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Original Research


Quantification of Achilles Tendon Force Enhancement by Passively Induced Dorsiflexion Stretches

1999, 15, 221 – 232
Caroline Nicol, Paavo V. Komi


Maximum Trunk Flexion Angle During the Sit to Stand is Not Determined by Knee or Trunk-Hip Extension Strength in Healthy Older Adults

1999, 15, 233 – 241
Thomas M. Lundin, Dennis W. Jahnigen, Mark D. Grabiner


Investigating Kinetics in the Freestyle Flip Turn Push-Off

1999, 15, 242 – 252
Andrew D. Lyttle, Brian A. Blanksby, Bruce C. Elliott, David G. Lloyd


An Investigation of the Relationship Between Hip Extension Torque, Hip Extension Velocity, and Muscle Activation

1999, 15, 253 – 269
Mark Smeulders


A Model of Kinemaic Variables Determining Height Achieved in Water Polo Boosts

1999, 15, 270 – 283
Ross H. Sanders


Analysis of the Eggbeater Kick Used to Maintain Height in Water Polo

1999, 15, 284 – 291
Ross H. Sanders

Technical Notes


Evaluation of a Treadmill With Vibration Isolation and Stabilization (TVIS) for Use on the International Space Station

1999, 15, 292 – 302
TVIS Study Group


A Procedure for the Automatic Determination of Filter Cutoff Frequency for the Processing of Biomechanical Data

1999, 15, 303 – 317
John H. Challis


Estimate of the Optimum Cutoff Frequency for the Butterworth Low-Pass Digital Filter

1999, 15, 318 – 329
Bing Yu, David Gabriel, Larry Noble, Kai-Nan An


Test-Retest Reliability of Selected Ground Reaction Force Parameters and Their Symmetry During Running

1999, 15, 330 – 336
Kim Bennell, Kay Crossley, Tim V. Wrigley, Julie Nitschke


Evaluation of Knee Extensor Muscles Under Non-Isokinetic Conditions in Elderly Subjects

1999, 15, 337 – 345
Abderrehmane Rahmani, Alain Belli, Tomasz Kostka, Georges Dalleau, Marc Bonnefoy, Jean-Rene Lacour