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Assignment of Reviewers

David B. Pyne

Original Investigations


VO2 Attained During Treadmill Running: The Influence of a Specialist (400-m or 800-m) Event

David V.B. James, Leigh E. Sandals, Stephen B. Draper, Dan M. Wood


Reliability and Validity of a Soccer-Specific Test of Prolonged Repeated-Sprint Ability

Jonathan L. Oliver, Neil Armstrong, Craig A. Williams


Bilateral Comparison of Barbell Kinetics and Kinematics During a Weightlifting Competition

Stephen J. Rossi, Thomas W. Buford, Douglas B. Smith, Robin Kennel, Erin E. Haff, G. Gregory Haff


Comparisons Between Twice-Daily and Once-Daily Training Sessions in Male Weight Lifters

Michael J. Hartman, Brandon Clark, Debra A. Bemben, J. Lon Kilgore, Michael G. Bemben


Time Course of Changes in Vertical-Jumping Ability After Static Stretching

William A. Pitney, Paul E. Luebbers, Arun Veera, Alicja Czajka


Responses of Motor-Sport Athletes to V8 Supercar Racing in Hot Conditions

Matt B. Brearley, James P. Finn


Diurnal Variation in Swim Performance Remains, Irrespective of Training Once or Twice Daily

Louise Martin, Alan M. Nevill, Kevin G. Thompson


Effects of Varying Post-Warm-Up Recovery Time on 200-m Time-Trial Swim Performance

Thomas Zochowski, Elizabeth Johnson, Gordon G. Sleivert

Invited Commentary


The Use of Static Stretching in Warm-Up for Training and Competition

Warren B. Young

Brief Reviews


Metabolic Response and Fatigue in Soccer

2007, 2, 111 – 127
Jens Bangsbo, Peter Krustrup,