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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.

On this page, only the first-listed author name is given. To see the full author list for an article, click on the title.

89   Articles

Biophysical Characterization of a Unilateral Arm Amputee Swimmer: A Case Study

Pedro Figueiredo


Validation of a Novel Intermittent W′ Model for Cycling Using Field Data

Philip F. Skiba


Women Outperform Men in Ultra-Distance Swimming - The ‘Manhattan Island Marathon Swim’ From 1983 to 2013

Beat Knechtle


Reduced Mortality in Former Elite Endurance Athletes

Jonatan R. Ruiz


Movement Demands of Elite Rugby League Players During Australian National Rugby League and European Super League Matches

Craig Twist


A Combination of Internal and External Training Load Measures Explains the Greatest Proportion of Variance in Certain Training Modes in Professional Rugby League

Dan Weaving


PlayerLoadTM: Reliability, Convergent Validity, and Influence of Unit Position during Treadmill Running

Steve Barrett


The Effect of Short-Term Interval Training During the Competitive Season on Physical Fitness and Signs of Fatigue: A Cross-Over Trial in High-Level Youth Football Players

Oliver Faude


A Comparison of Capillary, Venous and Salivary Cortisol Sampling Following Intense Exercise

Simon M. Fryer


A Single-Visit Field Test of Critical Speed

Andy Galbraith


Fatigue Thresholds Assessments in 50m All Out Swimming

Susana Soares


Validity and Reliability of New Field Aerobic Karate Specific Test (KST) for Karatekas

Montassar Tabben


Rowing Performance, Body Composition, and Bone Mineral Density Outcomes in Collegiate-Level Rowers Following a Season of Concurrent Training

Kaelin C. Young


Caffeine-Containing Energy Drink Enhances Physical Performance in Male Volleyball Players

Juan Del Coso Garrigos


Modelling Developmental Changes in Yo-Yo IR1 in Elite Pubertal Soccer Players

Dieter Deprez


Running World Cross Country Championships: A Unique Model for Pacing Study

Jonathan Esteve-Lanao


Responses to Exercise in Normobaric Hypoxia: Comparison Between Elite and Recreational Ski-Mountaineers

Raphael Faiss


A One-Year Study of Endurance Runners: Training, Laboratory and Field Tests

Andy Galbraith


Jumping and Hopping in Elite and Amateur Orienteering Athletes and Correlations to Sprinting and Running

Kim Hébert-Losier


Pacing by Winners of a 161-km Mountain Ultramarathon

Martin D. Hoffman


Whole Body Periodic Acceleration Affects Exercise Induced Muscle Damage After Eccentric Exercise

Daniel H. Serravite


Lean Mass Predicts Race Performance of Elite Cross-Country Skiers

Magnus Carlsson


Heart Rate Variability and Training Intensity Distribution in Elite Rowers

Daniel J. Plews


Energetics of Shuttle Runs: The Effects of Distance and Change of Direction

Paola Zamparo


Acute Effects of Static Stretching on Isokinetic Torque Production are Directly Related to the Initial Flexibility Level

Nicolas Babault


Physiological, Psychometric and Performance Effects of the Christmas Break in Australian Football

Martin Buchheit


Modeling the Effect of a Prosthetic Limb on 4km Pursuit Performance

W. Lee Childers


Cross-Country Skiing and Post-Exercise Heart Rate Recovery

Laurent Mourot


Time-Motion Analysis of a Two Hour Surfing Training Session

Josh L. Secomb


Metabolic Power Demands of Rugby League Match-Play

Tom Kempton


Continuous Glucose Monitoring During a 100 km Race – A Case Study in an Elite Ultra-Marathon Runner

Yasuo Sengoku


Validity and Reliability of the Look Keo Power Pedal System for Measuring Power Output During Incremental and Repeated Sprint Cycling

S. Andrew Sparks


The Annual Training Periodization of Eight World Champions in Orienteering

Espen Tønnessen


Effect of Knee and Trunk Angle on Kinetic Variables During the Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull: Test-Retest Reliability

Paul Comfort


The Activity Profile of Elite Male Amateur Boxing

Philip Davis


Effects of a 10-week In-Season Eccentric Overload Training Program on Muscle Injury Prevention and Performance in Junior Elite Soccer Players

Moisés de Hoyo


Alternative Countermovement Jump Analysis to Quantify Acute Neuromuscular Fatigue

Rob J. Gathercole


Longitudinal Assessment of Age and Experience on Performance in 161-km Ultramarathon

Martin D. Hoffman


The Validity of Microsensors to Automatically Detect Bowling Events and Counts in Cricket Fast Bowlers

Dean J. McNamara


The Decline in Gross Efficiency in Relation to Cycling Time Trial Length

Dionne A. Noordhof


Lower Leg Compression, Running Mechanics and Economy in Trained Distance Runners

Abigail S.L. Stickford


The Efficacy of a Self-Paced VO2max Test During Motorised Treadmill Exercise

James Faulkner


Influence of Number of Contact Efforts on Running Performance During Game-Based Activities

Rich D. Johnston


Reliability and Validity of Sports Accelerometers During Static and Dynamic Testing

Stephen J. Kelly


Rate of Weight Reduction Affects Serum Myostatin and Follistatin Concentrations in Competitive Wrestlers

Mohamad S. Motevalli


Anaerobic Work Calculated in Cycling Time Trials of Different Length

Roy C.M. Mulder


Drafting Improves 3000m Running Performance in Elite Athletes: Is it a Placebo Effect?

