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IJSPP: The First Three Years and Beyond

1 – 2

Brief Reviews


Factors Affecting Cadence Choice During Submaximal Cycling and Cadence Influence on Performance

3 – 17
Ernst A. Hansen, Gerald Smith

Original Investigations


Cycling Efficiency and Performance Following Short-Term Training Using Uncoupled Cranks

18 – 28
Andrew D. Williams, Isaac Selva Raj, Kristie L. Stucas, James W. Fell, Diana Dickenson, John R. Gregory


Validity of a Squash-Specific Fitness Test

29 – 40
Michael Wilkinson, Damon Leedale-Brown, Edward M. Winter


Reproducibility of Physiological and Performance Measures from a Squash-Specific Fitness Test

41 – 53
Michael Wilkinson, Damon Leedale-Brown, Edward M. Winter


Influence of Hypohydration on Intermittent Sprint Performance in the Heat

54 – 67
Neil S. Maxwell, Richard W.A. Mackenzie, David Bishop


Cycling Performance Following Adaptation to Two Protocols of Acutely Intermittent Hypoxia

68 – 83
Darrell L. Bonetti, Will G. Hopkins, Timothy E. Lowe, Andrew Kilding


Hamstring Activation During Lower Body Resistance Training Exercises

84 – 96
William P. Ebben


Effect of Surface Stability on Core Muscle Activity for Dynamic Resistance Exercises

97 – 109
Jeffrey M. Willardson, Fabio E. Fontana, Eadric Bressel


The Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training in Well-Trained Rowers

110 – 121
Matthew W. Driller, James W. Fell, John R. Gregory, Cecilia M. Shing, Andrew D. Williams

Invited Commentary


Inspiratory Muscle Training and Endurance: A Central Metabolic Control Perspective

122 – 128
Andrew M. Edwards, Raewyn E. Walker

Technical Reports


Performance Profiling: A Role for Sport Science in the Fight Against Doping?

129 – 133
Torben Pottgiesser

Case Studies


Improved Race Performance in Elite Middle-Distance Runners After Cumulative Altitude Exposure

134 – 138
Philo U. Saunders, Richard D. Telford, David B. Pyne, Christopher J. Gore, Allan G. Hahn


Assessment of an International Breaststroke Swimmer Using a Race Readiness Test

139 – 143
Kevin G. Thompson, Stephen W. Garland