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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.

On this page, only the first-listed author name is given. To see the full author list for an article, click on the title.

92   Articles

Monitoring Fatigue During the In-Season Competitive Phase in Elite Soccer Players

Robin T. Thorpe


Pheromones: A New Ergogenic Aid in Sport?

Marios Papaloucas


Paralympic Sprint Performance Between 1992 and 2012

Lara Grobler


Consecutive Days of Prolonged Tennis Matchplay: Performance, Physical, and Perceptual Responses in Trained Players

Danielle T. Gescheit


Analysis of the Relative Age Effect in Elite Youth Judo Athletes

David H. Fukuda


Standardisation of the Dmax Method for Calculating the Second Lactate Threshold

Samuel Chalmers


Effects of Manipulating Volume and Intensity Training in Masters Swimmers

Lorenzo Pugliese


The Effects of Red Bull® Energy Drink Compared With Caffeine on Cycling Time Trial Performance

Alannah Quinlivan


The Relationship Between Start Performance and Race Outcome in Elite 500m Short Track Speed Skating

William B. Haug


A 10-day Training Camp Blunts Exercise-Induced Salivary Testosterone in Elite Level Triathletes

John Hough


Effects of Altitude on Performance of Elite Track-and-Field Athletes

Michael J. Hamlin


Peak Match Speed and Maximal Sprinting Speed in Young Soccer Players: Effect of Age and Playing Position

Hani Al Haddad


Speed and Heart Rate Profiles in Skating and Classical Cross-country Skiing Competitions

Conor M. Bolger


Factors Influencing Physical and Technical Variability in the English Premier League

Michael D. Bush


Physiology and Training of a World Champion Paratriathlete

Inigo Mujika


Monitoring Changes in Jump and Sprint Performance: Best or Average Values?

Hani al Haddad


Predictors of Individual Player Match Performance in Junior Australian Football

Christie Tangalos


Aging Effects on Marathon Performance Insights from the New York City Race

Alejandro Santos-Lozano


Factors Influencing Perception of Effort (Session-RPE) During Elite Soccer Training

Paolo Gaudino


Training Volume and Repetition Distance Affect Session Rating of Perceived Exertion and Internal Load in Swimmers

Renato Barroso


Maximal Aerobic Capacity in the Winter Olympic Endurance Disciplines: Olympic Medal Benchmarks for the Time Period 1990-2013

Espen Tønnessen


Running Intensity Fluctuations in Elite Rugby Sevens Performance

Nicola Furlan


Effect of Thermal State and Thermal Comfort on Cycling Performance in the Heat

Emiel Schulze


Gross Efficiency During Flat and Uphill Cycling in Field Conditions

Alfred Nimmerichter


Periodisation and Physical Performance in Elite Female Soccer Players

Jocelyn K. Mara


Influences of ACTN3 R577X Variant in Oxygen Uptake are Eliminated by Endurance Training in Healthy Individuals

Michelle Sabrina Moreira Silva


Effect of Traditional and Resisted Sprint Training in Highly-Trained, Female Team Handball Players

Live S. Luteberget


Effects of Northbound Long-haul International Air Travel on Sleep Quantity and Subjective Jet-Lag and Wellness in Professional Australian Soccer Players

Peter Fowler


Effects of Active Versus Passive Recovery in Sprint Cross-Country Skiing

Thomas Losnegard


Large N: A Strategy for Improving Regional Sport Performance

Andrew C. Cornett


The Gender-Specific Activity Demands Experienced During Semi-Professional Basketball Game-Play

Aaron T. Scanlan


Self-report Versus Direct-Measurement for Assessment of Fluid Intake During a 70.3-mile Triathlon

Patrick B. Wilson


Whole-Body Cryotherapy Enhances Acute Recovery of Running-Performance in Well-Trained Athletes

Malte Kruger


Physical Demands and Salivary Immunoglobulin A Responses of Elite Australian Rules Football Athletes to Match-Play

Sam Coad


Physiological Characteristics of Well-Trained Junior Sprint Kayak Athletes

Thiago Oliveira Borges


Relationships Between RPE- and HR-derived Measures of Internal Training Load in Professional Soccer Players: A Comparison of On-field Integrated Training Sessions

Miguel Angel Campos-Vazquez


Effects of Intermittent Lower-Body Negative Pressure on Recovery After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage

Borut Fonda


Profiling the Training Practices and Performance of Elite Rowers

Jacqueline Tran


The Training Periodization of Professional Australian Football Players During an Entire AFL Season

Alexandre Moreira


Neuromuscular and Perceptual Fatigue Responses to Consecutive Tag Football Matches

Luke W. Hogarth


Sensitivity of Yo-Yo IR and Cardiac Autonomic Responses to Training in Futsal Players

Victor H. de Freitas


Effects of Regular Away Travel on Training Loads, Recovery, and Injury Rates in Professional Australian Soccer Players

Peter Fowler


Reliability of the Dynamic Strength Index in Collegiate Athletes

Christopher Thomas


Five Meters Rope-climbing Test: Commando-specific Power Test of the Upper-Limbs

Wissem Dhahbi


Force Production Asymmetry in Male and Female Athletes of Differing Strength Levels

Christopher A. Bailey


High-intensity Warm up Improves Performance During Subsequent Intermittent Exercise

James Zois


Seasonal Training Load Quantification in Elite English Premier League Soccer Players

