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JAB Volume 31, Issue 3, June

Original Research


Older Adult Hill Transition Strategies are Determined by Task Demands and Cautious Gait Patterns

2015, 31, 133 – 141
Riley C. Sheehan, Jinger S. Gottschall


Knee Joint Loading During Lineman-Specific Movements in American Football Players

2015, 31, 142 – 148
Rebecca L. Lambach, Jay W. Young, David C. Flanigan, Robert A. Siston, Ajit M. Chaudhari


The Effect of a Prefabricated Foot Orthotic on Frontal Plane Joint Mechanics in Healthy Runners

2015, 31, 149 – 158
Thomas G. Almonroeder, Lauren C. Benson, Kristian M. O'Connor


Reliability and Validity of a Wireless Accelerometer for the Assessment of Postural Sway

2015, 31, 159 – 163
Nathan W. Saunders, Panagiotis Koutakis, Anne D. Kloos, Deborah A. Kegelmeyer, Jessica D. Dicke, Steven T. Devor


Elastically Suspending the Screw Holes of a Locked Osteosynthesis Plate Can Dampen Impact Loads

2015, 31, 164 – 169
Felix Capanni, Kirk Hansen, Daniel C. Fitzpatrick, Steven M. Madey, Michael Bottlang


Kinematics and Kinetics of Vigorous Head Shaking

2015, 31, 170 – 175
James R. Funk, Richard A. Watson, Joseph M. Cormier, Herb Guzman, Enrique Bonugli


Tendon Cross-Sectional Area is Not Associated With Muscle Volume

2015, 31, 176 – 180
Atsuki Fukutani, Toshiyuki Kurihara


Lower Body Predictors of Glenohumeral Compressive Force in High School Baseball Pitchers

2015, 31, 181 – 188
David W. Keeley, Gretchen D. Oliver, Christopher P. Dougherty, Michael R. Torry

Technical Notes


Spatiotemporal Gait Patterns During Overt and Covert Evaluation in Patients With Parkinson’s Disease and Healthy Subjects: Is There a Hawthorne Effect?

2015, 31, 189 – 194
Veronica Robles-Garcia, Yoanna Corral-Bergantinos, Nelson Espinosa, Maria Amalia Jacome, Carlos Garcia-Sancho, Javier Cudeiro, Pablo Arias


Reliability and Validity of Instrumented Soccer Equipment

2015, 31, 195 – 201
Jonathan S. Akins, Nicholas R. Heebner, Mita Lovalekar, Timothy C. Sell