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Effect of Object Width on Muscle and Joint Forces During Thumb-Index Finger Grasping

173 – 180
Laurent Vigouroux, Mathieu Domalain, Eric Berton


Altered Alignment of the Shoulder Girdle and Cervical Spine in Patients With Insidious Onset Neck Pain and Whiplash-Associated Disorder

181 – 191
Harpa Helgadottir, Eythor Kristjansson, Sarah Mottram, Andrew R. Karduna, Halldor Jonsson, Jr.


Shoulder Muscular Activity During Isometric Three-Point Kneeling Exercise on Stable and Unstable Surfaces

192 – 196
Rodrigo Cappato de Araujo, Rodrigo de Andrade, Helga Tatiana Tucci, Jaqueline Martins, Anamaria Siriani de Oliveira


Differences in Geriatric Anthropometric Data Between DXA-Based Subject-Specific Estimates and Non-Age-Specific Traditional Regression Models

197 – 206
April J. Chambers, Alison L. Sukits, Jean L. McCrory, Rakié Cham


Relative Net Vertical Impulse Determines Jumping Performance

207 – 214
Tyler J. Kirby, Jeffrey M. McBride, Tracie L. Haines, Andrea M. Dayne


Preferential Quadriceps Activation in Female Athletes With Incremental Increases in Landing Intensity

215 – 222
Kevin R. Ford, Gregory D. Myer, Laura C. Schmitt, Timothy L. Uhl, Timothy E. Hewett


Relationship Between Eccentric Hip Torque and Lower-Limb Kinematics: Gender Differences

2011, 27, 223 – 232
Rodrigo de M. Baldon, Daniel F.M. Lobato, Lívia Pinheiro Carvalho, Paulo Roberto Pereira Santiago, Benedito Galvão Benze, Fábio Viadanna Serrão


Forces and Moments on the Knee During Kneeling and Squatting

233 – 241
Jonisha P. Pollard, William L. Porter, Mark S. Redfern


Rotational Biomechanics of the Elite Golf Swing: Benchmarks for Amateurs

242 – 251
David W. Meister, Amy L. Ladd, Erin E. Butler, Betty Zhao, Andrew P. Rogers, Conrad J. Ray, Jessica Rose

Technical Notes


A Comparison of Kinematics Between Overarm Throwing With 20% Underweight, Regular, and 20% Overweight Balls

252 – 257
Roland van den Tillaar, Gertjan Ettema

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