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The following In Press articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. Each article appears here in its accepted, peer-reviewed form, as submitted by the authors. These articles have not been copy edited, proofed, or formatted by the publisher.

On this page, only the first-listed author name is given. To see the full author list for an article, click on the title.

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Applying the Critical Speed Concept to Racing Strategy and Interval Training Prescription

Robert W. Pettitt


Relationships Between Internal and External Training Load in Team Sport Athletes: Evidence for an Individualised Approach

Jonathan D. Bartlett


Can Pre-Viewing Sport Specific Video Influence Reactive Agility Response Time?

Ryan Holding


Repeated Sprints: An Independent Not Dependent Variable

Jonathan M. Taylor


Energy Expenditure Derived From Micro-Technology is Not Suitable for Assessing Internal Load in Collision-Based Activities

Jamie Highton


Quantifying Neuromuscular Fatigue Induced by an Intense Training Session in Rugby Sevens

Bruno Marrier


The Influence of Pole Length on Performance, O2-Cost and Kinematics in Double Poling

Thomas Losnegard


The Effect of Caffeine on Repeat High Intensity Effort Performance in Rugby League Players

Brandon M Wellington


Determinant Factors of Long-Term Performance Development in Young Swimmers

Jorge E. Morais


A Systematic Review of Submaximal Cycle Tests to Predict, Monitor and Optimize Cycling Performance

Benoit Capostagno


Variation of Plyometric Push-Ups Affects Force Application Kinetics and Perception of Intensity

Wissem Dhahbi


The Activity Profile of Elite Low-Kick Kickboxing Competition

Maamer Slimani


Historical Improvement in Speed Skating Economy

Dionne A. Noordhof


Cumulative Training Dose Alters the Interrelationships Between Common Training Load Models During Basketball Activity

Aaron T. Scanlan


The Effects of Plyometric Training on Change of Direction Ability: A Meta Analysis

Abbas Asadi


Repeated Sprint Training in Hypoxia Versus Normoxia Does Not Improve Performance: A Double-Blind and Cross-Over Study

David Montero


The Commonality Between Approaches to Determine Jump Fatigue During Basketball Activity in Junior Players: In-Game vs. Across-Game Decrements

Aaron T. Scanlan


Relationship Between Blood Flow and Performance Recovery: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study

Rachel Borne


Ecological Validity of Session RPE Method for Quantifying Internal Training Load in Fencing

Anthony N. Turner


Psycho-Physiological Responses to Repeated-Sprint Training in Normobaric Hypoxia and Normoxia

Franck Brocherie


Single-Leg Power Output and Between-Limb Imbalances in Team-Sports Players: Unilateral vs. Bilateral Combined Resistance Training

Oliver Gonzalo-Skok


Effect of ad libitum Ice Slurry and Cold Fluid Ingestion on Cycling Time-Trial Performance in the Heat

Ed Maunder


The Effects of Sport-Specific Drills Training or High-Intensity Interval Training in Young Tennis Players

Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez


Differences in Oxygenation Kinetics Between the Dominant and Non-Dominant Flexor Digitorum Profundus in Rock Climbers

David A. Giles


Physical Predictors of Elite Skeleton Start Performance

Steffi L. Colyer


A Change in Training Environment Alters Sleep Quality But Not Quantity in Elite Australian Rules Football Players

Nathan W. Pitchford


Effect of Cold on Proprioception and Cognitive Function in Elite Alpine Skiers

Sébastien Racinais


Live High – Train Low Altitude Training Does Not Alter Running Mechanics in Elite Distance Runners

Abigail S.L. Stickford


Compression Garments, Muscle Contractile Function and Economy in Trail Runners

Fabrice Vercruyssen


High Intensity Events in International Female Team Handball Matches

Live S. Luteberget


Changes in Strength, Power and Speed Across a Season in English County Cricketers

Christina Carr


Maximal Aerobic Power Assessment is Dependent of the Nature of the Pedalling Activity

Anthony Bouillod


Validity of a Simple Method for Measuring Force-Velocity-Power Profile in Countermovement Jump