Hassane Zouhal


Determinants of Performance in a New Test of Planned Agility for Young Elite Basketball Players

Anne Delextrat


The Performance Effect of Centralizing a Nation’s Elite Swim Program

Sian V. Allen


Motivational Self-Talk Improves 10km Time Trial Cycling Compared to Neutral Self-Talk

Martin J. Barwood


Characteristics Explaining Performance in Downhill Mountain Biking

Joel B. Chidley


Are Rest Intervals Between Stretching Repetitions Effective to Acutely Increase Range of Motion?

Sandro R. Freitas


The Self-Paced VO2max Test to Assess Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Highly Trained Runners

James S. Hogg


Comparison of Physical Capacities Between Non-Selected and Selected Elite Male Competitive Surfers for the National Junior Team

Tai T. Tran


Isolated Core Training Improves Sprint Performance in National-Level Junior Swimmers

Matthew Weston


Effects of Protocol Step Length on Biomechanical Measures in Swimming

Tiago M. Barbosa


Repeated High-Intensity Effort Activity in Elite and Semi-Elite Rugby League Match-Play

Georgia M. Black


Comparison of Between-Training Recovery Strategies for World-Class BMX Pilots

Laurie-Anne Marquet


Effects of a Very Congested Match Schedule on Body Load Impacts, Accelerations, and Running Measures in Youth Soccer Players

Ademir F.S. Arruda


Effects of the Etna Uphill Ultra-Marathon on Energy Cost and Mechanics of Running

Stefano Lazzer


Pre-Match Salivary IgA in Soccer Players From the 2014 World Cup Qualifying Campaign

Ryland Morgans


Cluster Stability as a New Method to Assess Changes in Performance and its Determinant Factors Over a Season in Young Swimmers

Jorge E. Morais


The Relationship of Training Load to Physical Capacity Changes During International Tours in High Performance Junior Tennis Players

Alistair P. Murphy


Anthropometric and Physiological Profiling of Youth Soccer Goalkeepers

Ricardo Rebelo-Gonçalves


Effects of Sprint Training With or Without Ball Carry in Elite Rugby Players

Laurent B. Seitz


Reliability and Validity of a New Variable Power Performance Test in Road Cyclists

Avish Sharma


Analysis of the Kenyan Distance Running Phenomenon

Ross Tucker


Neuromuscular Fatigue Monitoring in Team Sport Athletes Using a Cycle Ergometer Test

George Wehbe


Assessment and Monitoring of Ballistic and Maximal Upper Body Strength Qualities in Athletes

Kieran P. Young


Influence of Prior Knowledge of Exercise Duration on Pacing Strategies During Game-Based Activities

Tim J. Gabbett


Caffeinated Energy Drinks Enhance Physical Performance in Elite Junior Tennis Players

César Gallo-Salazar


Physical Demands of Match-Play in Successful and Less-Successful Elite Rugby League Teams

Billy T. Hulin


Velocity Thresholds for Women’s Soccer Matches: Sex Specificity Dictates High-Speed Running and Sprinting Thresholds – Female Athletes in Motion (FAiM)

Paul S. Bradley


Prior Heavy-Intensity Exercise Enhances VO2 Kinetics and Short-Term High-Intensity Exercise Performance Independently of Aerobic Training Status

Renato Aparecido Correa Carita


Angle-Specific Eccentric Hamstring Fatigue Following Simulated Soccer

Daniel D. Cohen


Race Weight: Perceptions From Elite Female Road Cyclists

Eric C. Haakonssen


Physical and Technical Demands of Rugby League 9’s Tournament Match-Play: A Preliminary Study

Tom Kempton


The Effect of Low-Volume Sprint Interval Training (SIT) on the Development and Subsequent Maintenance of Aerobic Fitness in Soccer Players

Tom W. Macpherson


Activity Profile of International Rugby Sevens: Effect of Scoreline, Opponent and Substitutes

Andrew M. Murray


Activity Profiles of Elite Wheelchair Rugby Players During Competition

James M. Rhodes


Validity of the Session RPE for Monitoring Exercise Demands in Youth Soccer Players

Jose A. Rodriguez-Marroyo


Acute Effects of Static Active or Dynamic Active Stretching on Eccentric Exercise-Induced Hamstring Muscle Damage

Che-Hsiu Chen


Warm-Up Strategy and High Intensity Endurance Performance in Trained Cyclists

Peter M. Christensen


9.58 and 10.49: Nearing the citius End for 100m?

Thomas A. Haugen


Effect of Whole Body Vibration Therapy on Performance Recovery

Nuttaset Manimmanakorn


A Sport-Specific Upper-Body Ergometer Test for Evaluating Submaximal and Maximal Parameters in Elite Rock Climbers

Michail Lubomirov Michailov


Increased Variability of Lap Speeds Differentiate Medallists and Non-Medallists in Middle Distance Running and Swimming Events

Graham J. Mytton


Comparison of the Anthropometric and Physical Characteristics of International and Provincial Rugby Sevens Players

Alex Ross


Impact of the Steepness of the Slope on the Biomechanics of World Cup Slalom Skiers

Matej Supej

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