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The Effects of Moving Environments on Thoracolumbar Kinematics and Foot Center of Pressure When Performing Lifting and Lowering Tasks

2012, Volume 28, 111 – 119
Carolyn A. Duncan, Scott N. MacKinnon, Wayne J. Albert


Decreased Frontal Plane Hip Joint Moments in Runners With Excessive Varus Excursion at the Knee

2012, Volume 28, 120 – 126
Dorsey S. Williams, Wesley Isom


Limited Forearm Motion Compensated by Thoracohumeral Kinematics When Performing Tasks Requiring Pronation and Supination

2012, Volume 28, 127 – 138
Barry P. Pereira, Ashvin Thambyah, Taeyong Lee


Evaluation of Fatigue of Respiratory and Lower Limb Muscles During Prolonged Aerobic Exercise

2012, Volume 28, 139 – 147
Yaara Nadiv, Ricki Vachbroit, Amit Gefen, David Elad, Uri Zaretsky, Daniel S. Moran, Pinchas Halpern, Anat Ratnovsky


Unanticipated Ankle Inversions Are Significantly Different From Anticipated Ankle Inversions During Drop Landings: Overcoming Anticipation Bias

2012, Volume 28, 148 – 155
Jeremy R. Dicus, Jeff G. Seegmiller


Lower Extremity Joint Moments During Carrying Tasks in Children

2012, Volume 28, 156 – 164
Jason C. Gillette, Catherine A. Stevermer, Ross H. Miller, W. Brent Edwards, Charles V. Schwab


Effects of Vertical Loading on Arch Characteristics and Intersegmental Foot Motions

2012, Volume 28, 165 – 173
Douglas W. Powell, Benjamin L. Long, Clare E. Milner, Songning Zhang


Magnitude of Head Impact Exposures in Individual Collegiate Football Players

2012, Volume 28, 174 – 183
Joseph J. Crisco, Bethany J. Wilcox, Jason T. Machan, Thomas W. McAllister, Ann-Christine Duhaime, Stefan M. Duma, Steven Rowson, Jonathan G. Beckwith, Jeffrey J. Chu, Richard M. Greenwald


Pharmacological Treatment of Intermittent Claudication Does Not Have a Significant Effect on Gait Impairments During Claudication Pain

2012, Volume 28, 184 – 191
Jennifer M. Yentes, Jessie M. Huisinga, Sara A. Myers, Iraklis I. Pipinos, Jason M. Johanning, Nicholas Stergiou


The Effects of Floor Incline on Lower Extremity Biomechanics During Unilateral Landing From a Jump in Dancers

2012,Volume 28, 192 – 199
Evangelos Pappas, Karl F. Orishimo, Ian J. Kremenic, Marijeanne Liederbach, Marshall Hagins

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