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Original Research


Hip Spasticity and Strength in Children With Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy

2000, 16, 221 – 233
Jack R. Engsberg, Sandy A. Ross, Kevin W. Hollander, Tae S. Park


A Comparative Analysis of the Center of Gravity and Center of Pressure Trajectory Path Lengths in Standing Posture: An Estimation of Active Stiffness

2000, 16, 234 – 247
Olivier Caron, Thierry Gelat, Patrice Rougier, Jean-Pierre Blanchi


Buoyancy, Gender, and Swimming Performance

2000, 16, 248 – 263
Scott P. McLean, Richard N. Hinrichs


Stretch-Shortening Cycle in Roller Ski Skating: Effects of Speed

2000, 16, 264 – 275
St├ęphane Perrey, Guillaume Millet, Robin Candau, Jean-Denis Rouillon


Mechanical Modeling of Tibial Axial Accelerations Following Impulsive Heel Impact

2000, 16, 276 – 288
David M. Andrews, James J. Dowling


The Role of Shoulder and Hip Torques Generated During a Backward Giant Swing on Rings

2000, 16, 289 – 300
Eric J. Sprigings, Joel L. Lanovaz, Keith W. Russell

Technical Notes


An Anatomical Database Providing Three-Dimensional Geometric Representation of Lower Limb Structures

2000, 16, 301 – 308
Alan Barr, David Hawkins


The Influence of High Heeled Shoes on Kinematics, Kinetics, and Muscle EMG of Normal Female Gait

2000, 16, 309 – 319
Darren J. Stefanyshyn, Benno M. Nigg, Veronica Fisher, Barry O'Flynn, Wen Liu


Plantar Pressures During Ski Jumping Take-Off

2000, 16, 320 – 326
Mikko Virmavirta, Paavo V. Komi