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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.

On this page, only the first-listed author name is given. To see the full author list for an article, click on the title.


Caffeine Improved Time to Exhaustion, But Did Not Change Alternative Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit Estimated During a Single Supramaximal Running Bout

Rodrigo de Araujo Bonetti de Poli


Compromised Vitamin D Status Negatively Affects Muscular Strength and Power of Collegiate Athletes

Rachel A. Hildebrand


Induced Alkalosis and Gastrointestinal Symptoms after Sodium Citrate Ingestion: A Dose-Response Investigation

Charles Urwin


Influence of Post-Exercise Carbohydrate-Protein Ingestion on Muscle Glycogen Metabolism in Recovery and Subsequent Running Exercise

Abdullah F. Alghannam


Associations between Whole Blood and Dietary Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Levels in Collegiate Athletes

Patrick B. Wilson


Case Study: Nutrition Planning and Intake for Marathon des Sables – A Series of Five Runners

Alan J. McCubbin


Dietary Intakes of Elite 14 – 19 Year Old English Academy Rugby Players During a Pre-Season Training Period

Deborah R. Smith


Combination of Weight-Bearing Training and Anti-MSTN Polyclonal Antibody Improve Bone Quality in Rats

Liang Tang


Prior Exercise Does Not Reduce Postprandial Lipemia Following a Mixed Glucose Meal When Compared to a Mixed Fructose Meal

James R. Rowe


Case Study: Utilizing a Low FODMAP Diet to Combat Exercise-Induced Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Dana M. Lis


Dose-Response of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion Highlights Individuality in Time Course of Blood Analyte Responses

Rebecca Louise Stannard


Daily Distribution of Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat Intake in Elite Youth Academy Soccer Players Over a 7-day Training Period

Robert J. Naughton


The Assessment of Total Energy Expenditure During a 14-day ‘In-Season’ Period of Professional Rugby League Players Using the Doubly Labelled Water Method

James Cameron Morehen


Female Recreational Exercisers at Risk of Low Energy Availability

Joanne Slater


Intra-Individual Variability in Test-Retest Air Displacement Plethysmography Measurements of Body Density for Men and Women

Ann L. Gibson


The Ventilation-Corrected ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 Provides a Valid and Reliable Assessment of Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) in Athletes Compared With the Douglas Bag Method

Amy L. Woods


Variability of Stimulant Levels in Nine Sports Supplements Over a Nine-Month Period

Selasi Attipoe


Does Replacing Sodium Excreted in Sweat Attenuate the Health Benefits of Physical Activity?

Martin J. Turner


Caffeine and Creatine Content of Dietary Supplements Consumed by Brazilian Soccer Players

Suelen Galante Inácio


Case Study: Competition Nutrition Intakes during the Open Water Swimming Grand Prix Races in Elite Female Swimmer

Michal Kumstát


Case Study: Impact of Inter- and Intra-Day Energy Parameters on Bone Health, Menstrual Function and Hormones in an Elite Junior Female Triathlete

Jason D. Vescovi


Comparison of Measured and Predictive Values of Basal Metabolic Rate in Brazilian Paralympic Track & Field Athletes

Claudia Ridel Juzwiak


Effects of Three Oral Nutritional Supplements on Human Hydration Indices

Lindsay A. Ellis


Comparison of Postexercise Nutrition Knowledge and Postexercise Carbohydrate and Protein Intake Between Australian Masters and Younger Triathletes

David G. Jenkins, Peter R. Reaburn, Stuart M. Phillips, Thomas M. Doering


Female Distance Runners Training in Southeastern United States Have Adequate Vitamin D Status

Laurel Wentz


The Effect of Ad Libitum Consumption of a Milk-Based Liquid Meal Supplement vs a Traditional Sports Drink on Fluid Balance After Exercise

Brenton Baguley


Effect of Acute Dietary Nitrate Consumption on Oxygen Consumption During Submaximal Exercise in Hypobaric Hypoxia

Colin R. Carriker


Waist-to-Hip Ratio is Related to Body Fat Content and Distribution Regardless of the Waist Circumference Measurement Protocol, in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients

Nuno M. Pimenta


Supplement Use of Elite Australian Swimmers

Gregory Shaw


Nutritional Status and Daytime Pattern of Protein Intake on Match, Post-Match, Rest and Training Days in Senior Professional and Youth Elite Soccer Players

Armand E.O. Bettonviel


Does Sport-Drink Use During Exercise Promote an Acute Positive Energy Balance?

Iulian B. Dragusin


The Effects of Pre-Exercise Caffeinated-Coffee Ingestion on Endurance Performance: An Evidence-Based Review

Simon Higgins


Does Short-Term High Dose Probiotic Supplementation Containing Lactobacillus casei Attenuate Exertional-Heat Stress Induced Endotoxaemia and Cytokinaemia?

Samantha K. Gill


Vegetarian and Omnivorous Nutrition – Comparing Physical Performance

Joel Craddock


Prevalence of Disordered Eating and Its Association with Emotion Regulation in Female College Athletes

Lenka H. Shriver


High-Intensity Interval Training and Isocaloric Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training Result in Similar Improvements in Body Composition and Fitness in Obese Individuals

Catia Martins


Rapid Weight Loss Among Adolescents Participating in Competitive Judo

Ben-El Berkovich


The Interconnectedness of Diet Choice and Distance Running: Results of the Research Understanding the NutritioN of Endurance Runners (RUNNER) Study

Gabrielle M. Turner-McGrievy


Comments on, ‘Extreme Variation of Nutritional Composition and Osmolality of Commercially Available Carbohydrate Energy Gels’

Patrick B. Wilson


Importance of Standardized DXA Protocol for Assessing Physique Changes in Athletes

Alisa Nana

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