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Original Investigations


A Comparison of Methods Used for Quantifying Internal Training Load in Women Soccer Players

320 – 330
Helen Alexiou, Aaron J. Coutts


A Time-Motion Analysis of International Women’s Water Polo Match Play

305 – 319
Shaun D’Auria, Tim J. Gabbett


Anaerobic Capacity of the Upper Arms in Top-Level Team Handball Players

251 – 261
Stylianos N. Kounalakis, Ioannis A. Bayios, Maria D. Koskolou, Nickos Geladas


Effect of Blood Lactate Sample Site and Test Protocol on Training Zone Prescription in Rowing

347 – 358
Stephen W. Garland, Greg Atkinson


Effect of Short-Term Failure Versus Nonfailure Training on Lower Body Muscular Endurance

279 – 293
Jeffrey M. Willardson, John Emmett, Jon A. Oliver, Eadric Bressel

Original Investigations


Neuromuscular and Endocrine Responsesof Elite Players to an Australian Rules Football Match

359 – 374
Stuart J. Cormack, Robert U. Newton, Michael R. McGuigan

Original Investigations


Swimming Performance After Passive and Active Recovery of Various Durations

375 – 386
Argyris G. Toubekis, Argiro Tsolaki, Ilias Smilios, Helen T. Douda, Thomas Kourtesis, Savvas P. Tokmakidis


Effects of Arms-Only Swimming Training on Performance, Movement Economy, and Aerobic Power

294 – 304
Maria Konstantaki, Edward M. Winter,


Hydration Status, Knowledge, and Behavior in Youths at Summer Sports Camps

262 – 278
Nora R. Decher, Douglas J. Casa, Susan W. Yeargin, Matthew S. Ganio, Michelle L. Levreault, Catie L. Dann, Camille T. James, Megan A. McCaffrey, Caitlin B. O’Connor, Scott W. Brown


Physiological Responses to Cold Water Immersion Following Cycling in the Heat

331 – 346
Shona L. Halson, Marc J. Quod, David T. Martin, Andrew S. Gardner, Tammie R. Ebert, Paul B. Laursen

Invited Commentary


The Applied Physiology of American Football

387 – 392
Jay R. Hoffman

Technical Reports


The Reproducibility of Physiological Responses and Performance Profiles of Youth Soccer Players in Small-Sided Games

2008, 3, 393 – 396
Stephen Hill-Haas, Greg J. Rowsell, Aaron J. Coutts, Brian Dawson,

Case Studies


Training Repeated Effort Ability in National Team Male Volleyball Players

397 – 400
Jeremy M. Sheppard, Tim J. Gabbett, Russell Borgeaud



Which Way to the Top?

249 – 250
Iñigo Mujika