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JAB Volume 31, Issue 5, October

Original Research


Reliability of Unilateral Vertical Leg Stiffness Measures Assessed During Bilateral Hopping

2015, 31, 285 – 291
Sean J. Maloney, Iain M. Fletcher, Joanna Richards


Children Display Adult-Like Kinetic Patterns in the Time Domain, But Not in the Frequency Domain, While Walking With Ankle Load

2015, 31, 292 – 308
Jianhua Wu, Toyin Ajisafe, Matthew Beerse


Effects of Two Football Stud Types on Knee and Ankle Kinetics of Single-Leg Land-Cut and 180° Cut Movements on Infilled Synthetic Turf

2015, 31, 309 – 317
Hunter J. Bennett, Elizabeth Brock, James T. Brosnan, John C. Sorochan, Songning Zhang


The Effect of Physical Exercise on Postural Stability in Sighted Individuals and Those Who Are Visually Impaired: An Analysis Adjusted for Physical Activity and Body Mass Index

2015, 31, 318 – 323
Dorota Sadowska, RafaƂ Stemplewski, Robert Szeklicki


Subtle Differences During Posturography Testing Can Influence Postural Sway Results: The Effects of Talking, Time Before Data Acquisition, and Visual Fixation

2015, 31, 324 – 329
Melissa R. Taylor, Erin Sutton, Wiebke S. Diestelkamp, Kimberly Edginton Bigelow


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Does Not Fully Restore Normal 3D Knee Kinematics at 12 Months During Walking and Walk-Pivoting: A Longitudinal Gait Analysis Study

2015, 31, 330 – 339
Takayuki Hasegawa, Toshiro Otani, Kentaro Takeda, Hideo Matsumoto, Kengo Harato, Yoshiaki Toyama, Takeo Nagura


The Interday Measurement Consistency of and Relationships Between Hamstring and Leg Musculo-articular Stiffness

2015, 31, 340 – 348
Justin P. Waxman, Randy J. Schmitz, Sandra J. Shultz


Reliability of Two Methods for Identifying the Postural Phase of Gait Initiation in Healthy and Poststroke Subjects

2015, 31, 349 – 356
Andreia Sousa, Augusta Silva, Rubim Santos


Segment Kinematics Differ Between Jump and Drop Landings Regardless of Practice

2015, 31, 357 – 362
Loren Z. Chiu, Amy N. Moolyk


The Effect of Work Boots on Knee Mechanics and the Center of Pressure at the Knee During Static Kneeling

2015, 31, 363 – 369
Liana Tennant, David Kingston, Helen Chong, Stacey Acker


The Contribution of Trunk Axial Kinematics to Poststrike Ball Velocity During Maximal Instep Soccer Kicking

2015, 31, 370 – 376
Adam M. Fullenkamp, Brian M. Campbell, C. Matthew Laurent, Amanda Paige Lane

Technical Notes


Reliability of Force Application to Instrumented Climbing Holds in Elite Climbers

2015, 31, 377 – 382
Lars Donath, Peter Wolf


Comparison of Five Kinematic-Based Identification Methods of Foot Contact Events During Treadmill Walking and Running at Different Speeds

2015, 31, 383 – 388
Felipe Alvim, Lucenildo Cerqueira, Aluízio D’Affonsêca Netto, Guilherme Leite, Adriane Muniz


Comparison of Four Sections for Analyzing Running Mechanics Alterations During Repeated Treadmill Sprints

2015, 31, 389 – 395
Olivier Girard, Franck Brocherie, Jean-Benoit Morin, Francis Degache, Grégoire P. Millet


Three-Dimensional Rotations of the Scapula During Arm Abduction: Evaluation of the Acromion Marker Cluster Method in Comparison With a Model-Based Approach Using Biplanar Radiograph Images

2015, 31, 396 – 402
Sonia Duprey, Fabien Billuart, Sungjin Sah, Xavier Ohl, Thomas Robert, Wafa Skalli, Xuguang Wang