James J. Malone


The Intraday Reliability of the Reactive Strength Index (RSI) Calculated From a Drop Jump in Professional Men’s Basketball

William J. Markwick


Motion Characteristics of Division I College Field Hockey: Female Athletes in Motion (FAiM) Study

Jason D. Vescovi


Cardiac Parasympathetic Activity and Race Performance: An Elite Triathlete Case Study

Jamie Stanley


Caffeinated Carbohydrate Gel Ingestion Improves 2000 Metre Rowing Performance

Andrew T. Scott


A Comparative Analysis of Accelerometer and Time-motion Data in Elite Men’s Hockey Training and Competition

Ted Polglaze


Two New Indexes for the Assessment of Autonomic Balance in Elite Soccer Players

Jose Naranjo Orellana


Reduced High Intensity Running Rate in Collegiate Women’s Soccer When Games are Separated by 42-hours

William P. McCormack


Age Differences in Change of Direction Performance and its Sub-elements in Female Football Players

Norikazu Hirose


Thermoregulation During Intermittent Exercise in Athletes With a Spinal Cord Injury

Katy E. Griggs


Low Body Mass and Aerobic Running Fitness Increase Injury Risk in Elite Australian Football

Paul B. Gastin


Predictors of Repeated High-Intensity Effort Ability in Rugby League Players

Tim J. Gabbett


Effect of Training Session Intensity Distribution on Session-RPE in Soccer Players

Maurizio Fanchini


Predicting a Nation’s Olympic-Qualifying Swimmers

Sian V. Allen


The Development and Evaluation of a Drop and Stick Method to Assess Landing Skills in Various Levels of Competitive Surfers

Tai T. Tran


Combined Strength and Endurance Session Order: Differences in Force Production and Oxygen Uptake

Ritva S. Taipale


Gait Cycle Characteristics and Running Economy in Elite Eritrean and European Runners

Jordan Santos-Concejero


A Comparison of the Match Demands of International and Provincial Rugby Sevens

Alex Ross


An Online Training Monitoring System to Prevent Non Functional Overreaching

Maria Francesca Piacentini


Pacing and Mood Changes While Crossing the Adriatic Sea From Italy to Albania: A Case Study

Giulia De Ioannon


Mechanical Properties of Sprinting in Elite Rugby Union and Rugby League

Matt R. Cross


A Sport-Specific Upper-Body Ergometer Test for Evaluating Submaximal and Maximal Parameters in Elite Rock Climbers

Michail Lubomirov Michailov


Activity Profile of International Rugby Sevens: Effect of Scoreline, Opponent and Substitutes

Andrew M. Murray


Activity Profiles of Elite Wheelchair Rugby Players During Competition

James M. Rhodes


Acute Effects of Static Active or Dynamic Active Stretching on Eccentric Exercise-Induced Hamstring Muscle Damage

Che-Hsiu Chen


Analysis of the Kenyan Distance Running Phenomenon

Ross Tucker


Angle-Specific Eccentric Hamstring Fatigue Following Simulated Soccer

Daniel D. Cohen


Caffeinated Energy Drinks Enhance Physical Performance in Elite Junior Tennis Players

César Gallo-Salazar


Comparison of the Anthropometric and Physical Characteristics of International and Provincial Rugby Sevens Players

Alex Ross


Effect of Whole Body Vibration Therapy on Performance Recovery

Nuttaset Manimmanakorn


Effects of Sprint Training With or Without Ball Carry in Elite Rugby Players

Laurent B. Seitz


Impact of the Steepness of the Slope on the Biomechanics of World Cup Slalom Skiers

Matej Supej


Increased Variability of Lap Speeds Differentiate Medallists and Non-Medallists in Middle Distance Running and Swimming Events

Graham J. Mytton


Influence of Number of Contact Efforts on Running Performance During Game-Based Activities

Rich D. Johnston


Influence of Prior Knowledge of Exercise Duration on Pacing Strategies During Game-Based Activities

Tim J. Gabbett


Neuromuscular Fatigue Monitoring in Team Sport Athletes Using a Cycle Ergometer Test

George Wehbe


Physical and Technical Demands of Rugby League 9’s Tournament Match-Play: A Preliminary Study

Tom Kempton


Physical Demands of Match-Play in Successful and Less-Successful Elite Rugby League Teams

Billy T. Hulin


Pre-Match Salivary IgA in Soccer Players From the 2014 World Cup Qualifying Campaign

Ryland Morgans


Prior Heavy-Intensity Exercise Enhances VO2 Kinetics and Short-Term High-Intensity Exercise Performance Independently of Aerobic Training Status

Renato Aparecido Correa Carita


Race Weight: Perceptions From Elite Female Road Cyclists

Eric C. Haakonssen


Reliability and Validity of a New Variable Power Performance Test in Road Cyclists

Avish Sharma


Repeated High-Intensity Effort Activity in Elite and Semi-Elite Rugby League Match-Play

Georgia M. Black


The Effect of Low-Volume Sprint Interval Training (SIT) on the Development and Subsequent Maintenance of Aerobic Fitness in Soccer Players

Tom W. Macpherson


Validity of the Session RPE for Monitoring Exercise Demands in Youth Soccer Players

Jose A. Rodriguez-Marroyo


Warm-Up Strategy and High Intensity Endurance Performance in Trained Cyclists

Peter M. Christensen

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