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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.

On this page, only the first-listed author name is given. To see the full author list for an article, click on the title.

94   Articles

Elite Rifle Shooters’ Technique Test Measures are Related to Competition Performances

Simo Ihalainen


The Influence of Unsportsmanlike Fouls on Basketball Teams’ Performance According to Contextual-Related Variables

Miguel-Ángel Gómez


Self-Myofascial Release Does Not Improve Functional Outcomes in ‘Tight’ Hamstrings

Robert W. Morton


Lower-Body Muscle Structure and Jump Performance of Stronger and Weaker Surfing Athletes

Josh L. Secomb


Concurrent Development of Endurance Capacity and Explosiveness: The Training Characteristics of World-Class Nordic Combined Athletes

Espen Tønnessen


Sex Differences in Participation, Performance and the Age of Ultramarathon Runners

Jonathon Senefeld


Hyperventilation Enhances Wingate Anaerobic Test Performance

Renate M. Leithäuser


Effect of Performance Level on the Prediction of Middle-Distance Running Performances Using a Nomogram

Montassar Tabben


Cardiovascular and Metabolic Responses to on-Water Upwind Sailing in Optimist Sailors

Santiago Lopez


Running Mechanics During the World's Most Challenging Mountain Ultra-Marathon

Francis Degache


Muscular Fatigue When Swimming Intermittently Above and Below Critical Speed

Jeanne Dekerle


Changes in Passive Tension of the Hamstring Muscles During a Simulated Soccer Match

Paul W.M. Marshall


Training Load and Player Monitoring in High-Level Football: Current Practice and Perceptions

Richard Akenhead


Using the Bar-Velocity to Predict the Maximum Dynamic Strength in the Half-Squat Exercise

Irineu Loturco


Between-Day Reliability and Sensitivity of Common Fatigue Measures in Rugby Players

Gregory Roe


Seasonal Analysis of Mucosal Immunological Function and Physical Demands in Professional Australian Rules Footballers

Sam Coad


Predicting Self-Reported Illness for Professional Team-Sport Athletes

Heidi R. Thornton


Race Factors Affecting Performance Times in Elite Long-Track Speed Skating

Dionne A. Noordhof


Repeated High-Intensity Effort Activity in Relation to Tries Scored and Conceded during Rugby League Match-Play

Tim J. Gabbett


Effects of an Uphill Marathon on Running Mechanics and Lower Limb Muscles Fatigue

Nicola Giovanelli


A Correction Equation for Jump Height Measured Using the Just Jump System

John J. McMahon


The Relationship Between Match-Play Characteristics of Elite Rugby League and Indirect Markers of Muscle Damage

Chelsea L. Oxendale


Quantifying Wheelchair Basketball Match Load: A Comparison of Heart Rate and Perceived Exertion Methods

Aitor Iturricastillo


Profiling Isokinetic Strength by Leg Preference and Position in Rugby Union Athletes

Scott R. Brown


Repeated-High Intensity Running Activity and Internal Training Load of Elite Rugby Sevens Players During International Matches: A Comparison Between Halves

Luis Suarez-Arrones


Relationship Between Physical Qualities and Minutes Played in International Women’s Rugby Sevens

Tyler L. Goodale


Parasympathetic Reactivation Aids Sympathetic Drive During Simulated Rugby Sevens

Jamie Douglas


Quantification of Training and Competition Load Across a Season in an Elite Australian Football Club

Dean Ritchie


Low-volume Repeated Maximal Power Training Improves Repeated Sprint Ability and Horizontal Jumping Performance in Elite Young Basketball Players

Oliver Gonzalo-Skok


Relative Age Effect in Young Swiss Alpine Skiers From 2004 to 2011

Tatiane Gorski


Relationships Between Potentiation Effects Following Ballistic Half-Squats and Bilateral Symmetry

Timothy J. Suchomel


Effects of Priming and Pacing Strategy on VO2 Kinetics and Cycling Performance

Stephen J. Bailey


Intra- and Inter-Session Reliability of Running Mechanics During Treadmill Sprints

Olivier Girard


Hormonal, Physiological and Physical Performance During Simulated Kickboxing Combat: Differences Between Winners and Losers

Ibrahim Ouergui


A New Model for Estimating Peak VO2 Based on Post-Exercise Measurements in Swimming

Diego Chaverri


Monitoring Training Adaptation With a Submaximal Running Test in Field Conditions

Ville Vesterinen


Use of CR100 Scale for Session-RPE in Soccer and Interchangeability With CR10

Maurizio Fanchini


Strength and Power Development in Professional Rugby Union Players Over a Training and Playing Season

Edward A. Gannon


The Relative Age Effect in German Elite Youth Soccer: Implications for a Successful Career

Sabrina Skorski


Reliability of the 505 Change of Direction Test in Netball Players

Olivia R. Barber


Repeated Kicking Actions Alter Technical Execution in Elite Karate Practitioners

Federico Quinzi


Breaking the Myth: Relay Swimming is not Faster than Individual Swimming

Sabrina Skorski


Effects of Acute Carnosine and β-Alanine on Isometric Force and Jumping Performance

Pietro Luigi Invernizzi


The Response To, and Recovery From Maximum Strength and Power Training in Elite Track and Field Athletes

Glyn Howatson


The Influence of In-Season Training Loads on Injury Risk in Professional Rugby Union

Matthew J. Cross


Can the Lamberts and Lambert Submaximal Cycle Test (LSCT) Indicate Fatigue and Recovery in Trained Cyclists?

