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David B. Pyne

Brief Reviews


Transfer of Strength and Power Training to Sports Performance

Warren B. Young

Original Investigations


Positional Performance Profiling of Elite Ice Hockey Players

Jason D. Vescovi, Teena M. Murray, Jaci L. VanHeest


The Development of a Standardized Skill Assessment for Junior Volleyball Players

Tim J. Gabbett, Boris Georgieff


The Effect of Training Volume on the Acute Response and Adaptations to Resistance Training

Jason Brandenburg, David Docherty


A Prediction Model for Peak Power Output From Different Incremental Exercise Tests

Hans Luttikholt, Lars R. McNaughton, Adrian W. Midgley, David J. Bentley


The Yo-Yo Test: Reliability and Association With a 20-m Shuttle Run and VO2max

Andrew Thomas, Brian Dawson, Carmel Goodman


Physical Fitness Components Associated With Performance in a Multiple-Sprint Test

Justin Durandt, Jason C. Tee, Sebastian K. Prim, Michael I. Lambert

Invited Commentary


Sports-Science Roundtable: Does Sports-Science Research Influence Practice?

David Bishop, Angus Burnett, Damian Farrow, Tim J. Gabbett, Robert U. Newton

Technical Reports


Technical Issues in Quantifying Low-Frequency Fatigue in Athletes

Jonathon R. Fowles

Case Studies


Assessment of an International Breaststroke Swimmer Using the 7 × 200-m Step Test

Kevin G. Thompson, Stephen W. Garland, Fiona Lothian


Nausea and High Serum Osmolality During a Simulated Ultraendurance Adventure Race: A Case-Control Study

Robyn L. Bowen, J. Harold Adams, Kathryn H. Myburgh