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Finding Research Funds for Sports Physiology Projects

149 – 150

Brief Reviews


Athletic Performance and the Oral Contraceptive

151 – 162
Claire Rechichi, Brian Dawson, Carmel Goodman

Original Investigations


The Effect of 45 Minutes of Soccer-Specific Exercise on the Performance of Soccer Skills

163 – 175
K. J. Stone, Jonathan L. Oliver


Validity of a Squash-Specific Test of Change-of-Direction Speed

176 – 185
Michael Wilkinson, Damon Leedale-Brown, Edward M. Winter


The Effect of Carbohydrate Ingestion on the Interleukin-6 Response to a 90-minute Run Time Trial

186 – 194
Paula J. Robson-Ansley, Clare Eglin, Les Ansley


An Analysis of the Pacing Strategies Adopted by Elite Athletes During Track Cycling

195 – 205
Jo Corbett


Comparison of Progressive Maximal Swimming Tests in Elite Female Water Polo Players

206 – 217
Frankie H.Y. Tan, Ted Polglaze, Brian Dawson


The Effect of Sampling Time on Blood Lactate Concentration ([Bla]) in Trained Rowers

218 – 228
Lindsy Kass, Roger Carpenter


Combined Uphill and Downhill Sprint Running Training Is More Efficacious Than Horizontal

229 – 243
Giorgos P. Paradisis, Athanassios Bissas, Carlton B. Cooke


Placebo Effects of Caffeine on Short-Term Resistance Exercise to Failure

244 – 253
Michael J. Duncan, Mark Lyons, Joanne Hankey


Recovery of Voluntary and Evoked Muscle Performance Following Intermittent-Sprint Exercise in the Heat

254 – 268
Rob Duffield, Monique King, Melissa Skein

Case Studies


Variability in Movement Patterns During One Day Internationals by a Cricket Fast Bowler

278 – 281
Carl Petersen, David B. Pyne, Marc R. Portus, Stuart Karppinen, Brian Dawson

Invited Commentary


Test Validation in Sport Physiology: Lessons Learned From Clinimetrics

2009, 4, 269 – 277
Franco M. Impellizzeri, Samuele M. Marcora,