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Eternal Questions

125 – 126
Carl Foster

Brief Reviews


The Science of Sex Verification and Athletic Performance

127 – 139
Ross Tucker, Malcolm Collins,

Original Investigations


Beneficial Effects of Ice Ingestion as a Precooling Strategy on 40-km Cycling Time-Trial Performance

140 – 151
Mohammed Ihsan, Grant Landers, Matt B. Brearley, Peter Peeling


Improving Acceleration and Repeated Sprint Ability in Well-Trained Adolescent Handball Players: Speed Versus Sprint Interval Training

152 – 164
Martin Buchheit, Alberto Mendez-Villanueva, Marc Quod, Thomas Quesnel, Said Ahmaidi


Pacing and Sprint Performance in Speed Skating During a Competitive Season

165 – 176
Thomas Muehlbauer, Christian Schindler, Stefan Panzer


Effect of Absolute and Relative Loading on Muscle Activity During Stable and Unstable Squatting

177 – 183
Jeffrey M. McBride, Tony R. Larkin, Andrea M. Dayne, Tracie L. Haynes, Tyler J. Kirby


The Effect of Recovery Time on Strength Performance Following a High-Intensity Bench Press Workout in Males and Females

184 – 196
Lawrence W. Judge, Jeanmarie Burke


Prolonged Repeated-Sprint Ability Is Related to Arterial O2 Desaturation in Men

197 – 209
François Billaut, Kurt Smith


Variation in Performance Times of Elite Flat-Water Canoeists From Race to Race

210 – 217
Darrell L. Bonetti, William G. Hopkins


Effects of Fatigue on Kinetic and Kinematic Variables During a 60-Second Repeated Jumps Test

218 – 229
Jeni R. McNeal, William A. Sands, Michael H. Stone


Physiological Measures Tracking Seasonal Changes in Peak Running Speed

230 – 238
Philo U. Saunders, Amanda J. Cox, William G. Hopkins, David B. Pyne


Reliability and Validity of a Reactive Agility Test for Australian Football

239 – 248
James P. Veale, Alan Pearce, John S. Carlson


Relationship Between Muscle Strength, Power and Stiffness and Running Economy in Trained Male Runners

249 – 261
Charles L. Dumke, Christopher M. Pfaffenroth, Jeffrey M. McBride, Grant O. McCaulley

Invited Commentary


World Records: How Much Athlete? How Much Technology?

262 – 267
Jos J. de Koning,