Daniel Hammes


Heart Rate Changes After Ultra-Endurance Swim From Italy to Albania: A Case Report

Anna Valenzano


Pacing Strategy, Muscle Fatigue and Technique in 1500m Speed Skating and Cycling Time-Trials

Inge K. Stoter


The Effect of Different Repeated High-Intensity Effort Bouts on Subsequent Running, Skill Performance and Neuromuscular Function

Rich D. Johnston


Pacing Strategies of Ultra-Cyclists at the ‘Race Across AMerica’

Angela Heidenfelder


The Sensitivity of Differential Ratings of Perceived Exertion as Measures of Internal Load

Shaun J. McLaren


Ischemic Preconditioning and Exercise Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Amadeo F. Salvador


Development of an Agility Test for Badminton Players and Assessment of its Validity and Test-Retest Reliability

Luiz de França Bahia Loureiro, Jr


The Effect of Body Mass on the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test in Rugby Union Players

Joshua Darrall-Jones


Respiratory and Muscular Perceived Exertion During Official Games in Professional Soccer Players

Asier Los Arcos


Validity of Skinfold-Based Measures for Tracking Changes in Body Composition in Professional Rugby League Players

Jace A. Delaney


Changes in a Starting Pitcher’s Performance Characteristics Across the Duration of a Major League Baseball Game

David Whiteside


Asymmetry of Cerebral Hemodynamic Response to Incremental Cycling Exercise

Mark R. Stone


Effect of Sampling Frequency on Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Kinetics

Thomas Dos’Santos


Changes in Anthropometry, Upper Body Strength and Nutrient Intake in Professional Australian Football Players During a Season

Johann C. Bilsborough


Effects of 6-Weeks Resistance Training Combined With Plyometric and Speed Exercises on Physical Performance of Pre-Peak Height Velocity Soccer Players

David Rodriguez-Rosell


Assessing Shortened Field-Based Heart Rate Variability Data Acquisition in Team-Sport Athletes

Lucas A. Pereira


Caffeine Supplementation Improves Sprint Performance in Wheelchair Sportsmen

Terri Susan Graham-Paulson


Error of Measurement in Jump Performance is Influenced by Training Phase

Kristie-Lee Taylor


Guidelines to Classify Female Subject Groups in Sport Science Research

Lieselot Decroix


Laboratory Determinants of Repeated Sprint and Sport-Specific Technique Ability in World Class Ice Sledge Hockey Players

Julia Kathrin Baumgart


Load Determination for the 3-min All-Out Exercise Test for Cycle Ergometry

Nathan D. Dicks


Maximal Velocity as Discriminating Factor in Loaded Squat Jump Performance

Pedro Jimenez-Reyes


Oral Presence of Carbohydrate and Caffeine in Chewing Gum: Independent and Combined Effects on Endurance Cycling Performance

Katherine T. Oberlin-Brown


Psychometric and Physiological Responses to a Pre-season Competitive Camp in the Heat With a 6-hr Time Difference in Elite Soccer Players

Martin Buchheit


Relationships Between Pacing Parameters and Performance of Elite Male 1500-M Swimmers

Patrycja LipiƄska


Reliability of the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test in Semi-Professional Soccer Players

Christopher Thomas


Separate and Combined Effects of Caffeine and Sodium Bicarbonate Intake on Judo Performance

Leandro C. Felippe


Three-compartment Body Composition in Academy and Senior Rugby League Players

Kevin Till


Within-Match PlayerLoadTM Patterns During a Simulated Soccer Match (SAFT90): Potential Implications for Unit Positioning and Fatigue Management

Steve Barrett


The SpeedCourt: Reliability, Usefulness and Validity of a New Method to Determine Change-of-Direction Speed

Peter Düking


Pacing Behaviour and Tactical Positioning in 1500 m Short-Track Speed Skating

Marco J. Konings


Decreased Circulating mtDNA Levels in Professional Male Volleyball Players

Milena Nasi


Biomechanical Analysis of a Change of Direction Task in Collegiate Soccer Players

Giancarlo Condello


Effect of Carbohydrate and Caffeine Ingestion on Badminton Performance

Neil D. Clarke


Fatigue Induced Changes in Eggbeater Kick Kinematics Affect Performance and Risk of Injury

Nuno Oliveira


The Effects of Frontal-plane and Sagittal-plane Plyometrics on Change-of-Direction Speed and Power in Adolescent Female Basketball Players

Brian T. McCormick


The Effects of a Sports Specific Maximal Strength and Conditioning Training on Critical Velocity, Anaerobic Running Distance and 5-km Race Performance

Bettina Karsten


Sleep, Travel and Recovery Responses of National Footballers During and Following Long-Haul International Air Travel

Hugh H.K. Fullagar


Increased Athletic Performance in Lighter Basketball Shoes: Shoe or Psychology Effect?

Maurice Mohr


Change of Direction Speed in Soccer Players is Enhanced by Functional Inertial Eccentric Overload and Vibration Training

Julio Tous-Fajardo


Jump Shrug Height and Landing Forces Across Various Loads

Timothy J. Suchomel


Performance Analysis of Elite Female Amateur Boxers and Comparison to their Male Counterparts

Philip Davis


A Comparative Study Between the Wingate and Force-Velocity Anaerobic Cycling Tests: Effect of Physical Fitness

Hamdi Jaafar


A Comparison of the Perceptual and Technical Demands of Tennis Training, Simulated Match-Play and Competitive Tournaments

Alistair P. Murphy


Relationship Between Fatigue and Changes in Swim Technique During an Exhaustive Swim Exercise

Natalia M. Bassan


Laboratory and Field Based Assessment of Maximal Aerobic Power of Elite SUP Athletes

Ben Schram


Contribution of Leg Muscle Forces to Paddle Force and Kayak Speed During Maximal Effort Flat-Water Paddling

Johnny E. Nilsson


Intermittent Hypoxic Training Improves Yo-Yo IR2, But Not Time-Trial Performance in Team-Sport Athletes

Mathew W.H. Inness

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