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Foreword to This Special Issue

Prince Alexandre de Merode



Ruud W. de Boer, Jack R. Engsberg, Michael M. Morlock, Benno M. Nigg, Maurice R. Yeadon


The Gliding and Push-off Technique of Male and Female Olympic Speed Skaters

119 – 134
Ruud W. de Boer, Kim L. Nilsen


Work per Stroke and Stroke Frequency Regulation in Olympic Speed Skating

135 – 150
Ruud W. de Boer, Kim L. Nilsen


Mechanical Aspects of the Sprint Start in Olympic Speed Skating

151 – 168
Jos J. de Koning, Gert de Groot, Gerrit Jan van Ingen Schenau


Mechanical Power Output and Estimated Metabolic Rates of Nordic Skiers During Olympic Competition

169 – 184
Robert Norman, Margo Fraser, Ronald B. Mitchell


Twisting Techniques Used in Freestyle Aerial Skiing

275 – 281
Maurice R. Yeadon


Analysis of V1 Skating Technique of Olympic Cross-Country Skiers

185 – 207
Gerald A. Smith, Richard C. Nelson, Adam Feldman, Jeffrey L. Rankinen


Factors Influencing Performance in Bobsledding: I: Influences of the Bobsled Crew and the Environment

208 – 221
Michael M. Morlock, Valdimir M. Zatsiorsky


Three-Dimensional Bobsled Turning Dynamics

222 – 237
Mont Hubbard, Michael Kallay, Payam Rowhani


A Method for Obtaining Three-Dimensional Data on Ski Jumping Using Pan and Tilt Cameras

238 – 247
Maurice R. Yeadon


The Takeoff Forces in Ski Jumping

248 – 257
Mikko Virmavirta, Paavo V. Komi


A Multisegment Dynamic Model of Ski Jumping

258 – 274
Mont Hubbard, Robin L. Hibbard, Maurice R. Yeadon, Andrzej Komor