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JAB Volume 32, Issue 1, February

Original Research


Quadrupedal Locomotion–Respiration Entrainment and Metabolic Economy in Cross-Country Skiers

2016, 32, 1 – 6
Kevin Boldt, Anthony Killick, Walter Herzog


Kinematic and Kinetic Indicators of Sit-to-Stand

2016, 32, 7 – 15
Catherine A. Stevermer, Jason C. Gillette


A Comparison of Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, and Vastus Lateralis Electromyography Amplitude in the Parallel, Full, and Front Squat Variations in Resistance-Trained Females

2016, 32, 16 – 22
Bret Contreras, Andrew D. Vigotsky, Brad J. Schoenfeld, Chris Beardsley, John B. Cronin


Comparison of Two- and Three-Dimensional Methods for Analysis of Trunk Kinematic Variables in the Golf Swing

2016, 32, 23 – 31
Aimée C. Smith, Jonathan R. Roberts, Eric S. Wallace, Pui Kong, Stephanie E. Forrester


Lumbar Mechanics in Tennis Groundstrokes: Differences in Elite Adolescent Players With and Without Low Back Pain

2016, 32, 32 – 39
Amity Campbell, Leon Straker, David Whiteside, Peter O’Sullivan, Bruce Elliott, Machar Reid


Biomechanical Changes During a 50-minute Run in Different Footwear and on Various Slopes

2016, 32, 40 – 49
Thibault Lussiana, Kim Hébert-Losier, Grégoire P. Millet, Laurent Mourot


Three-Dimensional Torso Motion in Tethered Front Crawl Stroke and its Implications on Low Back Pain

2016, 32, 50 – 58
Tanghuizi Du, Ikumi Narita, Toshimasa Yanai


Optimal Balance Between Force and Velocity Differs Among World-Class Athletes

2016, 32, 59 – 68
Caroline Giroux, Giuseppe Rabita, Didier Chollet, Gaël Guilhem


The Effect of Body Weight Support on Kinetics and Kinematics of a Repetitive Plyometric Task

2016, 32, 69 – 77
Audrey R.C. Elias, Curt D. Hammill, Ryan L. Mizner


Biomechanics of Counterweighted One-Legged Cycling

2016, 32, 78 – 85
Steven J. Elmer, John McDaniel, James C. Martin


Reliability of Mechanical Trunk Responses During Known and Unknown Trunk Perturbations

2016, 32, 86 – 92
Markus D. Jakobsen, Mikkel Brandt, Emil Sundstrup, Kenneth Jay, Per Aagaard, Lars L. Andersen

Technical Notes


Normative Spatiotemporal Parameters During 100-m Sprints in Amputee Sprinters Using Running-Specific Prostheses

2016, 32, 93 – 96
Hiroaki Hobara, Wolfgang Potthast, Ralf Müller, Yoshiyuki Kobayashi, Thijs A. Heldoorn, Masaaki Mochimaru


Effect of Electrode Location on Task-Dependent Electromyography Responses Within the Human Biceps Femoris Muscle

2016, 32, 97 – 100
Kohei Watanabe, Motoki Kouzaki, Toshio Moritani


A Novel Approach to Determine Strides, Ice Contact, and Swing Phases During Ice Hockey Skating Using a Single Accelerometer

2016, 32, 101 – 106
Bernd Stetter, Erica Buckeridge, Vinzenz von Tscharner, Sandro R. Nigg, Benno M. Nigg



Erratum: Caetano et al 2015

2016, 32, 106