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The following In Press article titles are shown here with only the first-listed author's name. To view any and all coauthor names and affiliations, please click on the title.

Note. These articles will be published in forthcoming issues of the journal. The articles appear here in their accepted, peer-reviewed form, as provided by the corresponding author. They have not been copyedited, proofread, or formatted by the publisher.

41   Articles

Evaluation of a Low-Cost Pneumatic Plantar Pressure Insole for Predicting Ground Contact Kinetics

Daniel A. Jacobs


Relation Between Lift Force and Ball Spin for Different Baseball Pitches

Tomoyuki Nagami


Influence of Position and Power Output on Upper Limb Kinetics in Cycling

Antony Costes


To What Extent Can the Use of a Mobility Assistance Dog Reduce Upper Limb Efforts When Manual Wheelchair Users Ascend a Ramp?

Valérie Martin-Lemoyne


Biomechanical Testing of Distal Radius Fracture Treatments: Boundary Conditions Significantly Affect the Outcome of In vitro Experiments

Alexander Synek


Force–Velocity Relationship of Upper-Body Muscles: Traditional vs. Ballistic Bench Press

Amador Garcia-Ramos


A Global Gait Asymmetry Index

Silvia Cabral


Orthotic Heel Wedges do not Alter Hindfoot Kinematics and Achilles Tendon Force During Level and Inclined Walking in Healthy Individuals

Robert A Weinert-Aplin


Comparison of Estimated and Measured Muscle Activity During Inclined Walking

Nathalie Alexander


A Multiple Regression Approach to Normalization of Spatiotemporal Gait Features

Ferdous Wahid


Calcaneal Plantar Flexion During the Stance Phase of Gait

Stacy E. Stamm


Loaded Vertical Jumping: Force-Velocity Relationship, Work, and Power

Daniel Feeney


Lower Limb Kinematics and Metabolic Cost During Elliptical Exercises and Treadmill Running

Stephanie Chester


Reliability of Mechanical Trunk Responses During Known and Unknown Trunk Perturbations

Markus D. Jakobsen


Biomechanics of Counterweighted One-Legged Cycling

Steven J. Elmer


A Novel Approach to Determine Strides, Ice Contact, and Swing Phases During Ice Hockey Skating Using a Single Accelerometer

Bernd Stetter


The Effect of Body Weight Support on Kinetics and Kinematics of a Repetitive Plyometric Task

Audrey R.C. Elias


Optimal Balance Between Force and Velocity Differs Among World-Class Athletes

Caroline Giroux


Three-dimensional Torso Motion in Tethered Front Crawl Stroke and Its Implications to Low Back Pain

Tanghuizi Du


Biomechanical Changes During a 50-min Run in Different Footwear and on Various Slopes

Thibault Lussiana


Lumbar Mechanics in Tennis Groundstrokes: Differences in Elite Adolescent Players With and Without Low Back Pain

Amity Campbell


Comparison of Two- and Three-Dimensional Methods for Analysis of Trunk Kinematic Variables in the Golf Swing

Aimée C. Smith


Vertical Ground Reaction Forces are Associated with Pain and Self-Reported Functional Status in Recreational Athletes with Patellofemoral Pain

Danilo Silva


A Comparison of Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, and Vastus Lateralis EMG Amplitude in the Parallel, Full, and Front Squat Variations in Resistance Trained Females

Bret Contreras


Biomechanical and Electromyographic Comparisons Of Isometric Trunk Flexor Endurance Test Postures: Prone “Plank” vs. “V-Sit”

Lindsay L. Musalem


Effect of Electrode Location on Task-Dependent Electromyographic Responses Within the Human Biceps Femoris Muscle

Kohei Watanabe


Kinematic and Kinetic Indicators of Sit-to-Stand

Catherine A. Stevermer


Normative Spatiotemporal Parameters During 100-m Sprints in Amputee Sprinters Using Running-Specific Prostheses

Hiroaki Hobara


Quadrupedal Locomotion-Respiration Entrainment and Metabolic Economy in Cross-Country Skiers

Kevin Boldt


Spinal Kinematics of Adolescent Male Rowers With Back Pain in Comparison to Matched Controls During Ergometer Rowing

Leo Ng


The Effects of Lateral Wedge Insole on Knee and Ankle Joint During Slope Walking

Yuki Uto


A Comparison of Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, and Vastus Lateralis EMG Activity in the Back Squat and Barbell Hip Thrust Exercises

Bret Contreras


Effects of Fatigue on Running Mechanics: Spring-Mass Behavior in Recreational Runners After 60 s of Counter-Movement Jumps

Gabriela Fischer


Handle Shape Affects the Grip Force Distribution and the Muscle Loadings During Power Grip Tasks

Jérémy Rossi


Biomechanics of Median Nerve During Stretching Assessing by Ultrasonography

Jacinto Javier Martínez-Payá


An Accelerometer as an Alternative to a Force Plate for the Step-up-and-Over Test

Christopher A. Bailey


An Endplate-Based Joint Coordinate System for Measuring Kinematics in Normal and Abnormally Shaped Lumbar Vertebrae

David B. Berry


Characterisation of the Sprints and Repeated-Sprint Sequences Performed by Professional Futsal Players During Official Matches According to Playing Position

Fabio Caetano


Do Knee Moments Normalized to Measures of Knee Cartilage Area Better Classify the Severity of Knee Osteoarthritis?

Nicholas M. Brisson


Upper Limb Strength and Muscle Volume in Healthy Middle-Aged Adults

Katherine R. Saul


Validity of Ski Skating Center of Mass Displacement Measured by a Single Inertial Measurement Unit

Håvard Myklebust

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