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How Klapskate Hinge Position Affects Push-off Mechanics in Speed Skating

Han Houdijk, Jos J. de Koning, Maarten F. Bobbert, Gert de Groot


Optimal Shoulder Abduction Angles During Baseball Pitching From Maximal Wrist Velocity and Minimal Kinetics Viewpoints

Tomoyuki Matsuo, Tsuyoshi Matsumoto, Yoshiyuki Mochizuki, Yoshihiro Takada, Kenji Saito


Variations in Achilles Tendon Loading With Heel Lift Intervention in Heel-Toe Runners

Sharon J. Dixon, David G. Kerwin


Practical Use of Airborne Simulation in a Release-Regrasp Skill on the High Bar

Patrice Holvoet, Patrick Lacouture, Jacques Duboy


Influence of Age, Gender, and Obesity on the Mechanical Properties of the Heel Pad Under Walking Impact Conditions

Enrique Alcantara, Arturo Forner, Elena Ferrus, Ana-Cruz Garcia, Jose Ramiro

Technical Note


A Software Tool for Faster Development of Complex Models of Musculoskeletal Systems and Sensorimotor Controllers in SimulinkTM

Rahman Davoodi, Gerald E. Loeb


Trunk Motion of Male Professional Golfers Using Two Different Golf Clubs

David M. Lindsay, John F. Horton, Robert D. Paley


A Method for Measuring Euler Rotation Angles and Helical Axis of Upper Arm Motion

Suzanne LaScalza, James E. Carpenter, Richard E. Hughes


A Modified Cryo-Jaw for In Vitro Biomechanical Testing of Tendons

Federico Morelli, Andrea Ferretti, Fabio Conteduca, Francesca Nanni, Lucilla Monteleone, Marco Valente

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