Pedro Jiménez-Reyes


3-Min All-Out Test in Swimming

Ming-Chang Tsai


The Relationship Between Whole-Body External Loading and Body-Worn Accelerometry During Team Sports Movements

Niels J. Nedergaard


Concurrent Validity of GPS for Deriving Mechanical Properties of Sprint Acceleration

Ryu Nagahara


Longitudinal Changes and Seasonal Variation in Body Composition in Professional Australian Football Players

Johann C. Bilsborough


Mental Fatigue Impairs Technical Performance in Small-Sided Soccer Games

Oliver O. Badin


The Decremental Protocol as an Alternative Protocol to Measure VO2max in Athletes

Katrina Taylor


Temporal Robustness of the Session RPE

Joshua Christen


Movement and Physiological Demands of Australasian National Rugby League Referees

Amy Brightmore


Player Load in Elite Netball: Match, Training and Positional Comparisons

Christopher M. Young


Metabolic Power Method Underestimates Energy Expenditure in Field Sport Movements Using a GPS Tracking System

Darcy M. Brown


Effect of Repeated Active Recovery During a High-Intensity Interval Training Shock Microcycle on Markers of Fatigue

Thimo Wiewelhove


Physiological and Cognitive Responses to an Antarctic Expedition: A Case Report

Ana Anton-Solanas


Factors That Influence Running Intensity in Interchange Players Within Professional Rugby League

Jace A. Delaney


Validity of Power Settings of the Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

Emma K. Zadow


Quantification of Seasonal Long Physical Load in Soccer Players With Different Starting Status From the English Premier League: Implications for Maintaining Squad Physical Fitness

Liam Anderson


Brief Heat Training Does Not Improve the Lactate Threshold in Mild Conditions

Samuel Chalmers


Positive Swim Pacing Improves Sprint Triathlon Performance in Trained Athletes

Sam S.X. Wu


An Incremental Shuttle Wheel Test for Wheelchair Tennis Players

Sonja de Groot


Pacing Differs Between Time- and Distance-Based Time Trials in Trained Cyclists

Chris R. Abbiss


Energetics of Table Tennis and Table Tennis Specific Exercise Testing

Alessandro Moura Zagatto


Fitness Field Tests Correlate to Game Performance in U-19-Category Basketball Referees

Mohamed Ali Nabli


Two-Weeks of Repeated-Sprint Training in Soccer: To Turn or Not to Turn?

Jonathan M. Taylor


Relevance of Damped Harmonic Oscillation for Modeling the Training Effects on Daily Physical Performance Capacity in Team Sport

Stéphane Morin


Differences in Pedalling Technique in Cycling: A Cluster Analysis

Fábio J. Lanferdini


The Physical and Physiological Characteristics of Various-Sided Games in Elite Female Soccer

Jocelyn K. Mara


The Tracking of Morning Fatigue Status Across In-Season Training Weeks in Elite Soccer Players

Robin T. Thorpe


Relationship Between External and Internal Load of Professional Soccer Players During Full-Matches in Official Games Using GPS and Heart Rate Technology

Nacho Torreño


Additional Warm-Up Strategies Do Not Enhance Elite Sprint Breaststroke Performance

Courtney J McGowan


Monitoring Physical and Cognitive Overload During a Training Camp in Professional Female Cyclists

Lieselot Decroix


A Comparison of Different Modes of Morning Priming Exercise on Afternoon Performance

Mark Russell


A Moderate Dose of Caffeine Enhances High-Intensity Actions and Physical Performance During a Simulated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition

Francisco Javier Diaz-Lara


Acceleration-Based Running Intensities of Professional Rugby League Match-Play

Jace A. Delaney


Anaerobic energy production during sprint paddling In Junior Competitive and Recreational Surfers

Clare L. Minahan


Analysis of Running and Technical Performance in Substitute Players in International Male Rugby Union Competition

Mathieu Lacome


Cardiac Autonomic and Neuromuscular Responses During a Karate Training Camp Prior to the 2015 Pan American Games: A Case Study With the Brazilian National Team

Fábio Y. Nakamura


Cluster Sets Maintain Velocity and Power During High-Volume Back Squats

James J. Tufano


Do Running Activities of Adolescent and Adult Tennis Players Differ During Play?

