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Growing Up

417 – 418
Carl Foster

Brief Reviews


Effects of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting on Sports Performance and Training: A Review

419 – 434
Anis Chaouachi, John B. Leiper, Nizar Souissi, Aaron J. Coutts, Karim Chamari

Original Investigations


Nocturnal Heart Rate Variability Following Supramaximal Intermittent Exercise

435 – 447
Hani Al Haddad, Paul B. Laursen, Said Ahmaidi, Martin Buchheit


Training Methods and Intensity Distribution of Young World-Class Rowers

448 – 460
Arne Guellich, Stephen Seiler, Eike Emrich


Relationship Between Strength Characteristics and Unweighted and Weighted Vertical Jump Height

461 – 473
Jenna M. Kraska, Michael W. Ramsey, G. Gregory Haff, Nate Fethke, William A. Sands, Margaret E. Stone, Michael H. Stone


Effect of Two Different Training Programs with the Same Workload on Soccer Overhead Throwing Velocity

474 – 484
Roland van den Tillaar,


Effects of SAQ Training and Small-Sided Games on Neuromuscular Functioning in Untrained Subjects

494 – 505
Remco Polman, Jonathan Bloomfield, Andrew M. Edwards


Development of a Simulated Round of Golf

506 – 516
Philip R. Hayes, Kjell van Paridon, Duncan N. French, Kevin Thomas, Dan A. Gordon


Effects of Shoe Cleat Position on Physiology and Performance of Competitive Cyclists

517 – 523
Carl Paton

Invited Commentary


Oxygen Uptake Kinetics: An Underappreciated Determinant of Exercise Performance

524 – 532
Andrew M. Jones, Mark Burnley

Case Studies


The Effect of Competition on Salivary Testosterone in Elite Female Athletes

538 – 542
Lisa Dawn Hamilton, Sari M. van Anders, David N. Cox, Neil V. Watson

Annual Indexes


Author Index, Volume 4 (2009)

543 – 547


Guest Reviewers, Volume 4 (2009)

548 – 551

Original Investigations


Physiological Responses and Perceived Exertion During International Taekwondo Competition

485 – 493
Craig A. Bridge, Michelle A. Jones, Barry Drust,

Case Studies


Hyperthermic Fatigue Precedes a Rapid Reduction in Serum Sodium in an Ironman Triathlete: A Case Report

2009, 4, 533 – 537
Paul B. Laursen, Greig Watson, Chris R. Abbiss, Bradley A. Wall, Kazunori Nosaka,