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JAB Volume 31, Issue 4, August

Original Research


Ankle Dorsiflexion Displacement During Landing is Associated With Initial Contact Kinematics but not Joint Displacement

2015, 31, 205 – 210
Rebecca L. Begalle, Meghan C. Walsh, Melanie L. McGrath, Michelle C. Boling, J. Troy Blackburn, Darin A. Padua


The Effect of Isolated Hamstrings Fatigue on Landing and Cutting Mechanics

2015, 31, 211 – 220
Kristian M. O'Connor, Carl Johnson, Lauren C. Benson


Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contributions to Seated Balance in the Sagittal and Coronal Planes: Implications for Trunk Control After Spinal Cord Injury

2015, 31, 221 – 228
Musa L. Audu, Ronald J. Triolo


Greater Step Widths Reduce Internal Knee Abduction Moments in Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis Patients During Stair Ascent

2015, 31, 229 – 236
Max R. Paquette, Gary Klipple, Songning Zhang


Combined Effects of Drop Height and Fatigue on Landing Mechanics in Active Females

2015, 31, 237 – 243
D. Clark Dickin, Emily Johann, He Wang, Jennifer K. Popp


Sex Differences During an Overhead Squat Assessment

2015, 31, 244 – 249
Timothy C. Mauntel, Eric G. Post, Darin Padua, David R. Bell


The Effect of Exertion on Joint Kinematics and Kinetics During Running Using a Waveform Analysis Approach

2015, 31, 250 – 257
Lauren C. Benson, Kristian M. O'Connor


Paddling Force Profiles at Different Stroke Rates in Elite Sprint Kayaking

2015, 31, 258 – 263
Beatriz B. Gomes, Nuno V. Ramos, Filipe Conceição, Ross H. Sanders, Mario A.P. Vaz, João Paulo Vilas-Boas

Technical Notes


The Biomechanical Determinants of Concussion: Finite Element Simulations to Investigate Tissue-Level Predictors of Injury During Sporting Impacts to the Unprotected Head

2015, 31, 264 – 268
Declan A. Patton, Andrew S. McIntosh, Svein Kleiven


The Effect of Thigh Marker Placement on Knee Valgus Angles in Vertical Drop Jumps and Sidestep Cutting

2015, 31, 269 – 274
Kam-Ming Mok, Eirik Klami Kristianslund, Tron Krosshaug


Toe-Out Gait Decreases the Second Peak of the Medial Knee Contact Force

2015, 31, 275 – 280
Shinya Ogaya, Hisashi Naito, Akira Iwata, Yumi Higuchi, Satoshi Fuchioka, Masao Tanaka