Matthias W. Hoppe


Effects of Long-Haul Transmeridian Travel on Subjective Jet-Lag and Self-Reported Sleep and Upper Respiratory Symptoms in Professional Rugby League Players

Peter Fowler


How do World-Class Nordic Combined Athletes Differ From Specialized Cross-Country Skiers and Ski Jumpers in Sport-Specific Capacity And Training Characteristics?

Øyvind Sandbakk


Impairment of Sprint Mechanical Properties in an Actual Soccer Match: A Pilot Study

Ryu Nagahara


Intensive Training Affects Mood With no Effect On Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor

Maria Francesca Piacentini


Pacing adjustments Associated With Familiarisation: Heat vs. Temperate Environments

Cyril Schmit


Player Activity Profiles in the Australian Second-Tier Rugby League Competitions

Joanne Hausler


Selective Effects of Training Against Weight and Inertia on Muscle Mechanical Properties

Sasa Djuric


Signalling Responses Following Varying Sequencing of Strength and Endurance Training in a Fed State

Thomas W. Jones


The Effect of Cycling Intensity on Cycling Economy During Seated and Standing Cycling

Marco Arkesteijn


The Effect of Intensity on Three-Dimensional Kinematics and Coordination in Front Crawl Swimming

Kelly de Jesus


The Effects of Cold Environments on Double-Poling Performance and Economy in Male Cross-Country Skiers Wearing a Standard Racing Suit

Øystein Nordrum Wiggen


The Influence of Added Mass on the Optimal Step Length in Running

Jasper Reenalda


The Work Endurance Recovery Method For Quantifying Training Loads in Judo

Jose Morales


Brief Morning Light Exposure, (Visuo-)Motoric Performance and Biochemistry in Sport Shooters

Veronika Leichtfried


Ecological Validity and Reliability of the Rugby Sevens Simulation Protocol (R7SP)

Nicola Furlan


Pacing Behaviour and Tactical Positioning in 500m and 1000m Short-Track Speed Skating

Olaf S. Noorbergen


Influence of an Enforced Fast-Start on 10-km Running Performance

Everton C. do Carmo


In-Season Strength Training Cessation Impairs Performance Variables in Elite Cyclists

Bent R. Rønnestad


The Effect of Body Mass on Eccentric Knee Flexor Strength Assessed With an Instrumented Nordic Hamstring Device (Nordbord) in Football Players

Martin Buchheit


Acute Dietary Nitrate Supplementation Increases Maximal Cycling Power in Athletes

Ernest G. Rimer


Contextualising parasympathetic hyperactivity in Functionally Overreached Athletes With Perceptions of Training Tolerance

Clint R. Bellenger


Sensitivity and Reliability of a Specific Test of Stroke Performance in Table Tennis

Yann Le Mansec


Neuromuscular Activation During Short-Track Speed Skating in Young Athletes

Sabine Felser


Elite Rifle Shooters’ Technique Test Measures are Related to Competition Performances

Simo Ihalainen


The Influence of Unsportsmanlike Fouls on Basketball Teams’ Performance According to Contextual-Related Variables

Miguel-Ángel Gómez


Self-Myofascial Release Does Not Improve Functional Outcomes in ‘Tight’ Hamstrings

Robert W. Morton


Lower-Body Muscle Structure and Jump Performance of Stronger and Weaker Surfing Athletes

Josh L. Secomb


Concurrent Development of Endurance Capacity and Explosiveness: The Training Characteristics of World-Class Nordic Combined Athletes

Espen Tønnessen


Sex Differences in Participation, Performance and the Age of Ultramarathon Runners

Jonathon Senefeld


Hyperventilation Enhances Wingate Anaerobic Test Performance

Renate M. Leithäuser

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