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Assignment of Reviewers

2007, 2, 109 – 110
David B. Pyne

Brief Reviews


Metabolic Response and Fatigue in Soccer

2007, 2, 111 – 127
Jens Bangsbo, F. Marcello Iaia, Peter Krustrup

Original Investigations


VO2 Attained During Treadmill Running: The Influence of a Specialist (400-m or 800-m) Event

2007, 2, 128 – 136
David V.B. James, Leigh E. Sandals, Stephen B. Draper, Sara Maldonado-Martín, Dan M. Wood


Reliability and Validity of a Soccer-Specific Test of Prolonged Repeated-Sprint Ability

2007, 2, 137 – 149
Jonathan L. Oliver, Neil Armstrong, Craig A. Williams


Bilateral Comparison of Barbell Kinetics and Kinematics During a Weightlifting Competition

2007, 2, 150 – 158
Stephen J. Rossi, Thomas W. Buford, Douglas B. Smith, Robin Kennel, Erin E. Haff, G. Gregory Haff


Comparisons Between Twice-Daily and Once-Daily Training Sessions in Male Weight Lifters

2007, 2, 159 – 169
Michael J. Hartman, Brandon Clark, Debra A. Bemben, J. Lon Kilgore, Michael G. Bemben


Time Course of Changes in Vertical-Jumping Ability After Static Stretching

2007, 2, 170 – 181
Jason P. Brandenburg, William A. Pitney, Paul E. Luebbers, Arun Veera, Alicja Czajka


Responses of Motor-Sport Athletes to V8 Supercar Racing in Hot Conditions

2007, 2, 182 – 191
Matt B. Brearley, James P. Finn


Diurnal Variation in Swim Performance Remains, Irrespective of Training Once or Twice Daily

2007, 2, 192 – 200
Louise Martin, Alan M. Nevill, Kevin G. Thompson


Effects of Varying Post-Warm-Up Recovery Time on 200-m Time-Trial Swim Performance

2007, 2, 201 – 211
Thomas Zochowski, Elizabeth Johnson, Gordon G. Sleivert

Invited Commentary


The Use of Static Stretching in Warm-Up for Training and Competition

2007, 2, 212 – 216
Warren B. Young