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The following In Press article titles are shown here with only the first-listed author's name. To view any and all coauthor names and affiliations, please click on the title.

Note. These articles will be published in forthcoming issues of the journal. The articles appear here in their accepted, peer-reviewed form, as provided by the corresponding author. They have not been copyedited, proofread, or formatted by the publisher.

75   Articles

Intrarater Test-Retest Reliability of Static and Dynamic Stability Indexes Measurement Using the Biodex® Balance System During Unilateral Stance

Nooranida Arifin


Correction of Joint Angles From Kinect for Balance Exercising and Assessment

Helios de Rosario


Do Qualitative Changes in Inter-limb Coordination Lead to Effectiveness of Aquatic Locomotion Rather than Efficiency?

John Komar


The Effects of Walking Speed on Tibiofemoral Loading Estimated Via Musculoskeletal Modeling

Zachary F. Lerner


Young Swimmers’ Classification Based on Kinematics, Hydrodynamics, and Anthropometrics

Tiago M. Barbosa


Strength Training Affects Lower Extremity Gait Kinematics, Not Kinetics, in People With Diabetic Polyneuropathy

Tom Melai


Analysis of Characterizing Phases on Waveforms – An Application to Vertical Jumps

Chris Richter


Metatarsophalangeal Joint Function During Sprinting: A Comparison of Barefoot and Sprint Spike Shod Foot Conditions

Grace Smith


Consistency of Peak and Mean Concentric and Eccentric Force Using a Novel Squat Testing Device

Matt S. Stock


To What Extent Does Not Wearing Shoes Affect the Local Dynamic Stability of Walking? Effect Size and Intrasession Repeatability

Philippe Terrier


Weight Lifted and Countermovement Potentiation of Power in Concentric Phase of Unstable and Traditional Resistance Exercise

Erika Zemkova


Functional Data Analyses for the Assessment of Joint Power Profiles During Gait of Stroke Subjects

Andre G.P. Andrade


Mechanomyographic and Electromyographic Responses During Fatiguing Eccentric Muscle Actions of the Leg Extensors

Clayton L. Camic


Batting Cage Performance of Wood and Non-Wood Youth Baseball Bats

Joseph J. Crisco


Using Discrete Preisach Model for Hysteresis in Ankle Joint Passive Moment

Joseph J. Crisco


Can Technique Modification Training Reduce Knee Moments in a Landing Task?

Alasdair R. Dempsey


Association of Navicular Drop and Selected Lower-Limb Biomechanical Measures During the Stance Phase of Running

Mansour Eslami


Effect of Submaximal Repetitive Exercise on Knee Co-Activation in Young and Middle-Aged Women

Joanne N. Hodder


Muscle Synergies During a Single-Leg Drop-Landing in Boys and Girls

Kristof Kipp


The Validity of Gait Variability and Fractal Dynamics Obtained from a Single, Body-Fixed Tri-Axial Accelerometer

Dylan Kobsar


Validity and Reliability of an Inertial Sensor for Wheelchair Court Sports Performance

Barry S. Mason


Within-Participant Variance in Multiplanar Breast Kinematics During Five Kilometre Treadmill Running

Alexandra Milligan


Joint Contribution to Fingertip Movement During a Number Entry Task – An Application of Jacobian Matrix

Jin Qin


Measurement of the Effect of Playground Surface Materials on Hand Impact Forces During Upper Limb Fall Arrests

Woochol J. Choi


Shank-Rearfoot Joint Coupling With Chronic Ankle Instability

C. Collin Herb


Muscle Contributions to Elbow Joint Rotational Stiffness in Preparation for Sudden External Arm Perturbations

Michael W. Holmes


Lower Extremity Kinematics of a Single Leg Squat With an Orthotic in Male and Female Collegiate Athletes

Michael F. Joseph


Joint Angles of the Ankle, Knee and Hip and Loading Conditions During Split Squats

Pascal Schutz


Sensitivity of Joint Kinematics and Kinetics to Different Pose Estimation Algorithms and Joint Constraints in the Elderly

Vera Moniz-Pereira


Influence of Dorsiflexion Shoes on Jump Performance

Juan J. Salinero


Optimal Starting Block Configuration in Sprint Running; A Comparison of Biological and Prosthetic Legs

Paolo Taboga


Intra-Individual Movement Variability Within the 5 m Water Polo Shot

Paul Taylor


Investigation of the Mass Distribution of a Detailed Seated Male Finite Element Model

Nicholas A. Vavalle


Accuracy and Feasibility of Dual Fluoroscopy and Model-Based Tracking to Quantify In Vivo Hip Kinematics During Clinical Exams

Ashley L. Kapron


An Instrumented Footbar for Evaluating External Forces in Pilates

Guilherme Auler Brodt


Comparison of Three Dimensional Patellofemoral Joint Reaction Forces in Persons With and Without Patellofemoral Pain

