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The following In Press article titles are shown here with only the first-listed author's name. To view any and all coauthor names and affiliations, please click on the title.

Note. These articles will be published in forthcoming issues of the journal. The articles appear here in their accepted, peer-reviewed form, as provided by the corresponding author. They have not been copyedited, proofread, or formatted by the publisher.

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Comparison of Three Dimensional Patellofemoral Joint Reaction Forces in Persons With and Without Patellofemoral Pain

Yu-Jen Chen


Additive Effect of Repeated Bouts of Individualized Frequency Whole Body Vibration on Postural Stability in Young Adults

D. Clark Dickin


Gait Biomechanics of a Second Generation Unstable Shoe

Jacob K. Gardner


Determining the Solution Space for a Co-Ordinated Whole Body Movement in a Noisy Environment: Application to the Upstart in Gymnastics

Michael J. Hiley


Upper Extremity Kinematics and Kinetics During the Performance of a Stationary Wheelie in Manual Wheelchair Users with a Spinal Cord Injury

Mathieu Lalumiere


Key Features of Hip Hop Dance Motions Affect Evaluation by Judges

Nahoko Sato


Offensive and Defensive Agility: A Gender Comparison of Lower Body Kinematics and Ground Reaction Forces

Tania Spiteri


Midsole Thickness Affects Running Patterns in Habitual Rearfoot Strikers During a Sustained Run

Trampas TenBroek


Accelerations of the Waist and Lower Extremities Over a Range of Gait Velocities to Aid in Activity Monitor Selection for Field-Based Studies

Melissa M.B. Morrow


Development of an Anatomical Wrist Joint Coordinate System to Quantify Motion During Functional Tasks

Howard J. Hillstrom

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