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Letters to the Editor

An Imaginary Bayesian Monster

An Imaginary Bayesian Monster

2008, 3, 411 – 412
William G. Hopkins, Alan M. Batterham

Original Investigations


Neuromuscular and Endocrine Responses of Elite Players During an Australian Rules Football Season

2008, 3, 439 – 453
Stuart J. Cormack, Robert U. Newton, Michael R. McGuigan, Prue Cormie

Brief Reviews


A Review of Fluid and Hydration in Competitive Tennis

413 – 423
Mark S. Kovacs

Annual Indexes


Author Index, Volume 3

563 – 567

Original Investigations


Effect of Hydration Status on High-Intensity Rowing Performance and Immune Function

531 – 546
Michael A. Penkman, Catherine J. Field, Christopher M. Sellar, Vicki J. Harber, Gordon J. Bell


Effect of Vibration on Forward Split Flexibility and Pain Perception in Young Male Gymnasts

469 – 481
William A. Sands, Jeni R. McNeal, Michael Henry Stone, G. Gregory Haff, Ann M. Kinser

Annual Indexes


Guest Reviewers

568 – 570

Original Investigations


Hypervolemia and Blood Alkalinity: Effect on Physiological Strain in a Warm Environment

501 – 515
Michael D. Nelson, Lynneth A. Stuart-Hill, Gordon G. Sleivert

Invited Commentary


Inference About Magnitudes of Effects

547 – 557
Richard J. Barker, Matthew R. Schofield

Original Investigations


Influence of Performance Level on Exercise-Induced Arterial Hypoxemia During Prolonged and Successive Exercise in Triathletes

482 – 500
Olivier Galy, Olivier Hue, Karim Chamari, Alain Boussana, Anis Chaouachi,



Measurement Studies in Sports Science Research

409 – 410
David B. Pyne

Technical Reports


Sprint Training in Preadolescent Soccer Players

558 – 562
Massimo Venturelli, David Bishop, Lorenzo Pettene

Original Investigations


The Effects of Compression Garments on Intermittent Exercise Performance and Recovery on Consecutive Days

454 – 468
Rob Duffield, Johann Edge, Robert Merrells, Emma Hawke, Matt Barnes, David Simcock,


The Effects of Wearing Lower-Body Compression Garments During Endurance Cycling

424 – 438
Aaron T. Scanlan, Benjamin J. Dascombe, Peter R.J. Reaburn, Mark Osborne


Vitamin C Supplementation and Salivary Immune Function Following Exercise-Heat Stress

516 – 530
Andres E. Carrillo, Rene J.L. Murphy, Stephen S. Cheung