Yu-Jen Chen


Additive Effect of Repeated Bouts of Individualized Frequency Whole Body Vibration on Postural Stability in Young Adults

D. Clark Dickin


Effects of String Stiffness on Muscle Fatigue After a Simulated Tennis Match

Jean Bernard Fabre


Criterion and Construct Validity of Prosthesis-Integrated Measurement of Joint Moment Data in Persons With Trans-Tibial Amputation

Goeran Fiedler


Gait Biomechanics of a Second Generation Unstable Shoe

Jacob K. Gardner


Determining the Solution Space for a Co-Ordinated Whole Body Movement in a Noisy Environment: Application to the Upstart in Gymnastics

Michael J. Hiley


Growth Changes in Morphological And Mechanical Properties Of Human Patellar Tendon In Vivo

Keitaro Kubo


Upper Extremity Kinematics and Kinetics During the Performance of a Stationary Wheelie in Manual Wheelchair Users with a Spinal Cord Injury

Mathieu Lalumiere


Joint-Specific Power-Pedaling Rate Relationships During Maximal Cycling

John McDaniel


One-Leg Standing Performance and Muscle Activity: Are There Limb Differences

Thomas Muehlbauer


Effect of Expertise on 3D Force Application During Starting Block Phase and Subsequent Steps in Sprint Running

Mitsuo Otsuka


Key Features of Hip Hop Dance Motions Affect Evaluation by Judges

Nahoko Sato


Offensive and Defensive Agility: A Gender Comparison of Lower Body Kinematics and Ground Reaction Forces

Tania Spiteri


Midsole Thickness Affects Running Patterns in Habitual Rearfoot Strikers During a Sustained Run

Trampas TenBroek


Accelerations of the Waist and Lower Extremities Over a Range of Gait Velocities to Aid in Activity Monitor Selection for Field-Based Studies

Melissa M.B. Morrow


Development of an Anatomical Wrist Joint Coordinate System to Quantify Motion During Functional Tasks

Howard J. Hillstrom


Pitching Effects of Buoyancy During Four Competitive Swimming Strokes

Raymond C.Z. Cohen


Age Differences in the Required Coefficient of Friction During Level Walking Do Not Exist When Experimentally-Controlling Speed and Step Length

Dennis E. Anderson


Standardizing Accelerometer-Based Activity Monitor Calibration and Output Reporting

Crystal L. Coolbaugh


Balance Decrements are Associated With Age-Related Muscle Property Changes

Christopher J. Hasson


Pelvic Rotation Torque During Fast-Pitch Softball Hitting Under Three Ball Height Conditions

Yoichi Iino


Trunk Coordination in Dancers and Non-Dancers

Danielle N. Jarvis


Characteristics of Stride Behavior During Treadmill Walking and Stationary Stepping

Christopher K. Rhea


Validity and Reliability of an Alternative Method for Measuring Power Output During 6 s All Out Cycling

Martin Watson


A Sex Comparison of Ambulatory Mechanics Relevant to Osteoarthritis in Individuals With and Without Asymptomatic Varus Knee Alignment

Joaquin A. Barrios


The Role of Running Mileage on Coordination Patterns in Running

Katherine A. Boyer


Phases of the Swim-Start in Paralympic Swimmers are Influenced by Severity and Type of Disability

Andrew A. Dingley


Variability in the Application of Force During the Vertical Jump in Children and Adults

Pablo Floria


Assessment of Gait Kinetics Using Tri-Axial Accelerometers

Emma Fortune


Short Communication: Pennation Angle Variability in Human Muscle

Benjamin W. Infantolino


Defining the Mechanical Properties of a Spring-Hinged Ankle Foot Orthosis to Assess its Potential Use in Children With Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Yvette L. Kerkum


Acute Effects of a Loaded Warm-Up Protocol on Change of Direction Speed in Professional Badminton Players

Sean J. Maloney


Kinematic Differences Between Those With and Without Medial Knee Displacement During a Single Leg Squat

Timothy C. Mauntel


Changes in Sagittal Plane Kinematics With Treadmill Familiarisation to Barefoot Running

Isabel S. Moore


Cellular Phone Texting Impairs Gait in Able-Bodied Young Adults

Nicholas D. Parr


The Variance Needed to Accurately Describe Jump Height From Vertical Ground Reaction Force Data

Chris Richter


Head and Arm Positions that Elicit Maximal Voluntary Trunk Range-of-Motion Measures

Alison Schinkel-Ivy


Climbing Skill and Complexity of Climbing Wall Design: Assessment of Jerk as a Novel Indicator of Performance Fluency

Ludovic Seifert


Tai Chi Intervention Improves Dynamic Postural Control During Gait Initiation in Older Adults: A Pilot Study

Srikant Vallabhajosula


The Effects of a Lateral In-flight Perturbation on Lower Extremity Biomechanics During Drop Landings

Jae P. Yom

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