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JAB Volume 31, Issue 2, April

Original Research


Eccentric and Concentric Exercise of the Triceps Surae: An In Vivo Study of Dynamic Muscle and Tendon Biomechanical Parameters

2015, 31, 69 – 78
Saira Chaudhry, Dylan Morrissey, Roger C. Woledge, Dan L. Bader, Hazel R.C. Screen


Comparative Electromyography Analysis of the Upper Extremity Between Inexperienced and Elite Water Polo Players During an Overhead Shot

2015, 31, 79 – 87
Mostafa Yaghoubi, Mohamad Mahdi Esfehani, Hossein Asghar Hosseini, Yaser Alikhajeh, Sarah P. Shultz


Evaluating the Coupling Between Foot Pronation and Tibial Internal Rotation Continuously Using Vector Coding

2015, 31, 88 – 94
Pedro Rodrigues, Ryan Chang, Trampas TenBroek, Richard E.A. Van Emmerik, Joseph Hamill


Using Nonlinear Tools to Evaluate Movement of Fragile Objects

2015, 31, 95 – 101
Stefan Madansingh, Stacey L. Gorniak


Isolated Hamstrings Fatigue Alters Hip and Knee Joint Coordination During a Cutting Maneuver

2015, 31, 102 – 110
Michael A. Samaan, Matthew C. Hoch, Stacie Ringleb, Sebastian Y. Bawab, Joshua T. Weinhandl


Influence of Muscle Hypertrophy on the Moment Arm of the Triceps Brachii Muscle

2015, 31, 111 – 116
Norihide Sugisaki, Taku Wakahara, Koichiro Murata, Naokazu Miyamoto, Yasuo Kawakami, Hiroaki Kanehisa, Tetsuo Fukunaga

Technical Notes


The Test-retest Reliability of Knee Joint Center Location Techniques

2015, 31, 117 – 121
Jonathan Sinclair, Jack Hebron, Paul J. Taylor


Surrogate Headform Accelerations Associated With Stick Checks in Girls’ Lacrosse

2015, 31, 122 – 127
Joseph J. Crisco, Laura Costa, Ryan Rich, Joel B. Schwartz, Bethany J. Wilcox

Funding Opportunity


National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) Grant Program

2015, 31, 128