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The following In Press article titles are shown here with only the first-listed author's name. To view any and all coauthor names and affiliations, please click on the title.

Note. These articles will be published in forthcoming issues of the journal. The articles appear here in their accepted, peer-reviewed form, as provided by the corresponding author. They have not been copyedited, proofread, or formatted by the publisher.

28   Articles

Normalization to Maximal Voluntary Contraction is Influenced by Subacromial Pain

Lucas Ettinger


Modification of Impulse Generation during Pirouette Turns with Increased Rotational Demands

Antonia M. Zaferiou


Asymmetry in Determinants of Running Speed during Curved Sprinting

Kazuhiro Ishimura


The Effect of Stimulus Timing on Unplanned Gait Termination

Kelly Ohm


Validity and Reliability of Two Field-Based Leg Stiffness Devices: Implications for Practical Use

Luca Ruggiero


Changes in Gait with Anteriorly Added Mass: A Pregnancy Simulation Study

Maureen I. Ogamba


A 6-Week Resistance-Training Program Does Not Change Shear Modulus of the Triceps Brachii

Ryota Akagi


Effects of Foot Strike and Step Frequency on Achilles Tendon Stress During Running

Michael Lyght


Development of a Computational Elbow Model With Experimental Validation of Kinematics and Muscle Forces

Jonathan R. Kusins


The Influence of Minimalist and Maximalist Footwear on Patellofemoral Kinetics During Running

Jonathan Sinclair


Fatigue-Induced Changes in Movement Pattern and Muscle Activity During Ballet Releve on Demi-pointe

Cheng-Feng Lin


Angular Impulse and Balance Regulation During the Golf Swing

Travis J. Peterson


Associations Between Step Duration Variability and Inertial Measurement Unit Derived Gait Characteristics

Timo Rantalainen


Muscle Activation and Estimated Relative Joint Force During Running With Weight Support on a Lower-Body Positive Pressure Treadmill

Bente R. Jensen


Sway Area and Velocity Correlated With MobileMat® Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) Scores

Jaclyn B. Caccese


Amputee Locomotion: Ground Reaction Forces During Submaximal Running With Running-Specific Prostheses

Brian S. Baum


Differences in the Control of Unconstrained 3D Arm Motions of the Dominant and the Non-Dominant Arm

Clint Hansen


An Examination of the True Reliability of Lower Limb Stiffness Measures During Overground Hopping

David Diggin


A Comparison of Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, and Vastus Lateralis EMG Amplitude for the Barbell, Band, and American Hip Thrust Variations

Bret Contreras


Can Trained Runners Effectively Attenuate Impact Acceleration During Repeated High-Intensity Running Bouts?

Adam C. Clansey


Concurrent Tactile Feedback Provided by a Simple Device Increased Knee Flexion and Decreased Impact Ground Reaction Forces during Landing

Boyi Dai


Evaluation of a Kinematically Driven Finite Element Footstrike Model

Iain Hannah


Muscle Activation and Performance During Trunk Strength Testing in High-Level Female and Male Football Players

Ralf Roth


Postural Balance Parameters as Objective Surgical Assessments in Low Back Disorders: A Systematic Review

Tzu Chuan Yen


Running With an Elastic Lower Limb Exoskeleton

Michael S. Cherry


The Effect of High and Low-Damping Prosthetic Foot Structures on Knee Loading in the Uninvolved Limb Across Different Walking Speeds

Li Jin


The Number of trials required to obtain a Representative Movement Pattern During a Hurdle Hop Exercise

Shane J. Gore


Validation of a Torso-Mounted Accelerometer for Measures of Vertical Oscillation and Ground Contact Time During Treadmill Running

Ricky Watari

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