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Challenges of Team-Sport Research

Challenges of Team-Sport Research

2007, 2, 221 – 222
Iñigo Mujika 

Brief Reviews


Live High + Train Low: Thinking in Terms of an Optimal Hypoxic Dose

2007, 2, 223 – 238
Randall L. Wilber

Original Investigations


Acute Effects of Soccer Training on White Blood Cell Count in Elite Female Players

2007, 2, 239 – 249
Alexandra A. Avloniti, Helen T. Douda, Savvas P. Tokmakidis, Alexandros H. Kortsaris, Evropi G. Papadopoulou, Emmanouil G. Spanoudakis


Effects of Caffeine on Repetitions to Failure and Ratings of Perceived Exertion During Resistance Training

2007, 2, 250 – 259
J. Matt Green, P. Jason Wickwire, John R. McLester, Shawn Gendle, Geoffrey Hudson, Robert C. Pritchett, C. Matt Laurent


Optimal Loading for Peak Power Output During the Hang Power Clean in Professional Rugby Players

2007, 2, 260 – 269
Liam P. Kilduff, Huw Bevan, Nick Owen, Michael I.C. Kingsley, Paul Bunce, Mark Bennett, Dan Cunningham


Validity and Reproducibility of the Ergomo®Pro Power Meter Compared With the SRM and Powertap Power Meters

2007, 2, 270 – 281
Sébastien Duc, Vincent Villerius, William Bertucci, Frédéric Grappe


Physical Characteristics and Incidence of Injuries in Adult Figure Skaters

2007, 2, 282 – 291
Cynthia Ferrara, Emily Hollingsworth


Development of a Repeated-Effort Test for Elite Men's Volleyball

2007, 2, 292 – 304
Jeremy M. Sheppard, Tim J. Gabbett, Kristie-Lee Taylor, Jason Dorman, Alexis J. Lebedew, Russell Borgeaud


Using Absolute and Relative Muscle Endurance to Estimate Maximal Strength in Young Athletes

2007, 2, 305 – 314
Jerry L. Mayhew, Sidney Palmer Hill, Melissa D. Thompson, Erin C. Johnson, Lyndsay Wheeler

Invited Commentary


The Relationships Between Science and Sport: Application in Triathlon

2007, 2, 315 – 322
Grégoire P. Millet, David J. Bentley, Veronica E. Vleck,

Technical Reports


The Time Course for Changes in Plasma [H+] After Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion

2007, 2, 323 – 326
Andrew Renfree

Case Studies


Variability of Erythropoietin Response to Sleeping at Simulated Altitude: A Cycling Case Study

2007, 2, 327 – 331
Laura A. Garvican, David T. Martin, Sally A. Clark, Walter F. Schmidt, Christopher J. Gore


Individualized Aerobic-Power Training in an Underperforming Youth Elite Association Football Player

2007, 2, 332 – 335
Iñigo Mujika , Juanma Santisteban, Paco Angulo, Sabino Padilla