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Original Investigations


Estimated Patellofemoral Compressive Forces and Contact Pressures During Dance Landings

1996, 12, 1 – 14
Kathy J. Simpson, Eugene G. Jameson, Susan Odum


Prediction of Human Segment Inertias During Pregnancy

1996, 12, 15 – 30
Robert K. Jensen, Tina Treitz, Sylvie Doucet


Kinematics, Kinetics, and Muscle Activation During Explosive Upper Body Movements

1996, 12, 31 – 43
Robert U. Newton, William J. Kraemer, Keijo Häkkinen, Brendan Humphries, Aron J. Murphy


Specific Movement Power Related to Athletic Performance in Weight Lifting

1996, 12, 44 – 57
Kazuo Funato, Akifumi Matsuo, Tetsuo Fukunaga


Three-Dimensional Evaluation of the Kinematic Release Parameters for Javelin Throwers of Different Skill Levels

1996, 12, 58 – 71
Roger Bartlett, Erich Müller, Stefan Lindinger, Fritz Brunner, Calvin Morriss


Takeoff Characteristics of Single and Double Axel Figure Skating Jumps

1996, 12, 72 – 87
Wayne J. Albert, Doris I. Miller

Olympic Scientific Projects


Double Poling Kinematics and Performance in Cross-Country Skiing

1996, 12, 88 – 103
Gerald A. Smith, Jon B. Fewster, Steven M. Braudt


A Video Technique for Obtaining 3-D Coordinates in Alpine Skiing

1996, 12, 104 – 115
Werner Nachbauer, Peter Kaps, Benno M. Nigg, Fritz Brunner, Alexander Lutz, Günter Obkircher, Martin Mössner

Technical Notes


A New Method for Continuous Recording of Trunk Postures While Playing Golf

1996, 12, 116 – 129
Jose C. Derksen, Marcel P. van Riel, Chris J. Snijders


A New Bicycle Pedal Design for On-Road Measurements of Cycling Forces

1996, 12, 130 – 142
Gorka Álvarez, Jordi Vinyolas