
Dana M. Lis, Trent Stellingwerff, Cecilia M. Shing, Kiran D.K. Ahuja, James W. Fell


Ingestion of a Moderately High Caffeine Dose Before Exercise Increases Postexercise Energy Expenditure

2015, 25, 46 – 53
Valentin E. Fernandez-Elias, Juan Del Coso, Nassim Hamouti, Juan F. Ortega, Gloria Muñoz, Jesus Muñoz-Guerra, Ricardo Mora-Rodríguez


Doping Through Supplement Use: A Review of the Available Empirical Data

2015, 25, 54 – 59
Simon Outram, Bob Stewart


Errors in Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Estimation of Body Composition Induced by Hypohydration

2015, 25, 60 – 68
Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez, Stuart D.R. Galloway


Lifestyle Modification Decreases Arterial Stiffness in Overweight and Obese Men: Dietary Modification vs. Exercise Training

2015, 25, 69 – 77
Seiji Maeda, Asako Zempo-Miyaki, Hiroyuki Sasai, Takehiko Tsujimoto, Rina So, Kiyoji Tanaka


Assessment of Physical Demands and Fluid Balance in Elite Female Handball Players During a 6-Day Competitive Tournament

2015, 25, 78 – 96
Brian Cunniffe, Carissa Fallan, Adora Yau, Gethin H. Evans, Marco Cardinale